20 April 2014

This Weeks Reach-For's

This weeks post is brought to you with a champagne cocktail induced hangover!! So if there are any spelling mistakes / grammatical errors / generally shoddiness I do apologise in advance! :) 

I purchased the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere last weekend and as regular readers of my blog will know, I have been slowly learning to love it this week.  It wasn't an immediate attraction, we had to take the time to get to know each other first and now I can happily say it's becoming my regular 'reach for' foundation (although I have cheated behind it's back today with Chantecaille Just Skin!!) If you want more info please read my previous post here

Staying in the make up department, I have been getting a lot of wear out of my MAC Shy Girl Lipstick this week.  This lipstick is actually the second MAC Shy Girl I have owned and that should portray to you somewhat how I feel about this shade! It's a 'go with any make up look' staple that I wouldn't be without.  The constancy is nice, it's not as drying as some of MAC's other shades and it can be worn either with or without a gloss on top - in my case I always wear gloss on top...why wear just one lip product when you can wear three or four?!! ha! :) The shade I think would suit most people, it's a nudey, peachy pinky colour.  You need it!

Last night, after a lovely meal and some (ok, lots of!) drinks at our local cocktail bar afterwards we sauntered home.  Since hitting 30 I made a pact with myself to never ever ever ever ever ever (you get the picture) go to sleep without taking my make up off.  I also find that drinking any amount of alcohol really dehydrates my skin and brings all those pesky lines to the surface :( so after taking my make up off, I slathered my face with Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil.  It works an absolute dream, I wake up after using it in the evening with plump, smooth soft skin.  I highly highly recommend this shiz!! 

Now to hair.  Superdrug were having a great little promotion on last week for their 50th Birthday.  50% off lots of products, I was like a kid in a sweet shop as you can imagine! I needed some new shampoo and conditioner and had seen a few bloggers raving about this John Frieda duo and rightly so, it's blummin' amazing!! It definitely does add volume, albeit I wear my hair straight mostly so I imagine it would be better with waves.  I just loved the way it made my hair feel too, really smooth, soft, shiny and healthy.  I will definitely repurchase.  I'm looking for some high end recommendations for shampoos and conditioner so please feel free to share with me.  I have parched highlighted fine hair, and LOTS of it!!!!

Finally, it's Easter today.  Having spent the whole week devouring chocolate at work I didn't want a huge egg to consume this weekend, chocolate (and PMS!!) seem to be attacking my face at the moment.  We're talking spot city :(  anyway, so I told my significant other that I'd prefer it if he didn't buy me any Easter eggs!   Can you imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to a little Chanel bag? :)

How adorable is it when your other half (who you're pretty sure doesn't listen to most of your ramblings anyway!) has taken the trouble to remember a nail varnish you were lusting after in Boots a few weeks back? I was chuffed to bits! Mostly because I'm one of those people who really appreciates the little things and thoughts.  It's a beautiful Spring shade too, I can't wait to paint my nails with it tonight!  

P.S.  The Easter Bunny was kind to him too, I'd selected a rather nice Hotel Chocolat egg for him :)

Hope you're all having a fantastic Easter and haven't consumed your own body weight in chocolate! :)

Lis xx


  1. I really like the Clarins oils-I am using the Lotus one at the moment but I also own this little beaut too. I am really intrigued by the new Chanel foundation-I have never really like Chanel foundations in the past and prefer a matte coverage so I am wondering do I, or don't I. Knowing me I probably will.

    Happy Easter! I have an egg but I definitely need to train my OH better in Easter gift buying!!

    1. Hi Stacey, oooh I'll have to try the Lotus one too, is it good?

      The Chanel foundation...do it! :)



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