6 July 2014

Life Lately #3

A week of discoveries! 

Let's get started shall we? 

1.  Flowers - My Fiance surprised me with some gorgeous flowers this week, there's nothing I love more than white flowers, especially roses.  They just look so classy and fresh.  He's a keeper! ;) 

2.  Lazy Breakfast - I have been left on my own for a week so Saturday morning consisted of a long, leisurely breakfast for one! I made the most perfect healthy pancakes (made from cottage cheese, oats and eggs - sooooo easy to make!) with some home made strawberry 'stuff' (not really sure how to describe it really!) washed down with a cup of coffee and a good old read of Grazia whilst listening to some music. Pure bliss! 

3.  St Tropez Express Tan - I followed the crowd this week and bought some of the new St Tropez express tan.  I adore white cotton bed sheets and detest having to turn them orange every time I need to wait for my tan to develop overnight, so this whole three hour shenanigans sounded just perfect to me!  I am very impressed with this stuff so far.  No streaking, applied evenly, great colour, quick - what's not to like? :)

4.  Song - I am slightly obsessed with this song at the moment.  It's getting a lot of plays and I'm not tired of it yet! It's got a great bass line and I adore Will.i.am for his sheer weirdness.  I watched a documentary about him a few weeks ago and I think he's such a great guy. 

5. ASOS - yep, another colour way of the Spring Break perfect comfy high heel family! Now I was a little shocked when they arrived because on the website they look much more of burnt orange and lets just say, if I wore these I wouldn't ever get run over! They're super bright but I decided to keep them anyway and wore them out on Saturday night with a plain white dress and my black Wang clutch. I love them.  I also *may* have signed up for ASOS premier :)

6. Posh Pooch - isn't that such a cliché! however, she's looking pretty damn gorgeous at the moment after a trip to the dog groomers on Saturday! Clicquot now has her own fan base at the groom parlour too!

7.  Night Out - I had a great night out with my best friend Sian on Saturday night.  She came over early and we drank (rather a lot of!) Prosecco and elderflower cordial, and if you haven't tried this you need to, it's such a great combination! Lots of girlie chatting and sitting outside in the sun, listening to our fave songs...and this is prior to even leaving the house.  I am feeling the pain today! 

8.  Suits - oh yes, I have succumbed and I'm SO glad I did!!! I've heard Laura and Laura rave about this series for a fair few weeks and on Friday night I watched 3 on the trot! I am hooked! So slick and I love the fact it's set in New York and almost everyone in it looks just fabulous! and Harvey...sorry girls you're going to have to share him now! ha! 

That's all folks! I'm off to watch some more 'Suits'!

Lis x  



  1. Ha ha ha..welcome to the world of swooning over Harvey Specter! It will never be the same again! Also HOW fabulous are the outfits on every single female in that show!!

    And the shoes look soo pretty that I might have simultaneously opened ASOS while writing this comment.Cant wait to see the shoes in an outfit post! X

    1. I only started watching it on Friday night and I've already nearly finished Series 1!! TOTALLY addictive!! I know, it's making me want to update my workwear wardrobe!!

      The shoes are such a bargain! :)

      Lis xx

  2. Those heels are amazing Lis!
    Love the color... work it gurrrrl!!! :-)
    Hope you are doing well! Mwah!

    1. Ha! Thanks Anne! they're a bit out of my comfort zone but I love them!

      I'm all good thanks! :) hope you are too, loved your most recent post!

      Hugs from the UK!

      Lis xx

  3. Loved this post Lis-so much I want to say haha! LOVE the heels! Are they really comfy? Am tempted, like the slightly chunky heel. LOVE Will.i.am, OMG he is just so bizarrely cute. Really need to try that St Tropez, read so many good things about it. Your doggy is super cute too xxx

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Glad you liked it :) we aim to please here at elisabethrilatt.com ha ha!

      Have to say it, they are very comfy and I'm pretty wussy when it comes to shoes! another benefit..I did manage to trash them on my night out and they came out all sparkly and new with an antibac wipe :) they're no louby lou's but they're pretty damn awesome!

      Isn't he just, I adore him!

      The tan is everything people say it is, when you're better...go get some! :)

      Lis xx


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