13 April 2014

Loving This Week....

Just so you know, I didn't deliberately choose these things so they were all matchy matchy! However this weeks faves seem to all be a bit rose goldish in theme! 

Firstly, lets discuss the Omorovicza Glam Glow self tan.  I absolutely adore this stuff.  It was a recommendation from Amelia Liana a few weeks ago and I purchased it from the Omorovicza website here when they had an offer on.  It's a colourless cream that smells gorgeous when you put it on (admittedly after 3 or so hours it had turned into that tell-tale fake tan smell that we all know and hate - but that men also don't seem to be able to tolerate!). I was a bit dubious at first as I normally like fake tans to have a guide colour so I can see where they are going and so I don't end up a big patchy mess however this stuff seems to be foolproof.  I've used it 3 weeks in a row now and have been really pleased with the results every time.  The other great thing about it is that it seems to last a long time and fades nicely.  I've also used it on my face and it didn't break out my super sensitive skin either - always a bonus! I'd highly recommend this stuff.  Yesterday I donned a pair of old shorts to paint the new cement work in our garden and my fiancĂ© even commented on how brown my legs were - I used it on Wednesday!!

Remember I bought the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush a few weeks back and I wasn't that impressed by the whole thing? Well, guess what? In true Lis style I've changed my mind about it and actually think that it is rather good now.  I guess I really noticed it's effects when I went back to an old NARS blush after using it for a bit and really noticed the difference (I still have a lot of love for NARS blushes though, fear not!) It really does seem to perk up the cheeks and give a lovely sheen to my complexion. I've used it every day this week and it does seem to be nearing being stuck in a rut, but a good rut! The one I have is in Luminous Flush and you can get it here.  Pricey, but worth it in my opinion.  It looks as though it will last for ages! 

Whilst I'm waiting to be able to afford my favourite Rolex watch (I may be waiting some time I feel!!) I came across this little beauty on eBay last week.  I had been looking at Nixon watches for a while now, in fact ever since I saw that Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up bought a gorgeous gold faced one with a black leather strap and I thought it looked really elegant and classy (FYI I want that one too!!) This one came up on eBay and was a real bargain.  The full price of this watch is £170 I think on the Nixon website (here) however I got a new one for a lot less than that and although it was a bit of a gamble as I'd never seen it in the flesh (I hate that saying btw!!) I was so so pleased when it arrived.  I don't own anything rose gold but I love the way it goes with white clothing and enhances a tan.  I love the simplicity of it and if I'm honest,  I love the fact that it's a bit unique and you don't see everyone wearing them.  The Nixon website is quite interesting too if you read the blurb about them as a company, they're a surfy brand originally however this is far from a sports watch as you can get! (sport and I are not a good combination!!) 

My last fave....."Made In Chelsea".  I'm so glad this is back on my screen!! I don't know what it is about this programme that captivates me,  it by no means could win any Oscar performances and you never know what is real and what is made up (majority of it is probably the latter to be honest, but who cares when Spencer looks that great!).  I think I just love it for the fact that I get some great wardrobe ideas from the cast and that I enjoy  the bitchiness of the whole show!! (although now that Millie has gone there's far less of both!)  The other half absolutely detests, good job it's on late and he's usually snoring by that time! The fact that it's on a Monday night also makes Mondays slightly more bearable!! 

In other news, I am currently full up with a cold :( sleep deprivation has attacked my impeccable immune system and I'm sat here feeling very sorry for myself indeed at the moment!  Oh and this may have happened today also....

I shall be revealing the contents of the Chanel bag and the Net-a-Porter box this week my lovelies :) (she loved the bag by the way - a girl after my own heart!) 

Tomorrow I have a little FOTD and OOTD post too - I was going to tack it on the end of today's post but it's all getting a tad rambly!

Enjoy the rest of your Sundays everyone and catch up with you tomorrow! 

Much Love

Lis x 


  1. Absolutely love the rose gold theme! :)

  2. Yaay Made in Chelsea!! haha It's a pity Millie left the show! I adore her style! :) <3


    1. Me too, I have a slight obsession with her!! lol xx


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