27 May 2014

Zara..... (again!) OOTD

I feel that I should have shares in Zara, the amount of money I spend in there it is rare that something I"m wearing isn't from there! 

I went to Zara on the weekend (this is something that is also said far too often!) and amongst a few other purchases (haul on it's way soon!) I came across this little skirt / shorts combo and instantly fell in love with them.  I actually thought it was a skirt when I took it into the changing room but turns out its a little pair of shorts cleverly disguised as a skirt.  It's a gorgeous khaki / olive green colour and looks fantastic paired with white, black or tan colours.   As my wardrobe is predominately made up of muted shades this is right up my street! 

Its made of a very light and airy material, in fact it almost feels as if you're not wearing anything down below at all! - this is a little unnerving at times, however perfect for the hot weather :)  At the moment I'm wearing it with nice little fitted jumpers however it also looks great with vests tucked in and a blazer for a smarter look, or just a little vest for hotter days.   The waist band is elasticated so it's really comfy to wear too.  Ok, so maybe it is a little on the short side and could have done with being a few inches longer however, it's fine if I don't bend over in it and only wear it with flat shoes - with heels everything is a little more revealing. 

So all in all a great purchase, the only down side is that it creases a bit in the crotch area (awful word, sorry, but no other way to describe it!) but I can deal with that :)

To those of you who noticed....yes, I gave in to temptation and got a Louis Vuitton Speedy - more about that to come in a future post.  Let's just say, I'm loving it at the moment and wow can this bag hold a lot of crap! (make up bag has doubled in size due to new found space! ha!) 


Jumper - Zara - can't find on website but still in-store in various colours

Skirt - Zara - Buy Here

Bag - Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene - Buy Here

Sunglasses - Tom Ford (style is Malin) 

Shoes - French Sole 



  1. Super cute outfit Lis, I like it a lot!
    I'm a big fan of muted colors like kaki, tan and brown as well... they look so chic!
    I agree with you about the amount of crap that bag can hold! Amazing LOL!
    Good evening! Take care! xx

  2. Firstly, huuuuge apologies for the delayed response, work is taking over my blogging life! Soo glad I bought that bag, it hasn't left my side since I did! xx


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