23 March 2014

An Eventful Weekend!

I am very tired whilst I'm typing this and all will be revealed very soon! 

Yesterday started out something a little like this...

We needed a filling breakfast because we had a long drive ahead, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs is one of my favourites, in fact, I'd go as far to say breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day on the weekends (during the week a Herbalife shake doesn't have quite the same appeal!)

Just time for an outfit of the day (when is there ever not time for one of these?!!) and a shameless car selfie of my new Ray Bans in the 62mm extra large frame. Laura from Buy Now Blog Later recommended these and I have to say they are amazing, I nearly bought a smaller pair at the airport in February and I'm so glad I didn't now.  I love the 'over the top' size of these, Über cool! :)

Wow....that's close up isn't it?!! 

These are my new favourite trousers at the moment.  Of course, a Zara purchase (as is the shirt....seriously, what is wrong with me!!!) they're in store at the moment so if you like them, best grab them asap, because once they're gone at Zara, they're usually gone for ever!  I've learnt my lesson leaving things on the rack there and coming back a week later to find they are nowhere to be seen!

New shades! - Ray Ban - Link - these are the 62mm ones
Shirt - Zara - great buy for work or play! - I can't find it on the website but they may still have it instore
Trousers - Zara - again, can't find online, but instore at the moment, they were £35.99
Flats - French Sole - Link   (I love these!!!) 
Bag - Mulberry Bayswater 

So, to the main attraction...... Since having to give my little Maltese Terrier to my parents  a fair few years ago due to moving to a flat in Cardiff City Centre, I have missed her ever since.  I've lived in various flats over the past few years so haven't been able to have a dog.  A couple of years ago I met my (now) fiancé, settled down and bought a house.  Now felt like the right time to get a dog. It would be far too mean to take my other one away from my parents, plus my Mum and Dad are very attached to her now.  So I introduce to you....Clicquot!  

We had to drive all the way to Kent to get her (for those of you not in the UK, that's quite  a long way from where I live in Cardiff!) She's a tiny little Maltese Shih Tzu cross and she's absolutely adorable! I'm sure you'll be seeing her popping up in my posts in the future! At the moment though she is not house trained and hasn't properly settled, hence the lack of sleep :( anybody who has any tips for me, I'd be really appreciative! 

Hope you're all having a great weekend too!




  1. How ADORABLE! Please include lots of dog pictures in the future :)

    Nice outfit btw. Cannot go wrong with Zara and Rayban :) x

    1. Hi Laura,

      There will be definitely be lots of those, she's far more photogenic than I am! ha! :) Any tips on house training much appreciated btw! I'm having a 'mare with her at the moment!

      Thanks, you've been a real inspiration to my wardrobe lately! :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Almu :) just trying to house train her at the moment, it's sooo difficult!

      Hope you're well :) xx


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