17 August 2014

Life Lately #9

Firstly, just need to apologise for the lack of blogposts this week, I had so much planned but just ran out of time! I'll hopefully get a few of those planned posts up this week! 

1.  Takeaway - well this goes hand in hand with the introduction really doesn't it!? This week has been a particularly busy and stressful one at work and when I'm in that state of mind,  I feel less like cooking! I am somewhat obsessed by a little noodle place we have in Cardiff called 'Noodlebox', if you live in Cardiff and you're reading this, get involved.  They deliver, do great healthy (and some not so healthy!) options and are really reasonably priced.  Can I also hang my head in shame and say I order from Noodlebox at least once a week! #sorrynotsorry :)

2. More Barry M - I could feature a new one of these every week couldn't I? Obsessed is not the word.  Making the most of the last of this Summery weather before we hit Autumn (return of the berry / grey / burgundy shades!) I painted my nails with Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Varnish in 'Pomegranate'.  Gorgeously bright and a real statement colour.  Probably not suitable for work, but I'm wearing it tomorrow anyway! What the hell! 

3. Blush Revival - I've been wearing this blush non-stop for the last week and re-loving it all over again.  It's the Sleek blush in 'Flamingo' and its super bright.  You don't need a lot of it at all because it's very very pigmented (go heavy handed and you'll resemble something similar to Aunt Sally - older readers will know exactly what I'm talking about!)  however, if you're careful when applying it, it creates the most gorgeous flush on the cheeks and paired with a great highlighter it looks very pretty.  Very cheap too. Go and buy it!

4. Over-played Track - now I'm not a Maroon 5 fan at all, I'd go as far to say that I find most of their music pretty horrific. However. This track I really love, and I'm ashamed to say it - hell, I don't even know why I'm admitting it!  It's got a bit of an 80's sort of vibe and I do quite like this guys voice, it's catchy.  Yep, I love it.  It's called 'It Was Always You'.  My music taste is eclectic, can you tell?! 

5. Zara Shopping - Ok, I have a problem and it involves this shop.  I should stay away, I really should....but I can't.  I picked up this jacket on the weekend (HERE).  I also got a T-shirt that I'm sure will be coming to a OOTD post near you soon! 

6. OITNB - so I'm on that bandwagon now too and I'm loving it! (Orange Is The New Black for those of you living in a cave for the last year!)  Funny, addictive and a little bit eye opening! I'm only on series one at the moment but if you haven't got into it yet, I'd recommend it! 

7. Finally - they started stocking the new Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows at my local NARS counter in  John Lewis (still no SpaceNK in Cardiff - what is THAT about?!) I could have bought some online a few weeks ago however I like to have a little play around with the colours before I buy and I'm glad I did in this case because the one I thought I wanted to get didn't look so great in the store.  I opted for Himalia (HERE) They're worth the hype, very pigmented and buttery soft.  I want to get a couple more now, 'Subra' looks gorgeous and I think I need 'Dione' too. 

8. Sunday Evening - nothing better than spending time with my parents on a Sunday evening, great food (Mum did Pulled Pork this weekend - sooooo yummy!)  great company and I love nothing better than sitting in their lounge and chilling out, it makes me feel like I'm about 12 again. :) It's not something I do very often but when I do, I really enjoy it :) and it was a lovely way to end the weekend. 

See you in the week! 

Lis x 



  1. Ah i am dying to get my hands on some of the new NARS eyeshadows, they look absolutely beautiful! xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

    1. Highly recommend them....go get! I've yet to test them out 'wet' yet but I think they're going to be even more intense applied that way :) xx

  2. All the makeup you featured has just gone on my list! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. The blusher is gorgeous and such a bargain! :) xx


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