11 November 2018

How HiMirror Changed my Beauty and Skincare Routine...

"Like a Fitbit for your face!"

Imagine a mirror that will create the perfect lighting for you to apply your makeup, provide you with a daily detailed analysis of your skin and will let you track the effectiveness of the skincare products you are using on your face.  Oh and all top of all that will let you play music, watch YouTube videos and access your social media channels at the same time? You can stop imagining, because HiMirror Mini is the latest gadget to hit the beauty world that will let you do all of the above! 

So is it too good to be true? I've been testing the HiMirror Mini for a couple of months now in order to test out all the features properly before putting pen to paper, so to speak, and giving my honest thoughts on whether this mirror is worth the hype or not. 

"...help those who care about their appearance and skin health..."

HiMirror Mini is the brainchild of Simon Chen who created a product inspired by his wife, a Virgo striving for perfection (I can relate!!!).  He wanted to revolutionise the health and beauty industry by creating a product that would help those who care about their appearance and skin health. 

The result is a hi-tech mirror that looks fairly inconspicuous on your dressing room table but certainly packs a punch in terms of its functionality.  The HiMirror Mini works by being connected to the internet and has a built in camera.  Essentially, it's a smart mirror that works very much like a tablet. It has some very nifty light settings and the ability to analyse your skin and monitor the effectiveness of skincare products. 

Ok, enough background info, let's cut to the chase with the nitty-gritty info shall we?

My thoughts...

Skin Analysis

I have to admit, I've become a little bit addicted to taking my makeup off at night then letting my HiMirror take my photo of my makeup free face to analysis my skin whilst I sit there for a couple of seconds with baited breath waiting to see if my pores have got better or worse than yesterday! (I'm well aware I need to get out more!!) It takes only a few seconds but over a period of a time you are able to see if your complexion is improving, and if the skincare products you are investing in are actually working or are you better off using that £3 moisturiser from Boots instead? 


The HiMirror will assess your skin's condition and monitor problems such as dark circles, red spots, fine lines, wrinkles, pores, dark spots and roughness.  

This is a feature of the HiMirror that I really find useful and seems to be working effectively for me.  I also feel as though it has helped me to be more conscious of what my skin needs, too. 

Skincare Product Management System

Another great feature of this revolutionary mirror that I love.  When you start using a product, simply scan it into the HiMirror and it will track if the product is improving your skin as you use it. Genius!

Over time it will also give you personalised product recommendations based on your skin and the weather of the area you live in.

Makeup Lights

Hands up who struggles to get good light on those dark mornings or trying to get ready for a night out when natural light is diminishing? This is where the HiMirror comes into its own, with not one light setting but five preset scenarios that will mimic lighting outdoors, in a brightly lit office, a shopping mall (I feel HiMirror has it's target market spot on here!), a restaurant or party or a sunset view.  Brightness is fully adjustable and I've been finding this function so so useful, especially in the last few weeks.


Admittedly, not a function I have used a great deal (the sight of my face magnified tends to scare me!) however, I did find it incredibly useful when applying liquid eyeliner and I would imagine it would be good for applying any sort of product that requires precision. 

Entertainment, Music & Social Media

What I like to call 'the extras'.  You can actually link up your Amazon Alexa to this mirror so that you can activate the functions by using just your voice (and therefore eliminating any fingerprint smudges that appear on the mirror due to it also acting as a touch screen!) this is a function I've yet to use yet, mainly due to the fact I don't really care for the Alexa I have in my house anyway!

What I do love though, is the ability to play my Spotify app via the mirror, as a person who has a real passion for music this is a useful feature, and I especially like it for when I'm getting ready for a night out and I pop on my 'favourites' playlist!

You can also access your Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts via the HiMirror however I don't really see the point in this and haven't used these features.  I did try YouTube to watch a makeup tutorial and thought that I'd be able to have it in the corner of the mirror however, disappointingly it covers the whole surface so you can't look in the mirror at the same time. 

Final Thoughts....

I'll be honest, at first when I was offered to trial the HiMirror I thought it was going to be a bit gimmicky and I had my doubts about it.  Even after using it for a week I was a little underwhelmed, however now I've had chance to use it everyday for a sustained period of time I couldn't be without it! I've been really impressed with the skin analysis feature and it has really made me think about targeting my skin problems rather than just slapping on what I think my skin needs.  If I  had to identify some downsides of the HiMirror they would be that because the mirror is essentially also the touchscreen, it gets dirty very quickly and covered in fingerprints and for a clean freak like myself this can be a little annoying! I'm also a little disappointed you can't play YouTube videos on the screen whilst still being able to look in the mirror, however these really are only minor flaws in relation to what the mirror can actually do!

HiMirror Mini is available to buy from Amazon HERE.  I was gifted the mirror in return for a review (with the option to return it if I didn't like it) my thoughts are all my own and I genuinely feel this is a great product for anyone that is into looking after their skin and applying makeup.


24 June 2018

Eyebrow Microblading...All You Need To Know!

"The idea of not having to pencil in the thin and measly ends of my eyebrows every day sounded very appealing indeed!"

I wanted to wait a little while before writing this post so I could give you a full review of my experience with eyebrow microblading from start to finish.

As someone who doesn't like to fuss and faff with my makeup as much as I used to (gone are the days I used to spend thirty minutes just applying eyeshadow!!!) the idea of not having to pencil in the thin and measly ends of my eyebrows everyday sounded very appealing indeed!

I went to have mine done at The Contour Clinic  and I have to say from the moment I walked through the door I knew I was in good hands! The Contour Clinic offers a range of services and the clinic is very aesthetically pleasing, clean, calming and very professional. You are made to feel welcome as soon as you arrive and Jade, who owns the clinic, is an expert when it comes to microblading and even runs her own training academy of which there are only three in the whole of the UK! (details on the website linked above)

So let's get down to the good stuff shall we?

"Mapping out the shape..."

After popping on some numbing cream, Jade and I had a chat about my brows and what I liked in terms of shape etc then she got to work mapping out my 'new brows' so we could get an idea of what they would look like before the microblading.  I really liked that she took the time to do this.  I felt really relaxed and that I knew the end results were going to be good before we even started!

We were then ready to begin....

Does it hurt?

I posted on my Instagram account when I had this treatment done and I received so many questions about it hurting that I just wanted to address this in more detail for those who might still be a bit apprehensive.

A someone who is terrified of needles (and I mean petrified!!) I have to admit I was a tad nervous about this procedure.  I needn't have been worried at all.  The numbing cream certainly helps but even as it wore off a little towards the end the microblading did not hurt one bit.  It's a strange sensation granted, and one that's quite difficult to describe, but not an unpleasant one at all!

The whole process took about an hour and fifteen minutes in total and I was so so pleased with the results! My brows are now thicker and fuller without looking unnatural, I love them!

Taking care....

It is really important that you follow the instructions you receive after the treatment to ensure the eyebrows remain how they should.  Jade has sworn me to secrecy about the product that works a dream at keeping the area protected so it heals properly and keeps the pigment intact, but you'll have to book in to see her if you want to know what that is! It really works though!

The brows will look quite dark at first but the colour will fade a little as they begin to heal and then seem to darken again. 

Topping up....

After 6 - 8 weeks you will need to book in for a top-up.  Mine still looked great at this point, but I could definitely see the extra difference the top-up made a few weeks on and I wouldn't recommend skipping this step. 

How long does it last?

This does vary from person to person, anything from one to three years depending on your skin type and it is advisable not to use any retinol products or acids in that area because it could affect the pigment under your skin. 

So to conclude, this was a really great experience and one which I'm glad I had done. It's so nice to be able to go sans-makeup but still have a face that doesn't look like half of my eyebrows have disappeared and it is amazing how much that small difference makes! Not to mention time-saving! 

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone and especially having this treatment done at The Contour Clinic.  I've popped all the details below for you. 


Tel. 02920 623982

Email info@thecontourskinclinic.com 


8 April 2018

A Mish-Mash Of Things I'm Adoring Right Now

"It's been a while...."

Well hello! It's been a while hasn't it?! So Christmas, New Year, a house move and a whole load of other things have passed and here we are back with a new blogpost and I promise I won't leave it so long next time! 

The good news is that during this 'time out' from the blog I have been trying new products in an abundance and have bought some new things to update my wardrobe, soooooo for my first post in a while I'd come straight at you with the things I've been loving the most

So here goes. 

Good For Your Skin...

Over the past year or so my skin has become extremely sensitive and as a consequence I'm having to be extremely picky about what I'm using on it, not great for someone who is used to being able to slap pretty much what I like on my face with no repercussions.  That kind of behaviour these days results in 'rash city' for me....not good! :( 

BUT...this hasn't stopped me persevering and has actually opened my eyes to some really effective and great products aimed at sensitive skin.  

Firstly let's talk about the Samaya Hydrating Cleanser (my specific skin type for this range of products is 'Pitta' - not to be confused with bread version!).   

I've been using this for some time and find it so soothing and calming for my skin.  It also removes makeup remarkably well and did I mention it also comes in a gorgeous glass bottle that looks fabulous on the bathroom shelf!  

Samaya is an all-natural skincare brand based on Ayurvedic principles and you can read more about it and purchase using the link below.  It's not the cheapest, granted but this bottle has lasted such a long time and you only need a little bit.  I'm keen to try some of the other products in the range based on the success of this one. 

La Roche Posay is a skincare brand I've dabbled with in the past and I used to be an avid user of their Serozinc (I'm not actually sure why I stopped using that, note to self - must purchase another bottle!) and after using this night moisturiser from the 'Toleriane' range I'm really impressed because this little blue bottle has completely cleared the persistent rash I kept getting on my forehead and has really calmed my skin down.   I'd recommend looking into this brand if you have skincare issues because there's something to tackle all skin complaints and it won't break the bank either. 

"Skincare You Can Drink...."

What's this?! Skincare you can drink?! This is my second bottle of this AMAZING stuff and I wanted to try a second bottle a while after finishing the first one to check it was the product improving my skin and not just a coincidence.  The Fountain range is part of the Deciem family of companies and this is 'The Glow Molecule'.  It contains a concoction of things that are good for your skin and honestly my skin is definitely brighter and more plump when I'm taking a couple of spoons of this daily (you can also add it to a drink if you wish)

Fantastic stuff and something a bit 'different'! 

"Super Moisturising..."

Ok, so very basic and cheap and I only really discovered this because I've been suffering from a couple of small patches of eczema but this stuff is fantastic for four reasons.  It's super moisturising, it's so easy and quick to apply (spray it all over yourself and quickly rub it in), it's scent-free so won't interfere with the smell of your perfume and lastly it seems to last twice as long as other spray-on moisturisers.  I love it and use it in the morning after showering.  No link for this one but you can grab it in your local Boots. 

Make Up

"Discovering Spectrum Brushes..."

Discovering Spectrum Brushes has been a highlight of 2018 and this brush in particular (the A02) is my absolute favourite for applying foundation.  It's just the right density and because it's angled gets into all the little corners with ease.  I feel like it's the perfect brush for applying base.

Link - Spectrum Black Marbleous 12 Piece Set

Ok, so now for the foundation that I've been wearing for nearly two months non-stop.  It's The Ordinary Serum Foundation (you know the one that sold out and was impossible to get hold of when it was first released!).  So. Much. Love. For. This.  

"So. Much. Love. For. This"

It's a watery texture that feels as though it will cover nothing when you pump a bit onto the back of your hand but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to pigment and a little goes a long long way (tip - don't use too much because you can risk looking 'cakey' despite the light texture) When applied properly it genuinely looks like skin and after a few minutes of wear has a glowy finish to it that I'm really liking a lot.   The shade range is a bit of mine field (so much choice) but I find 2.0N a good match for me. 

Link - The Ordinary Serum Foundation

As much as I detest the packaging for this mascara I had to give it a mention because honestly,  despite the hype that has been produced by the new Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara (some people love it, some people hate it) I'm actually really rather fond of it! I love the consistency and how it separates but adds volume (admittedly it is easier to use a a couple of weeks after opening it) but lasts all day and doesn't smudge or flake at all.   It's one of the best mascaras I've used for a long time and I've had so many of you comment on my lashes in the last few months and it's been all down to to this!!

Link - Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

To Wear... 

Spring Wardrobe Staple

So you don't have to go the whole hog and get the Burberry version like I did but a trench coat is such a useful Spring Wardrobe staple not to mention a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion and screams 'classy'

I traded up my Zara version for a vintage Burberry trench from eBay a few months ago (I got a bargain)  and have worn it so much in the last few weeks.  It can be worn with smarter outfits like suits, work attire but equally looks great dressed down with a pair of jeans, trainers and a simple white t-shirt.  I'd definitely recommend getting one and the likes of Zara, ASOS, Mango and Topshop are usually great places to find items like this. 

Spring Slipper Update.... 

Sorry not sorry.  Yes,  I'm featuring a pair of slippers because you know what? They are definitely one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment! I had a pair of sheepskin slippers in the Winter that I wore so so much that I thought I'd update them with a Spring / Summer appropriate pair.  

This is the way I view it (aka justification for spending £50 on something that only gets worn at home!) Slippers get worn every day right? and rather than popping to M&S and paying £15 for a pair that I have to replace every couple of months I'd rather invest in a decent pair that lasts and look good!  

These Emu Mayberry slippers are open toe but keep your feet warm and I love them. So there, I'm a granny at heart and I don't care! 


In November last year I got an iPhone X (don't waste your money people - it's not that great!) and as a result all my lovely phone cases for my iPhone 7 Plus became redundant - so I've now been stocking up on new cases and of course I had to include a marble one! :) 

I picked this up personalised phone case from My Personalised Case where you are able to make your own phone case using what ever design or photo you want.  I chose a white marble background and popped my name on there too (in case I forget it obviously - haha!)  This is available for most types of phone and also tablets. 


Shop The Post...


7 December 2017

Thailand - My Way!

I was completely undecided whether to put up a holiday related post of my recent trip to Thailand, however I received so many questions and requests for a blogpost (and had taken so many photos that would otherwise just be using up memory on my iPhone!) I thought it might be useful for those of you that are contemplating a visit to this beautiful country.  I would have liked something like this to read prior to planning my trip since there is so much choice in terms of places to stay.

Thailand is somewhere I've had on my bucket list for quite some time now, definitely sparked by watching 'The Beach' in the year 2000 with Leonardo DiCaprio (didn't we all love that film and the Allsaints soundtrack?!) and it didn't disappoint.

I visited 3 different parts of Thailand during my eight day trip and in hindsight this probably wasn't long enough, especially for Bangkok, you definitely need more than two nights there, but more about that later.

I flew with British Airways but there are plenty of airlines who fly into Bangkok so shop around for the best prices.  From Bangkok Airport I'd highly recommend Thai Smile Airways for any internal flights you need to take. The planes were clean, modern and the service was fantastic (better than British Airways...ahem!)

Racha Yai

The first two nights were spent on the stunning Andaman Island of 'Racha Yai' at 'The Racha'.  The island is 12 miles South of Phuket and was one hell of a trek to get to (1 hour in the car from the airport and a 45 minute bumpy speed boat ride!!) but was definitely worth it.

This is quite an isolated island but the The Racha Resort offers plenty of choice in terms of restaurants and things to do and such a beautiful tranquil setting.   If there's one thing the Thai do very well it's attention to detail.  Prior to checking into the room they even ask you to choose what 'scent' you would like for your toiletries in the room, a nice touch.

I'd recommend this resort if you're looking for somewhere peaceful to relax, sadly I didn't get chance to use the spa here but it did look incredible!

I had my first 'Pad Thai' here too and it knocked spots off any of the ones I've tasted in the UK!


After travelling back on the boat (the return journey was a lot less bumpy!) and then an hour in the car we arrived at the next destination - SALA Phuket.  

A stylish and 'uber cool' (for want of a better word!) hotel that had a very different vibe to the first destination.  Everything had a very 'effortless' elegance to it.  Muted colours and a 'not to trying to hard' exterior as if it was just trying to 'blend' in to it's green and tropical surroundings.  The rooms were gorgeous and a great place to relax. 

The food throughout the whole resort was also to a very high standard, from breakfast to room service (they do amazing pizzas!) and I'd recommend trying one of the Thai Curries off the restaurant menu!

Sadly though, this is where my holiday took a little bit of a turn for the worse for a few days, caused by the combination of not so great weather (stormy and overcast - check out the moody skies above!) and me being a veritable feast for the mosquito population of Phuket!  For some people this wouldn't be such a problem, the hotel has an enviable spa and plenty of things to do but for a self-confessed sun worshipper this was a personal tragedy!!  And if you are reading this and considering Thailand, for the love of god pack a high deet insect repellent!

However, needing to get some special bite cream (from good old 'Boots' would you believe?! and thank you to all of you who sent me recommendations for remedies!) was a good excuse to go and explore Phuket Town on one of the cloudy days. 

This is where I encountered some real Thai Street Food and absorbed a little of the Thai way of life and culture.  A highlight was a small little coffee shop in Old Phuket called Rose Espresso where I had one of the best iced coffees I've ever tasted and a green tea croissant. 


Quick mention for the sensational King Prawn Burger in a Squid Ink Burger Bun I had on the way back to Bangkok on Thai Smile Airways (can you read that and not smile?!), probably the prettiest plate of airline food I've ever eaten! I was beyond impressed! (it doesn't take a lot!) 

Now I didn't know quite what I was going to make of Bangkok and I was a bit unsure at first.  Having visited, let's just say I would love to go back there and two days in the city just wasn't long enough to explore and do everything. 

The moment you step out of the airport it feels busy, it feels 'alive' and has 'New York - city that never sleeps' feels to it.  I loved it. 

Our hotel, The 'Oriental Residence Bangkok' was based on Wireless Road (a great location) and conveniently close to the main shopping area of Bangkok.  Also,  I'd be lying if I said I didn't choose the hotel purely based on it's aesthetics and how it would look in photos! think white, classic and very chic!

It's a shame that the pound is so poor against most currencies at the moment because the shopping in Bangkok was nothing short of sensational.  A short walk down the road from the hotel was a fantastic mall called 'Central Embassy' full of mid to high end retailers (including the likes of Chanel and Prada) and an abundance of restaurants and coffeeshops.  This is where I enjoyed my first truffle pizza and it would be worth going back to Bangkok just for that alone!!!

There are numerous malls and shopping options in this area and each mall seemed to almost link up to the next one! I spent a long time eyeing up another Celine Trio Bag at the Siam Paragon Mall but the bad exchange rate would have made it a ridiculous purchase. 

Bit of advice, Bangkok traffic is insane, so if you're planning on going somewhere by taxi ensure you leave plenty of time to get there. I noticed that there are so many mopeds here and this probably due the traffic problem in the city.  

You'll be absolutely spoilt for choice for places to eat and for the less adventurous of you just like home there is a Starbucks and McDonalds on every corner!

I'd also highly recommend checking out hidden treasure, Issaya  that offers an authentic Thai Cuisine experience (but the portions are huge!!) 

I did manage to squeeze in a bit of sunbathing whilst I was in Bangkok to make up for lost time in Phuket (I was not going to be the person who came back from holiday without a tan!!) but as previously mentioned, it's definitely a city I'd like to go back to and there was certainly plenty more to do in Bangkok that sadly I had to leave behind.  Until next time! 

So there it is, a very photo heavy round up of my trip to to Thailand, if you have any questions or advice if you're thinking of going there please just drop me an email.  I hope this has been of some use though!

Thank you for reading. 

Lis x 


5 December 2017

Current Everyday Makeup Routine

"...the new approach I have to make up these days"

Before I start telling you about the makeup routine that I've found myself in over the last few months I just want to give you a bit of background info into the new approach I have to make up these days.
It got to a point earlier this year where I looked into my trusty old Ikea Malm dressing table drawer and felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of makeup I was stashing in there and never using. Am I a bright lipstick kind of person? No.  Am I ever going to wear anything other than a neutral eyeshadow? No.  Do I need 15 different foundations when my stance on makeup these days is much more minimal? absolutely NOT.  I decided to just be ruthless and realistic with what I like and what I don't like and had a HUGE clearout.  All those crazy colour lipsticks were binned in favour of all my favourite nudes and glosses.  I kept only a handful of my eyeshadow palettes and hung onto only my favourite things.

"I'm more about being 'me' these days and caring less what people think"

Now this doesn't mean that I'm not ever going to buy makeup again because I've just had a big clearout. Oh no no NO! I just want to ensure that in future I'm only buying more of what I love.  I'm very into the whole 'less is more' vibe at the moment, gone are the days of plastering my face in foundation and concealer - so what if I have a few spots on my face or a scar where I burnt my head with my curling iron?! I'm more about being 'me' these days and caring less what people think.

"....sheer, neutral and just enhancing features rather than masking them"

That said, please don't confuse this with me being totally 'anti' make up...this couldn't be further from the truth!  I'm just more of a neutral tone, nude lip, bit of bronze and glow kind of girl these days rather than a full face of makeup. Think the brand 'Glossier', sheer, neutral and just enhancing features rather than masking them and caking them in unnecessary gunk.

So anyway. That was a bit of a ramble! let's get to the good stuff. 

Although these pics were clearly not taken on UK turf, it's the same make up I was wearing before I went to Thailand and what I'm wearing now I'm back and it's what I've been wearing pretty much every day for the last couple of months with a few lipstick / gloss switch ups. 

List of Products Used


By Terry - BUY

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in 'Dark' - BUY

Glossier Stretch Concealer in 'Medium' - BUY

Marc Jacobs Perfecting Powder (to set T-zone) - BUY

By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder in 'Beige Nude' (dusted lightly over rest of face to set) - BUY

Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer in 'Maldives' - BUY

Glossier Cloud Paint in 'Dusk' - BUY

Perricone MD No Highlighter Highlighter - BUY


Kat Von D Colour Corrective Eye Primer - BUY

MAC Amber Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette - BUY

Marc Jacobs Highliner 'In the Buff' (popped in the inner corner of the eye) - BUY

L'oreal Paradise Extactic Mascara - BUY

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - BUY

IT Cosmetics Universal Eye Brow Pencil - BUY


MAC 'Stripdown' Lip Liner - BUY

bareMinerals Gen Nude Lipstick in 'Kitty' - BUY

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in 'Amber' (my absolute favourite gloss) - BUY

As always thank you for reading!

Lis x 


19 November 2017

The Snuggliest Jumper under £25

"Determined to be warm this Winter...."

Determined to be warm this Winter, I've been busy in the last few weeks selling my life away on eBay and Depop (ok, slight exaggeration but I have had a humongous clearout and feel all the better for it!) and replenishing my wardrobe with cosy Winter knits and coats.

There's nothing worse in the Winter than always being the person who is too cold and not suitably dressed for the weather! In the past I will fully hold my hands up and say that was me...the idiot dressing for fashion and not for the weather! Until I realised I can still embrace current trends and be warm at the same time!

I made an another 'Shein' order recently and picked up this snuggly turtleneck cable knit sweater .  It's   soft, snuggly and looks great with jeans but equally as good thrown on over a pair of jogging bottoms for around the house when you still want to look a bit 'presentable'!

"It's soft, snuggly and looks great with jeans..."

It's fairly cropped but long enough to keep you warm (I'm 5ft 7 so for shorter girls it's going to probably be an even better length).  Easy to wash and dries really quickly.  Ordering from Shein is very easy and don't be put off by the fact it's coming from overseas, you will NOT be stung with customs charges.

RAYBANS / CABLE KNIT CREAM JUMPER / ZARA COAT (This season) / FRAME JEANS / GIVENCHY BAG / ISABEL MARANT DICKER BOOTS (aka the most comfy boots in the world! well worth the price tag!)

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you've all had a great weekend. 

Lis x  

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