11 May 2014

Soles of the French Variety!

This post has been a long time coming! and as I cast my eye over my shoe collection yesterday I felt it was time to share with you one of my greatest loves!

French Sole Flats. 

I could own them in every colour and texture and I still wouldn't feel like I had enough of them! Since hitting my 30's I have been more drawn towards wearing flat shoes, mainly because they're more comfortable and because sometimes heels are just plain annoying and hurt my feet! So heels are reserved for special occasions and walking around the office (or mainly sat at my desk to be honest!!) and flats come out for shopping trips and doggy walks!

I got my first pair when I wanted a nice pair of flat black shoes to walk to work in and wear with suits etc without doing the whole 'wearing trainers to work' shenanigans.  Despite the comfort factor of trainers, they are never going to look pretty teamed with a pencil skirt and suit!

 I found myself not only wearing these to walk to work in but also to team up with cropped black trousers and jeans on the weekends for a smart, 'put together' kind of look.  After owning a black pair I decided I needed a few more shades to match with different clothes (and handbags!).  So along came a few neutrals to pair with darker jeans and white :) 

At the moment I have on my French Sole wish list...

1. A lepoard skin pair

2. A snake skin pair (are you noticing an animal theme?!)

3. A plain leather black pair (mine are quilted and I want something a little plainer)

4. Another patent quilted pair as I've worn mine so much they're on their way out!

I'm sure if I took another look at the French Sole website right now this could easily be extended into the twenties!!

Now these little beauties aren't cheap.  I always try to get mine either on sale or a good little deal on eBay.  French Sole have their own website where you can browse the full selection or they are sold online but lots of other retails if you want to try googling them.  I got a couple of my pairs on ASOS.

Highly recommended, super comfy, super versatile, suit both narrow and wide feet (mine are pretty wide) the French Sole website recommends what style would suit you best for your foot width. 

Not the most riveting of posts but these are a recommended 'staple' item of mine that I wouldn't be without! 

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.  I took Clicquot to have her first 'puppy groom' on Friday and here she is looking very content afterwards!


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