6 April 2014

This Weeks Favourites

It's been a bit of an uneventful weekend.  Although spending a lot of time at home has meant we cooked some great food this weekend (my fianc√© is currently taking the slow cooked pulled pork out of the oven as I type this and it smells amazing!!) Last night I made a great One Pot Saag Aloo, it was  delicious but I literally couldn't move after eating, I feel tonights feast may be the same, back to healthy eating again on Monday! 

So there have been a few little things this week I've been enjoying.....

Firstly, is the White Company Wild Mint Candle I bought last week.  I'd seen a couple of bloggers write about this recently and then Millie Mackintosh posted it on her Instagram - that was me sold! It smells absolutely divine.  I use it mostly in my kitchen after cooking to get rid of nasty cooking smells.  It smells fresh and clean and unlike any other fragranced candle I've smelt.  I had a quick whiff of the geranium whilst I was in the shop too - that's next on my hit list! 

I'm an incredibly lazy moisturiser, must of the time I just can't be bothered and end up jumping out of the shower and straight back into my PJ's.  I was intrigued however when the Vaseline Spray & Go appeared a few months ago. They've been plugging it recently with advertisements on the TV and what can I say,  I'm a complete sucker for adverts! It is rather good though and is a great way to moisturise quickly - ideal for before work when most time is spent in the make up and hair department!! I know they do this in a few different fragrances but I'm a fresh kinda gal!

Made a little trip to Boots yesterday and picked up one of the new Barry M Gel Nail varnishes in Huckleburry.  Excuse the horrid hands but I wanted to show you what it looks like on.  I love this colour.  Obsessively! It did take 3 coats though, it's only downside :( Today I'm just in jogging bottoms and a slouchy top, however I can't wait to pair this up with some pastel clothes :) 

Lastly, a new album I've been playing non-stop this week.  I'm very late to jump on the band wagon with this one I know.  It's such a nice mix of chill out, modern and emotional songs.  My new little ritual when I get home from work is to run a bubble bath, pop this on my portable bluetooth speaker and relax for half an hour whilst browsing through blogs. Ahhh, the little things that please hey?!

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend :)

Lis x 



  1. Such a lovely blog!
    Please could you check out my blog and maybe comment? www.lilysbeautyroom.blogspot.co.uk
    Thankyou it would mean a lot! xox

    1. Hi Lily

      No probs, I popped a comment or two on there for you x

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster award!

    1. Oooh this is great Leah! I'll do this tomorrow when I have a spare half an hour to answer the questions! (I'm sleepy now and will do a crappy job if I try it now! lol)


    2. Look forward to seeing it! x


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