15 June 2014

Weekend OOTD & Other Bits!

Ahhh, another lovely weekend with beautiful sunshine and lots of fun! I know I'm being typically British and talking about the weather constantly, but the sun just makes everything so much better, especially in a country where we get an obscene amount of rain (ok, I'm exaggerating perhaps a little!) 

I'm thinking about doing a bit of a "Life Lately" type post series (similar to Laura and Laura - what can I say, I'm a shameless copy cat!!) mainly because I seem to like to write about what I've been up to in the week on the weekends and usually find myself with a collection of random photos on my phone by the weekend of outfits / make up looks / meals I've eaten etc - you know the sort of thing! Let me know if you'd be interested in this type of post!


On Friday myself and the man cooked some pretty yummy food which went a little something like this...

Bang Bang Chicken and Sesame Prawn toast with a great dip - it was really good! 

On Saturday I popped into the town with the hubby-to-be for my weekly trip to Boots (and I came out without a nail varnish - I don't know what came over me!!!) We had coffee and cake in John Lewis and I picked up a rather lovely Body Butter from the Body Shop that I'll share with you when I get around to putting a review together! 

I wore this...

So here we have 

Vest - The Kooples - had for a couple of years

Skirt - Topshop - Get it HERE

Bag - Mulberry - no longer available

Flip Flops - Valentino - can't find them online anywhere!

Sunglasses - Tom Ford (style Malin)

Our friends were coming over for the evening so the guys could sit and watch a boring rugby game, drink beer and analyse the game whilst screaming at the TV #yawn and myself and Sian sat outside in the garden and drank copious amounts of Prosecco lemon and elderflower twists and Mojitos! A great evening with a lot of pouting and some MAC Lady Danger!

Sunday morning therefore required something naughty for breakfast to soak up the over indulgence in the alcohol department the night before!  It was a lovely sunny morning so we sat outside and ate Sausage Crumpets with poached eggs and stewed onions with a bit of marmite. Sounds a bit odd, but tasted sooooo good! I love trying new things for breakfast! This little lot was washed down with about a gallon of orange juice!!

It was also Fathers Day today so after I felt more alive and revived we took a trip to the parents house in the country late afternoon to see my Dad and had coffee and biscuits on the Veranda whilst reading the Sunday papers. How very civilised! ha! 

Whist typing this I made the decision to paint my nails with Essie Fiji  - I'm instantly regretting it, I'd forgotten how much this baby streaks on my nails...I'm now on my 4th coat - I kid you not!!! I love you Essie nail varnishes, but Fiji you are the equivalent of a woman with a bad case of PMT - hard work! ha!

So that's it folks, that sums up my weekend.  :) and now I'll leave you with a little picture of Clicquot in her new favourite spot on the sofa! 

Have a great Monday everyone! some reviews this week so watch this space.... 



  1. Love this white skirt - white shorts and minis just look fab in the sunshine! I hope they stock it in TopShop in Dubai! Have a lovely day xx


  2. Thanks :) I'm pretty sure they do, I've seen a few Dubai bloggers with it on :)

    Hope you're having a great week!

    Lis xx

  3. I revived it too, it had been laying dormant for far too long! :) x


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