A Whole Lotta MAC Eyeshadow!

Hello.  My name is Lis and I can't stop buying things I don't really need! 

Ok, so that's perhaps a little bit harsh on myself, but after several months of refraining from buying eyeshadows I've certainly made up for it in the last two days by buying two eyeshadow palettes from MAC equating to 18 new colours!! (that isn't a typo by the way!!) 

I had been patiently waiting for these eyeshadows for some time, I spotted them online a couple of months ago and had been told by the girls at MAC in Cardiff they were going to be arriving in April.  They didn't.  They weren't even in-store when I went to check last week, but this weekend was a different story, the Eyes On MAC collection had landed! :) Exciting times. 

On Saturday I went to purchase 'Amber Times Nine' (do you see what they've done there?!) because I thought these would be great for Summer.  A good mix of both matte, satin and frost shades all condensed down into the side of a normal MAC Quad.  The Amber Times Nine palette consists of 'Cosy Grey', 'Kitties', 'Georgia Peach', 'Ricepaper', 'Creative Copper', 'Cork', 'Don't tell', 'Aromatic' and 'Pepper Please' and I think I'll get a lot of use out of this over the next few months.  They're also absolutely perfect for travelling, very compact and a multitude of different eyeshadow looks could be created from this palette. 

I then went home and couldn't stop thinking about the other palette I had been eyeing up in the shop when I bought this on Sunday off I went to MAC again to buy 'Burgundy Times Nine'.  

There were a couple of duplicates in this palette for me so I'm going to be selling those on eBay shortly.  The palette consists of 'Honey Lust', 'Poppyseed', 'Quarry', 'Antiqued', 'Embark', '#Noir', 'Haux', 'Star Violet' and 'Sketch' 

If you don't own a lot of MAC shadows and want to try some at an affordable price, this is an excellent way of doing so.  At £30 for a palette (when a full size MAC shadow will set you back £13) this is a really good deal.  They do four sets in total, I chose the two that will compliment my blue eyes (in particular the Burgundy palette).  The Navy Times Nine also looked great but I just couldn't justify another one!

I can really recommend these, especially to those who don't want to fork out mega-bucks for the full size versions! 

And if I wasn't already on top of the world at these little purchases this weekend, MAC also threw in a free sample of their False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara. I'll be giving this a test run this week! 

Hope you're all having good weekends? Let me know if you purchase one of these palettes!

A Few Spring Loves

Bit of a hotch-potch of a post today, so be warned! :)

I've been posting quite a few OOTD posts on Instagram lately (if you haven't seen them, go and check out twenty different Zara ensembles with a black blazer - I joke, there is a bit more variety than this..but not much!) so instead of doing an OOTD post as planned I've decided to share a few bits and bobs that I'm loving at the moment. 

Starting with this hideously expensive Charlotte Tilbury Face Cream quaintly titled 'Magic Cream'...

So let's cut to the chase, I do really like it.  I wanted to trial it for a good few weeks before I wrote a review on it but in my opinion, it is worth the £70 price tag.  I treated myself with this after Christmas  when my skin was looking tired and a bit sallow and I needed something to pep it up. I hadn't heard a lot about this cream so it was a bit of a gamble, but one I was prepared to take! 

The packaging is gorgeous, in my eyes Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong at the moment, every single product of hers I've tried, I adore and who doesn't want a pretty little rose gold pot on their dressing table?  It looks expensive, which is what you want when you're forking out your hard earned cash on something like this!!!

The cream itself feels thick and luxurious, as though it's definitely 'doing' something to your skin when you apply it and I like that feeling. It absorbs easily and leaves a gorgeous veil of softness on your face.  I use it both in the morning prior to slapping on foundation and in the evening before bed and it works well in both situations.  Perfect under make up, it doesn't feel heavy or oily and before bed it just seems to 'seal' in moisture and you wake up with lovely soft skin. 

I would definitely repurchase this. I've been using it twice daily for over 3 months now and I'm not even half way through the pot. 

Next up, a bit of MAC eyeshadow revival!  Something I seem to be doing a lot lately having been tempted away by other eyeshadow brands for a while (Charlotte Tilbury I'm looking at you!) 

I spotted someone wearing a lovely spring green eyeshadow with pink lips recently and turned to my trusty MAC palettes to try and recreate this look. MAC 'Shroom' and 'Sumptuous Olive' just look perfect paired together and I've been wearing them with MAC 'Please Me' Lipstick a lot with a bit of neutral gloss on top.  Love.

I posted this up on my Instagram a few days ago and a few of you asked me where I got it.   I spotted it on Etsy and you can get it HERE .  The frame will involve a trip to Ikea (sorry! not my favourite place either - but needs must sometimes!) It's currently on my dressing room wall to remind me that sometimes in life you need to not take things too seriously!

So, the much talked about Dior 'Lady' nail polish is up next....  When I was in Dubai a few months ago cruising around Dubai Mall with the lovely Stacey from Expat Make-Up Addict she was trying to hunt down this nail varnish, so of course I was intrigued! It seemed to have sold out everywhere (always a good sign) so when I managed to get hold of some at the airport I was thrilled.  

Such a perfect colour for Spring and as with all Dior polishes, applies beautifully.  This is my third application in the last two weeks, so that should indicate to you how much I'm loving this at the moment!

Lastly, whilst in Boots a few weeks ago and feeling a bit miserable I decided to cheer myself up with a little perfume purchase.  The goal was to choose something a little 'different' to what I would normally wear and this certainly ticks that box in a major way.  I don't normally go for sweet or musky perfumes and this has a hint of both.  Now I'm not going to try to describe this perfume because I don't profess to be a perfume buff, but if you're looking for something feminine, a mix of musk and floral that last well and has a great bottle design to boot - this should be your next purchase! I urge you to go and check out Narciso Rodriquez - Narciso. 

Hope you've all had great weekends, what have you been loving lately?

Current Bits n' Bobs Lust List

Lust List - Accessories

These are a few things that are currently 'on my mind' at the moment (aka I would very much like to see them in my dressing room / table sometime soon!) I am aware that sunglasses feature heavily.  The less said about this the better, those who know me will know that I have a weakness for excuse for this.  I wear them a lot. (she says trying to justify another purchase!)

The Alaia sandals however are from years ago and chances of me finding a pair now are slim to none sadly :(

What are you lusting after at the moment?

Miu Miu clothing
£275 -

Valentino flat shoes
£440 -

Christian Louboutin nude shoes
£450 -

Alexander Wang satchel handbag
£1,040 -

Balenciaga handbag
£1,220 -

Smythson tote bag
£600 -

3 1 Phillip Lim satchel handbag
£595 -

Miu Miu sunglasses
£260 -

The Row round sunglasses

Bobbi brown cosmetic
£17 -

Nails Inc nail polish

Again and Again.....

Bit of a different post for you this weekend.  Sometimes I find reading posts like this quite interesting, because let's face it, if one of us is buying something repeatedly it must be good right?! There must be something that makes you want to repurchase the product over and over again? and I feel these products need to be shared!

I thought about writing this post on Saturday morning whilst in the shower and using my beloved Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash.  I realised that I'm probably on my 5th bottle of this stuff (and if you know how big these bottles are, you'll know that's a helluva lot of shower gel!!) I think I only had a break from this when my lovely Mum bought me some of the Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash for my Birthday (which coincidentally I also love, but is 3 times the price for a smaller bottle!)

Anyway, I digress slightly, so I then thought about all the other products I use consistently that I ensure I have a back-up of before I finish.  You know, those kind of products you can't live without or just really enjoy using and even though you've tried alternatives, there's nothing else quite like them?! So here are mine....

Let's start with the inspiration for this post

I remember when they launched this scent as part of the Soap & Glory range. There's something quite unique about the scent of this body wash, it's sort of sweet but also fresh.  I love the smell of it in the morning and find it really does help to wake me up (anyone who knows me will know I am awful in the morning!!) It's also really moisturising so I happen to be in a bit of rush and need to skip moisturising after my shower, it isn't such a big deal! A bottle lasts me about 3 months and this must be around my fifth.  It's love.  Incidentally, the body cream is also very good!!

Ok, so my next obsession is a bit of an odd one and not often featured on blogs, but we all use it (well at least I hope you lot do!!) 

Deodorant.  So I heard about this stuff after watching one of Amelia Liana's YouTube videos a while ago.  Annoyingly, you can't buy this deodorant in the UK.  Luckily, my OH often has to make business trips to the US and he kindly replenishes my supply (yes, he is the man in CVS bulk buying women's deodorant - haha!) 

It's the Secret Clear Gel in Ooh-la-la Lavender (honestly, who makes up these names?!) I love it because it doesn't leave horrible white marks, it does a great job of making me smell fresh all day and this particular scent smells fresh and girly but isn't overpowering so doesn't interfere with perfume (there's nothing I hate more than overpowering deodorant!!).  I'm not sure if you can get it elsewhere in the world?

Next up, some skincare.  Now I do tend to flit around amongst brands for night cleansers and moisturisers etc but some products I turn to over and over, in particular my next pick....

La Roche-Posay Serozinc (which incidentally I noticed in the aisles of Boots yesterday - up until now  I could only get hold of this stuff via eBay or Escentual - I think I actually did a little dance when I noticed it on the shelves...true story)  

I must be in double figures of the number of bottles I've clocked up of this stuff now.  I can't put my finger on what this actually 'does' for my skin, other than the fact it makes me feel as though my skin is super clean and fresh and the solution is doing something 'good' to me as it sinks into my pores!  I put it on after I've cleansed my face in the morning and as my last step at night before serum and moisturiser.  I first started using it when Caroline Hirons recommended it as a second stage toner.  Fun fact: it's also very good for sun burn!! 

This is my morning cleanser and another recommendation from Caroline Hirons, it's my third bottle of the stuff and although pricey (£32) it lasts a long time, my last bottle lasted almost a year and I use it once a day in the morning plus you only need a small amount. It's the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser by Sunday Riley.  I use it after getting out of the shower, rub a little into my face, let the product sink in a bit (it has a cocktail of 'goodness' for your face - apparently) and then rinse of with a hot damp flannel.  It smells divine and I honestly can vouch that it does leave my skin really smooth and ready for a face of make up! haha!

I can't believe I almost forgot to include this one because this is probably my most purchased product (mainly because I can't often get hold of the larger 200ml since they stopped stocking this in John Lewis in Cardiff - grrrr!) I have really sensitive eyes and I hate it when I take off eye make up using other removers and I can't see! Does anyone else experience this? especially those two-phase cleansers, they make my vision all blurry!!! The Klorane Eye Make Up Remover for Sensitive eyes is perfect, it does the job and it makes my eyes feel amazing afterwards.  The mini bottle is also great for travelling, downside is that it costs about £7 a bottle and I literally plough through this stuff!!!! 

Ok, not the most glamorous of packaging to sit on the dressing table but I cannot stress to you enough how good this damn stuff is!  This has got be my 6th tube (and again, although it's pricey a little goes a long way) and I swear this is the reason I still sometimes get ID'd in shops when I'm buying alcohol! It keeps wrinkles at bay and is very good with all kinds of eye puffiness and dark circles.  I adore it.  If you're in your late twenties or 30's - you need StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles

So I also wanted to throw a little make up repurchase in too.  Now there aren't many of these, mainly because I'm so fickle when it comes to make up and enjoy trying new products all the time.  But there are a couple of Holy Grail products that I do repurchase and I'll probably do a make up version of this post soon but for now this is a product I'm about to buy for the third time (and at £26 a pop this pains me but I've tried a couple of dupes and nothing lives up to it!)   Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in 'Lucky'.  First recommended to me be Amelia Liana and I've been obsessed ever since.  It's a nice consistency, lasts a long(ish) time on the lips (for a lipgloss because let's face it, lipgloss ain't ever going to be the equivalent to a matte lipstick - it is going to need reapplying regularly, deal with it) I love it because I can just chuck it on and wear it alone or it perks up a peachy nude pink lipstick and pairs nicely with a smokey eye, and I'm a bit partial to one of those!

So what I really want to know now are what are the products you purchase over and over and why? 

Life Lately #15

It's been a tough week for me, however I'm a strong believer in not letting things destroy you, no matter how big they are. What hurts us only makes us stronger and all I've been trying to immerse myself in all the things that make me happy this week :)

Let's get the bad stuff over with first shall we?

1.  Now I'm not one to broadcast my personal stuff over the internet normally but I do feel on this occasion I need to, in the hope that it may help one of you reading this or at least prevent an incident in the future.  Last Friday I went out for a few drinks with some of my friends and came home in the early hours of the morning.  I got a taxi to the corner of the road where I live and was assaulted whilst walking from the taxi to the house. I won't go into detail but let's just say it was pretty horrific.  The Police are now dealing with this incident and fortunately caught the attacker.  It has left me feeling a whole mixed range of emotions and I'm just trying to get on with my life now and move on from this.  I just want to hammer home to you ladies out there to be safe and vigilant when you're out, not that I wasn't - I absolutely wasn't at fault in this situation at all, but get a taxi to your door.  Get someone to pick you up.  Don't put yourself in a vulnerable situation. I had my key in my hand which I used to defend myself, had I not been carrying this things could have been a lot worse for me.  You think it could never happen to you, it could. 

2.  Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish - In short, this is as great as everyone says it is and if you're on the fence about it or faffing about whether it's any good - just buy it already!! It's very finely milled and leaves no cakiness on the face at all but controls shine perfectly.  Stacey and Sarah-Louise are also big fans (and bullied me into buying it!! haha!) 

3. Spring Make Up - at last! some nice weather in the UK and with that comes a whole array of pinks in the make up department! I was feeling really miserable on Saturday so cheered myself up with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Ole Flamingo and paired it with Burberry Pale Barley Eyeshadow and I loved the combination. 

4. Easter Sunday (aka Chocolate Sunday) - my OH has an obsession with chocolate and it has become somewhat of a tradition now that every year I buy him a Hotel Chocolat egg that you need a sledgehammer to get into! (we're talking some seriously thick chocolate!) I think they've reduced all their eggs now so if you fancy one at half the price log on to their website pronto!!! I'm not such a big fan of chocolate, so the little Bunny is mine and I was more than happy with that :) 

5. My Favourite Trainers - these just make me smile every time I put them on.  I'm not sure why? (maybe because I'm easily pleased?!) I bought them a while ago but it was during my blogging break so I didn't get around to talking about them on here.  They are the Nike Internationalist 'Tropical'.  I got mine from Nike online but they don't seem to have them on there anymore, however I would imagine you could find them with a little bit of googling! 

6. Spring Nails - what goes hand in hand with Spring Make Up? Spring Nails of course! And I've been cracking out the pastels like a goodun this week! At the moment I'm sporting the very bitchy Essie Fiji and yes, it chipped within 24 hours but it's still love! :)

7. Dressing Room Snippets - almost done...almost done and then I'm planning on doing a little blogpost to mark the completion!  Today I managed to find the perfect lampshade, in Next of all places.  I really like it because it looks a lot more expensive than it actually was! Winner.  It's just the right amount of bling (i.e. not too much!) and fits in with the whole 'vibe' of the room! 

8. Random favourite - I find music a great 'getaway' from things, particularly if I'm not feeling great.  When I was doing up my dressing room I wanted a really good bluetooth speaker so I could just play my music direct from my iPhone without wires whilst I'm getting ready.  I picked this little one up on eBay at a fraction of the full price and it was brand new.  If you like your music (and you like it sounding good!) I can highly recommend the Bose Soundlink speaker. 

Lastly, if you get a spare moment hop over to Bethany's blog Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, she's a member of my family who's started up a blog to assist with gaining a marketing scholarship for University next year and she's gorgeous! (she also writes a great blog!)  :) 

Also, remember ladies, don't put yourselves in vulnerable situations, you think it will never happen to you - it could.

That is all. 

Lis x 

Piling it on!

Sometimes it's nice to go a little bit crazy with the make up (and by crazy I mean move away from the usual warm toned eyeshadow and peachy coloured lipstick rut, which I guess isn't really that crazy, but for me it's a little bit left field nonetheless!)

On Friday I went out to meet some of my girlfriends for a few drinks and a catch up and decided to go a little bit more dramatic than I normally would with my eye make up.  We're talking bluey toned eyeshadow and a lot of lash and eyeliner action and probably more bronzer than would be normally be acceptable in broad daylight!


  • Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation (see previous review)
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under eyes and around the nose, blended with a Beauty Blender sponge
  • Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel followed by Nars Laguna Bronzer to add twice the warmth! 
  • Hourglass blush in Luminous Flush
  • Kevyn Aucoin Contour in 'Medium' 
  • Set with Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder in no.5


  • Nars pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
  • Firstly, all over the lid I put Urban Decay 'Virgin' from the Naked 1 palette.  Next I used a big fluffy brush to put MAC Texture into the crease area and under the eye, followed by Urban Decay 'Gunmetal' (also from the Naked 1 palette) all over the lid,  blended it and popped a little bit of MAC nylon in the tear duct area followed by a little more Urban Decay 'Virgin' in the centre of the eyelid (applied with my finger tip) lastly, I lined the eye with MAC Carbon eyeshadow, top and bottom.
  • MAC eyeliner 'Smoulder' in the water line (top and bottom) and applied quite liberally!
  • Bourjois Volume 1 Second mascara in black (lots!)
  • Eyelure Lashes in Number 143 (split in half and added in the corners - á la buynow/bloglater )
  • Eyebrows - Soap and Glory Archery in Blonde (dupe for Anastasia Brow Wiz)


  • MAC - Pure Zen
  • Chantacaille Lip Gloss in 'Lucky'

I really like the combination of this grey-blue eyeshadow teamed with something more warm toned like MAC texture but I feel if you're going for this type of look you definitely need to pair it with a fairly 'uneventful' lip. 

What are your favourite 'evening' make up looks or products?

Beyond Perfection?

Well, that's what I was hoping when I slapped this latest Clinique offering on my face!  Is it 'beyond perfecting'? In a nutshell, no, not really...however it is pretty good all the same! 

Now my first annoyance at this foundation was actually at the counter.  You'd think that it wouldn't be too difficult to colour match someone, it's not exactly rocket science is it?! Having not bought a Clinique foundation for quite some time I had no idea what shade I would be so asked one of the counter staff to assist with this.  I got 'lumbered' with No.5 'Fair' which is supposed to be for fair skin - are they having a laugh?! I was later (post purchase!) told that it actually applies darker and adjusts to skin tone.  It's a shame the girl at the counter didn't actually know this!

So shade match aside (I'm over it now and kinda making it work for me) this is actually quite a good foundation.  It's not 'stand-out' by any means but I'm finding it really good for days when my skin is a bit on the spotty side and needs a bit of 'extra help' so to speak because the coverage is excellent.  It's a 'bad skin day' foundation!

The blurb promises a foundation and concealer in one.  Now this isn't exactly revolutionary, you'd expect most foundations to perform in this way, isn't that the whole point?!  Anyway, they describe it as lightweight, moisturising, long-lasting and highly pigmented and it certainly ticks all these boxes for me. 

It does feel slightly tacky when you first apply (I use a Sigma F80 brush for mine) but settles in after a few minutes and almost 'meshes' with the skin (sorry, awful description!)  You don't need a lot of it either because it is so highly pigmented.  I find it quite easy to blend also.  The lasting power is very very good.  After a 7 hour flight it hadn't budged! 

What is a little bit 'different' is the over-sized doe foot applicator that you'd normally find in a concealer or a lipgloss.  I'm not sure if I'm on board with this idea or not to be honest, plus point is that it makes it easy to apply to the face and totally mess free (no foundation hand!).  On the other hand, as soon as it runs out it's going to be near impossible to get it out of the bottle meaning a lot of wastage and it's not exactly up there on the hygiene levels either! 

At £25, it's worth the money, but are there better foundations out there? yes. Would I buy it again? Probably not.  It's not that I dislike it, it's just it didn't blow me away and I have so many other foundations I'm keen to try at the moment.  

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