5 April 2014

Shopping the Stash...

'Shopping the Stash' ....a saying I'd not come across before until I read Laura's blog Buy Now/Blog Later but something I do an awful lot of though! Being a make up addict (or hoarder!) I have built up quite a collection over the years and sometimes get stuck in a rut of using the same things a lot.  It's always nice to go back to the 'stash' and reunite myself with old favourites.  Just like having new make up! 

On Saturday morning, I did just that and came up with these little gems!

I used to love the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, and then bought several other foundations and forgot about it! Today I was having a good skin day so I decided to crack open again.  It's one of those foundations that looks beautiful on but if you have a few blemishes it doesn't look as good (on those days I prefer to use something a bit thicker - hello Laura Mercier Creme Silk Foundation!) One of the things I also love about this foundation is it's so easy to blend and can be put on in seconds! 

 I also restrained myself from using my favourite YSL Babydoll mascara and found a little mini Givenchy number I bought whilst in Sephora in Las Vegas last year.  The brush is insane on this but does a great job, coating all the lashes really evenly and providing oodles and oodles of volume and blackness! I love this stuff - I can't remember what its called though and it doesn't say on it sadly however I'm sure you'd be able to find it at a Givenchy counter. 

Ahhhh, my trusty Urban Decay Naked Basics palette! I loved this when I first had it then it got pushed to one side, probably to something from MAC! It looks so boring, however I never fail to create something brilliant with this palette, without having to incorporate any other eyeshadows.  I've made a little pact with myself to use this at least once a week now! ('cos I'm sad like that!) If you don't have this in your collection - you need it. I'm not a big fan of the other Naked Palettes but this one is really useful. 

I also found a Laura Mercier Cream Blush and a cute little Laura Mercier Lipgloss that I had in a make up case my parents got me for Christmas.  The blush is a gorgeous colour and the lipgloss is just slightly tinted for a nice natural looking lip. 

So here we have the finished look! Quite natural I think (a million products used as per usual though!) 

I've also had a little go with the VO5 Give Me Texture spray, looks okay but I HATE the smell of it sadly :( Looks like I'll be purchasing the legendary Oribe one soon! 

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend, it's raining here in the UK, again :( however I am super excited about the new series of Made In Chelsea starting on Monday! I know, I know...I'm probably way too old to be enjoying this rubbish...but guilty pleasures and all that, I'm absolutely obsessed with it! :) 

Much love




  1. Lovely post Elisabeth! you look beautiful! I'm a huge fan of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and the Naked Basics palette, they're simple great! Oo I'm exited for Made in Chelsea too! haha so happy to see you are a fan too :) xx


    1. Hi Almu, hope you're well :) We must have very similar taste in make up, and also trashy TV programmes! I literally can't wait until 10pm tomorrow when it's on! I wish Millie was still in it though, I loved her! xx

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  3. beautiful! please check out my blog- maybe comment- http://www.lilysbeautyroom.blogspot.co.uk/ thankyou xo

  4. I adore the Naked basics palette too!
    I'd love it if you could check out my blog :)
    http://leahpaigejones.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

    1. Lovely little blog Leah, I'm liking your ASOS haul :) xx


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