4 September 2016

Elemis Pro-Collagen Age Defy Facial Experience

Let's talk facials shall we?

Now some people would be surprised to know that although I spend a considerable amount of time researching, buying and trying new skincare products, when it comes to facials I'm actually a bit of a novice! Having had only a handful in the skincare-obsessed part of my life! I'm not sure why this is actually? I guess I've always thought I could get the same sort of results at home.  How wrong could I be?! 

So recently, I was lucky enough to be invited by the gorgeous Sam at Luxe Beaute to try an Elemis Advanced Performance Facial - specifically the Pro-Collagen Age Defy Facial at her brand new salon in Penarth. It's based within 'Lana Boutique' and is right in the centre of Penarth, close to all the shops.  If you live in South Wales you simply must pay her a visit! Such a relaxing retreat, if I had my way I'd be here every day!

Sam has an extensive background in the beauty and skincare industry and is an Elemis specialist. In addition to this Sam also has a degree in her chosen profession and lectures when she's not running her own business, so let's just say she knows her shiz!

Pro-Collagen Age Defy Facial

Anything that is age-defying is my thang! If you have other specific needs though for your skin Sam also provides a range of Elemis facials to target different problems.  If you're unsure, I'm sure she'd be happy to advise! 

This particular facial is designed to 

  • Target fine lines, wrinkle depth and dull skin tone
  • Improve appearance and firmness of the skin
  • Increase skin hydration
  • Promote healthy cell renewal
  • Protect against everyday skin damage and prevent anti-ageing 

So What Does It Entail?

I was surprised (and pleased!) that this facial includes lots of different stages and treatments and it was a truly relaxing experience from start to finish so much so, I didn't want it to end! 

This is what was included - for those who are curious! (also, stages were removed using heated mitts infused with the Elemis Lime Essential Oil - dreamy!) 

1. Cleansed with Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm (which incidentally smells amazing and I will be purchasing!) 

2. Tone with Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner 

3. Exfoliate with Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator 

4. Facial massage with Elemis Skin Bliss Recovery Capsules and neck / d├ęcolletage massage with Elemis Frangipani body oil (coconut base with frangipani flowers - smells ah-mazing!) 

5. Hydragel eye masks were placed on my eyes while the Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Mask was added whilst having a scalp massage with the nourishing milk bath (now you understand why I didn't want this to ever end!)

6. Whilst the mask was setting, my hands and arms with massaged with Japanese Camelia Oil and then a moisture mask added to my arms and Elemis Pro Radiance hand cream massaged into my hands. 

7. Another phase of toning to the face with the Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner

8.  Next phase - Elemis Pro Collagen Neck and Bust Lift, Pro Radiance Eye and Lip Contour, then the Elemis Super Serum Elixir applied before the Pro Collagen Marine Cream (this stuff is a pretty big deal, has won numerous awards and is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt worth the money - read more about it HERE

9. Finally, a layer of the Elemis Illuminating Flash Balm.

The Results

Firstly, I have to mention that this facial left me feel so relaxed, I can barely remember saying goodbye to Sam on the way out! I felt like I was floating on air! 

It's highly recommended that you don't put on any makeup after having the treatment and not wanting to spoil the results, I did as I was told!  My skin looked refreshed, glowy and plump and I woke up the following day with what felt like 'new skin'! 

I was really impressed with the results and would recommend the Elemis Pro-Collagen Age-Defy if you're looking for an effective facial with noticeable results. 

The Deets 

If you live in South Wales go and check out LUXE Beaute on the links below for the different types of treatments and prices.  

Or if you live further afield but interested in having an Elemis Facial experience, check out where your local salon is HERE

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have one of these fab facials! x


29 August 2016

Perricone MD OVM

Hello everyone, well it's been a while hasn't it?! No excuses though, other than the fact I've been really busy lately and I've been trying a lot of new products out before giving you my honest views on them, so expect a few more 'review' type posts over the next few weeks!

I don't know about you, but I'm always really skeptical of bloggers who get sent a skincare product to trial and then post about it straight away.  Skincare is generally something (in my humble opinion!) that needs to be tried over a period of time before giving it a 'yay or nay' decision. If you've used it for only a couple of days you're not going to see the full potential of the product (particularly if it's anti-ageing) and in addition to this, you may not experience any of the side effects of a product after a couple of days of use.  I prefer to really trial something like this properly before sharing my views.

Ok...I'll stop waffling now.  Let's get to the point here shall we?!

A couple of months ago I was sent the Perricone MD OVM to trial.  At first I thought it was a moisturiser but on closer inspection (reading the blurb!)  it's actually a cream that you pop on in the morning after you've cleansed and before you put on a moisturiser.   I hadn't come across anything like this before so was quite excited about the prospect of using it!

The Science Bit

You know what I like about Perricone MD? they explain things in a simple way so everyone understands and they don't try and bamboozle you with loads of jargon.  I'm easily confused at the best of times so I really like this about them as a brand!

The cream is based on the same 'power' of an Eggshell membrane, it provides the same nutrient-rich, nurturing benefits to your skin as eggs do to your body. It's enriched with Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin E and contains Retinol also - basically a load of good stuff that is going to do wonders to your skin!


- Increased appearance of volume and cushion to the skin
- Increased appearance of firmness and minimised wrinkles
- Long lasting moisture for a radiant looking skin.

First impressions on my first application....

1. It's so yellow - it reminds me of egg yolk or melted butter!
2. The smell is 'interesting' (a polite way of saying odd!)- it smells 'natural' if that makes any sense?! It's not a nasty smell though and I didn't find it off-putting, it also disappears so doesn't linger.
3. When massaging it into the skin initially it feels as though it's just 'sitting' on the skin and won't absorb.  Fear not, give it a minute or so as suggested and it completely sinks into the skin.

I popped on my usual moisturiser afterwards and then proceeded in slapping my make up on as usual!

Thoughts after 8 weeks of use....

1. This stuff is as good as it says it is!
2. I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin.  It definitely feels a lot more firm, plump and radiant - so much so I've been able to go without foundation on days where hormonal spots aren't plaguing my face!
3. In addition to all the benefits it claims to provide,  I've also found that using it has increased the longevity of my make up, I think it's because it improves the skin texture and leaves a smooth even canvas for make up to cling to.

So to conclude.

This has become an every day staple in my morning skincare routine and the only downside is that I'm getting slightly worried about the day it runs out.  Mainly because I'm addicted to it and (wait for it) it costs £135!!!!


Okay, so let's break it down though.  I've been using this every day religiously for 2 months and I've probably used about a quarter of it.  So a pot is going to last you 8 months approximately.  That's about £17 a month and I'm betting most of you spend twice that amount on coffee over the same period of time!

So, I'm going to be drinking less coffee in future and have beautiful skin! Who's with me? ha! You can get it HERE

Thank you for reading x


31 July 2016

All About The Glow!

There was a time when I used to be genuinely scared of cream-based make up products! I'd buy them, use them badly and then cast them to one side as one of those 'things I will never use again' because I didn't like the way they looked on me.

I think the issues I'd experienced in the past though had purely been down to bad application technique.  Previously, I had always used my fingers, thinking this was definitely the way to go with a cream based product - I now know that this isn't the case, brushes are most definitely your friend here, but they must be synthetic.

The cream based make up revival was sparked a few weeks ago when I was watching a Jaclyn Hill Youtube video where she used the Chanel Soleil Tan Bronze Universal.   I fished mine out of my makeup stash and vowed to make it work for me!

And here I am two weeks later, wearing this combination of cream-based make up on a daily basis! I'm totally in love with the glowy, radiant natural finish that this little combination gives and so I thought I'd share it with you all.  Of course, you can switch them up with similar products you might already have in your collection, the effect is going to be pretty similar.

First up, I pop on my Make Up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation (applying it straight to my face in a kind of 'war paint' fashion!) I then use a dense synthetic foundation brush to buff it into the face.  The amount I use is usually stipulated by how good or bad my skin is on that day!  Right now I'm having a good skin phase so I'm only applying a little bit (although I've probably jinxed myself by saying this!!)  The coverage is good with this foundation and it really does create a flawless finish. I can recommend it. Get it HERE

Next I apply the Chanel Soleil Tan Bronze Universal in the places I'd normally put bronzer (most of my face then!) again, using a fairly dense brush with synthetic bristles.  This transforms the face instantly.

Using the same brush I apply the Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour in 'Rose Tulle', a natural but radiant soft pink that would suit many different skin tones, the nice thing about this is you're able to build it into something a bit more 'intense' if you wish.

Finally, I use the Nude By Nature Touch of Glow Highlighter stick in 'Champagne' a subtle, easy to blend highlight.  I apply this straight from the stick on the tops of my cheek bones, temples, nose and cupid's bow then use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to blend it in.

And that's it!  I have been setting my T-zone with a little translucent powder afterwards to avoid too much 'sheen' but only a smidgen so it doesn't disturb the dewy, glowy look.

Have you tried any great cream-based products recently? If so let me know, I've kind of caught the bug now and would like to try some more!

Thank you for reading x

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24 July 2016

Erborian CC Creme

There is a well-known saying that 'Mum's know best' - well I have to say, in this case they most certainly do! :)

I have heard good things about Korean skincare, particularly over the last few months but hadn't actually gotten around to purchasing anything to try myself.

A few weeks ago my Mum mentioned that she'd read about a cream from the brand 'Erborian' in either the Sunday Times / Telegraph weekend magazines and had I heard anything about it? Anyway, cut a long story short, she bought some, raved about it and then surprised me with a little tube to try too and I'm hooked on the stuff now!

Ok, so the full name for this intriguing cream is the 'Erborian CC Creme a la Centella Asiatica' but ain't nobody got time for that mouthful of a name, so let's just refer to it as the Erborian CC Creme shall we?!

The Blurb

Ok so, let's look at what this stuff claims to do.

It promises luminous, fresh and radiant skin that is very easy and quick to apply as well as moisturising and preventing the first signs of ageing.  'CC Pigments' provide coverage and 'colour control' to the face and it also has the added benefit of an SPF.    It almost sounds too good to be true right?!

My Opinion

The first time I used this was the day after I had a 24 hour sickness bug and let's just say I wasn't looking my best!  I thought this was an ideal opportunity to test this cream for the first time and there was certainly one of those 'WOW' moments as I blended it into my skin!

Things to mention -

1. The cream comes out of the tube a sort of 'whitish' colour, as you blend it into your face it adapts to your skin colour.
2. You only need a small amount, a little goes a long way and application is quick and easy, just blend with your fingers.
3. The coverage is excellent, far better than I imagined it would be, it creates a look that is completely natural and 'blurs' imperfection.
4. Longevity is also extremely good - I certainly wasn't expecting this from a CC Cream either!
6. It is definitely not going to suit all skin tones despite the fact it claims it does. I found it matched mine perfectly but my skin tone is kind of 'medium' - I don't think this would suit those with very pale skin.

So let's just be clear here, yes the coverage is brilliant and I'm in love with finish it gives plus the fact that it lasts a long time is a huge bonus, but (and it's only a small but!) this is not going to be something you reach for when you're breaking out because covering spots is definitely not it's forte!

But all in all, a fantastic product that I think would be perfect for minimal make up days or taking away on holiday.  You can get it at both Space NK and Selfridges online (links below)

I'm keen to try more Korean skincare products after being so impressed with this, so if you have any recommendations please leave them below! :)

Thanks for reading x


17 July 2016

Currently Loving...

I felt it was about time I had a bit of ramble about some of the things I've been using day in day out over the past few weeks since it's been a while since I last did one of these posts.

First up we have my Personalised Make Up Bag from Tillyanna that I used when I went away last month on holiday (it's large enough to hold loads of make up / toiletries for all you ladies out there who don't travel light on holiday!).  Because it's so pretty to look at, I wanted to find it a new use when I got back home so now it has pride of place in my dressing room and I've filled it with all my hair products!

Narciso Rodriguez Rose Musc Intense Perfume - I bought this at Heathrow on the way to Dubai earlier on this year, wore it constantly in Dubai and then completely forgot about it when I got back! I'm not sure why because I adore it, to the point that I want to bathe in it sometimes!

Now it will not be to everyone's taste, it's fairly heady affair - a mixture of musk, Moroccan rose absolute (whatever that is?!), black pepper, patchouli, labdanum and Oud (a smell I find highly addictive!) but the combination of all these notes creates such a rich, gorgeous scent that lasts very well on the skin.  I've been wearing it a lot lately.  Get it HERE.

Omorovicza Glam Glow - I bought a tube of this a couple of years ago and loved it and then for some ridiculous reason, I didn't ever repurchase! Well, now my holiday tan is fading and I rather liked being a bronzed (ahem!) Goddess so I've now turned to tanning in a bottle since Summer in the UK has been somewhat of a let down, to say the least!

It's so incredibly easy to get a streak-free, completely natural shade with this wondrous stuff and in addition to this, it's also packed with anti-ageing antioxidants to improve the condition of your skin. It doesn't leave your white sheets a mess either!  I've been using it every couple of days to keep my tan topped up.  Get it HERE

Finlay & Co Thurloe Sunglasses - I recently did a collaboration with another fellow Welsh Blogger, Lorna from Stylust (go and check her out and her fab label The Mac) and fell in love with these sunglasses! They are the Thurloe and have also recently been spotted on the likes of Rihanna, Cara Delevigne and Gigi Hadid.  I never thought I'd really like sunglasses that featured wood, but I love these so much and they're a great shape.   Get them HERE.

Perricone MD OVM Cream - Now I'm not going to go into a lot of detail with this one, because I'm actually planning on doing a separate blog post on it this week (it's that good!), but let's just say for now  that I have seen such a different in my skin since I've started using it and it may well be an addiction!! I was sent this recently to review but I just had to give you all a little sneak peak and mention it now! You pop it on in the morning after cleansing your face and prior to putting on any moisturiser.  If you fancy reading a bit more about it I've linked it HERE. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream - I had a couple of samples of this prior to purchasing the full-size version and it's an eye cream that I can hand on heart say really makes a difference to my under-eye area.  I'm not a great sleeper (I stay up way too late at night and then crawl out of bed every morning!) but this eye cream is rich and really makes a difference, smoothing fine lines and helping with pesky dark circles.  It's £40 a pot but this is going to last you a long time because you only need the smallest amount and there is tonnes in there! I use it both in the night and in the morning and find it a good base prior to applying any under-eye make up.  Get it HERE. 

Lilibeth Brow Shaper - I was sent this a few weeks ago from Instant Beauty Fix to try and since then it's become an absolute staple in my every day beauty regime.  I first used it for it's main purpose, to tidy up and reshape my brow area, so much quicker and easier than plucking, I no longer have to be lazy with my brows!

I've also used it as a derma planing tool for the fine hairs on my face (and yes, I was very very scared prior to doing this!) and I couldn't believe how great the results were!  I can't recommend this product enough, it has so many different uses for so many areas of unwanted hair (I won't go into detail!) Get yours HERE (10% off your first order with this code - IBFELISABETH)

NYX Slide On Lip Pencils - I bought a couple of these a few weeks ago and I would go as far to say they are the best lip-liners I've ever used.  Very comparable to the Charlotte Tilbury one's but better and this one 'Nude Suede' is my absolute favourite.  I'd recommend checking them out. Have a look at the shades HERE

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel - Why why why why why have I taken so long to purchase a bottle of this?! I'm not even sure to be honest, I almost feel ashamed to admit it!  The amount of beauty bloggers I've heard rave about this over the past couple of years and yet I still have only just got around to buying some! I mentioned on Instagram recently that I've really seen a difference in my skin texture since I started using it to take my make up off every night and I wasn't lying.  I really have.  My skin is definitely brighter and more refined.

The gel itself smells gorgeous, melts into the skin and removes make up like a dream. I then use a damp flannel to rinse mine off.   Get yours HERE.

    Thank you for reading! x


    3 July 2016

    Little-Known Box Launch Review

    Picture this...driving back from Heathrow Airport after enjoying a wonderful week away on holiday with not a lot to look forward to....

    And then, discovering when you walk through the door that this little package of goodies had been delivered whilst you were away! It definitely acted as an antidote to those holiday blues!

    Little-Known Box kindly sent me their introductory box last month to review and for the last couple of weeks I've been trialling the products. (They've just launched their June box and that looks equally as fantastic by the way!)

    So first impressions - how gorgeous is that box?! A classy gold and black affair that looks and feels expensive, of course I love this!

    Little-Known Box are one of the UK's newest luxurious beauty subscription boxes.  They aim to feature and introduce breakthrough products from upcoming, niche and independent brands.  They feel that emerging and small luxury brands are often under-represented in typical beauty subscription boxes and want to show beauty fans something different, changing how you discover new brands.

    So as I mentioned previously, I've been trialling the products in the box over the last box and thought I'd do a very quick run down of each one.

    Medusa's Make Up - Lip Gloss in 'Bite Me' 

    A US cruelty-free brand and I have to say that this lip gloss is gorgeous, good colour pay off and feels really comfortable on the lips and surprisingly doesn't smudge.  I was a little scared of the colour when I first saw it but it translates well on the lips and looks perfect paired with a simple eye look.  I've worn it both on it's own (where it's a little more sheer) and also paired with a red lipstick.

    The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Eyelash Curler

    An incredibly useful product to include in a beauty subscription box don't you think? :) I for one couldn't live without an eyelash curler and this one has a spring mechanism on it making it really effective.  Oh and it's rose gold! Swoon.

    Flint & Flint Moisturiser 3x 

    This is in fact a full size sample and actually costs £42 to buy! I've been using this on my skin before bed for the last couple of weeks and I've really noticed improvement in my skin texture.  It's a fantastic product branding itself as a 'rich repair cream' and has a whole host of active ingredients.  The packaging looks a little 'men's skincare' but I can let that one go because it's a fab product! A great find and this is where this type of box comes into it's own - I'd never have heard of this brand otherwise.

    Dirtea Exfoliating Charcoal Scrub

    Does what it says on the tin! :) Feels nice and gentle and my skin definitely felt soft afterwards.  Another great cruelty free brand, something I'm very aware of these days.

    Thumbs Up Designer Nail Wraps

    Ok, so confessions.  I have tried ad failed many a time to put on nail wraps.  I just can't get them on properly and I think it's due to the fact that my nails are an odd shape. But, I did give these to a friend and they looked absolutely gorgeous on her!

    So if you fancy checking out Little-Known Box take a look at their website HERE.  They do a couple of different options in terms of subscriptions and you can order just one to trial out if you wish.  They also have a really good Instagram page I'd recommend checking out HERE.

    Thanks for reading x

    2 July 2016

    Chic Happens....

    Slogan t-shirts - let's just say they're a weakness of mine shall we?! In fact anything with something funny, sarcastic or a little bit 'tongue and cheek' written on it I'm immediately drawn to!

    So when I was approached by 'Moteefe' recently to design my own slogan t-shirt I jumped at the chance and already had something in mind for my little creation... (and you lucky lot are able to get one too....more about that further down!) 

    You know when you're flicking through Instagram and you find a really cool slogan and think 'that would look good on a t-shirt?' Well, that happened to me a few months back when I saw 'Chic Happens...' (obviously a take on another well known rude saying that would look a little less appealing sprawled across a t-shirt!) 

    So here it is....

    So fancy getting your own? Click on the link HERE :) They're £14.99 and will ship internationally.  These are only available for a limited time though so I'd recommended bagging one as soon as possible if you're interested! You can also get the same design on V-neck t-shirt or sweatshirt for those cold evenings!  Let me know if you get one :)

    I'll be designing a few more soon so watch this space!

    Thank you for reading x

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