4 May 2014

Some Great Favourites and an OOTD

Well, another busy week and not much blogging because of this :( Big sorry! I know it sounds cliche but time really does seem to speed by the older you get! I've been working, fixing up the house (again!) and catching up with friends :) and yes, today I am suffering - I had far too many cocktails last night! No regrets though, I had a great night and as I type this I'm waiting for a scrumptious Indian take away to be delivered.  #calorific.

So anyway, enough idle chit chat, let's talk about some great products...

 I cannot tell you just how much I have been adoring that Garnier Miracle Skin Cream this week.  And when I say adoring I mean putting it on and spending at least 5 minutes looking at my skin from a million different angles in the mirror! I bought this on a blog recommendation from Amelia of Liana Beauty.  I'm getting to an age now where anti-ageing anything is pretty high up on my agenda and this stuff makes a great day moisturiser / anti-ageing / primer combination.  Something I will never tire of is the way it goes onto the skin as a white cream and adjust to match your skin tone. It's really clever! It creates a lovely even base that on non-make up days (that don't exist very often in my world!!) this could be worn alone as a base.  However I like to use it underneath my foundation and the results are pretty amazing.  I can't recommend this stuff enough. 

Can we just take a second to appreciate how gorgeous the colour is of this Sleek blush?  My best friend Sian was after a nice peachy blush last week and I'd recommended her having a little look at the Sleek blushes online.  She ordered the Sleek 'Lifes a Peach' and they delivered 3 by mistake so she kindly gave this one to me :) I wore it mixed with a little highlighter and it looks very summery on the cheeks.  I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this in months to come.  Sleek have it nailed when it comes to blushes that's for sure!

Last up is a nail varnish that I've been itching to wear since I had it for Christmas! It's Chanel 'Orange Fizz'.  The formula is good (not all Chanel nail varnishes are) and it makes hands that are not so tanned (mine!) look very tanned indeed.  I love it. 

So here I am in my half-finished garden and look at Clicquot sneaking in! I'm wearing my new Zara smart tracksuit bottoms :) Whoever invented these deserves an award! Smart, but feel like I'm wandering around in my 'around the house' attire.  I wore them yesterday when I met the girls for lunch teamed with a black blazer and too, ideal for eating because the waist is elasticated! :) 

Outfit details

Top - Zara - Old and a bit scagged but I love this top and can't possibly throw it away!
Trousers - Zara - in store but I can't find them online :(
Flip Flops - Mulberry - last season, not sure you can get them anymore but you can get similar ones
Sunglasses - Rayban (these are the extra large ones, they're the best!)

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend and for those of you in the UK also, enjoy your extra day off! 

Lis x 



  1. Hi Lis!

    Lovely favorites! And that nail polish... OMG! Soooo pretty!
    I love those tracksuit bottoms, I got a new pair in New Look yesterday. I might do an OOTD with them soon. They feel so comfy!
    I hope you are doing well! Take care!

    1. You need that nail varnish in your life Anne, it's definitely one that you would enjoy wearing being a coral fan! :)

      Tracksuit bottoms are my new obsession! :)

      Hope you're good too, I'm off to go and catch up on your posts now! :)

      Hugs xx

  2. Hey, great blog! Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know on my blog! ♥
    paige xx
    Butterfly Fly Away


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