29 June 2014

Life Lately #2

Well it's that time of the week again people, a chance to reflect on the week and talk about what I've been up to, enjoying and doing courtesy of a few iPhone pics :)

Not an eventful week, unless you count purchasing a new pair of shoes as an event - which of course, I do! 

Left to right as usual folks...

1.  Enjoying Outside (again!) - although specifically more so on my own this week.  My other half has been away a lot this week with work and I have been getting into a little ritual of coming home, having a shower, walking the dog and then settling down on on the cushions outside with some music, my laptop and iPhone and staying out there until bedtime.  Clicquot keeps me company and I sit there and read endless blogs and watch YouTube beauty videos to my hearts content! Bliss! 

2.  Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation - A revived love for this stuff this week.  I've had it in my beauty stash for a while and used it a lot when I first bought it and then kinda forgot about it.   This week it's being revived in a major way and it's been pretty much all I've been wearing.  For something so glowy it seems to last pretty well on the skin and really gives my complexion as nice pick me up.  I highly recommend it, cheap as chips and outperforms a lot of it's more expensive equivalents. 

3.  Maxi Dress -  Now I don't wear maxi dresses that often, even though I really love them.  There's something about them that makes me feel a bit odd and I'm always tripping up on them, however I love how they look and every now and then I feel compelled to put one on.  This is an old one I got from H&M some time ago but I love the design, it's probably the only floral item I own in my wardrobe too (you're looking at a girl who lives in white, black, beige and grey most of the time!)

4. NEW SHOES! - The highlight of my weekend!  I'd had my eye on these ever since I saw them on Amelia's blog a few weeks ago.  I don't own anything leopard skin (see the above comment!) but really like a little flash of it in an outfit.  These shoes are perfect to wear with black pencil trousers and I figured would be good to take me into Autumn. They're from Dune and you can get them HERE

5. Favourite Track - If you don't know already, I'm a huge fan of house music and always have been. Sure, I like lots of other music but some deep house on a sunny day just soothes me and makes me feel happy.  I love this track and I've been playing it non stop this week, it's Gorgon City - Here for You. Vocals are great as are the bassline :) 

6. Clicquot Antics - she's 5 months old now and has been a little angel this week...but how long will it last?! I'm becoming very attached to her and really glad we got a dog, she's a huge part of my life now and I love her to bits :) 

7 & 8. Out For Dinner - on Sunday evening we went out for Dinner to our local Italian restaurant.  It's a great little place within walking distance of our house, perfect for a lazy Summer evening.  I wore my new shoes (obviously!) and teamed them with MAC Lady Danger, a lipstick I'm getting a lot of use out of this Summer but was too scared to touch last year!  I had a lovely creamy chicken pesto pasta and I now feel like the size of a house...did I mention I also had a Mcdonalds Quarter Pounder for lunch? #whoops

I'm ready for a new week! :)

Thanks for reading and catch you all soon! 

Lis x 



  1. How weird! I dug out my Healthy Mix Serum foundation about 2 weeks ago also and have been wearing it every day..One of my favorite drugstore options for sure.

    Love the puppy picture and Im jealous you get to enjoy the outdoors. I miss being outdoors and not loosing the will to live in 5min. x

    1. It's great isn't it! I started using it because I wanted to use it up (it's been hanging around for a while!) and I was going to buy a different drugstore foundation I hadn't bought before however now I'm having second thoughts and may just buy this again - who am I kidding...I will just buy both! ha!

      I forget that it's so hot in Dubai at the moment, when I visited in January the temperature was just perfect, nice and hot in the days but cooler in the nights. I can't even begin to imagine how uncomfortable it gets at the moment :(

      She's a beautiful little dog but in desperate need of some training! :)

      Lis x

  2. Oh god Lis those shoes! so beautiful! Lately I've been thinking about buying Mac Lady Danger, I think you just convinced me to get it! haha :)



    1. Hi Almu :) They're pretty awesome aren't they, I'd had my eye on them for a while!

      Oh you should, it looks scary in the shop but looks so lovely when paired with the right make up look. I bought it last year but didn't wear it very much! It would really suit you I think. :)

      Lis x

  3. omg that pasta looks incredible! Seriously craving some creamy pasta now :) x

    1. Hi Rachel :)

      Not gonna lie, it was pretty yummy! I think it would be quite easy to make at home, it was just pesto and cream I think with some chicken thrown in and some seasoning. I could eat it again right now! :)

      Lis x


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