28 September 2014

Life Lately #13 - The Birthday Edition

Firstly, huge apologies - I have been downright neglectful when it has come to my blog lately.  I've had a few busy weeks and have been a little bit stressed out with changing my job and haven't had a lot of free time, but things should resume to normal soon! 

So this week was my Birthday, now I have a little bit of a love / hate relationship with my Birthday, another year means I'm now the grand old age of 35 (eeek!!) however I've gotta say I feel better now than I ever have, and I'm a firm believer that age is nothing but a number! ;) I don't like Birthdays mainly because all the attention is on me and I'm not good with that, however, I kept my Birthday low key and really really enjoyed it :)

1.  New Car - I had a BMW up until around 3 years ago (when it bit the dust in a very tragic way!) and because I live in the middle of a city and walk to work I decided to not get another car for a bit.  However, recently and especially as the weather gets cooler, I've decided that getting a little car would be a good idea again.  I have my gorgeous other half Joe, to thank for enabling this absolute beauty of a Mini Cooper S and yes, I am going to be a massive poseur and get my retained private plates on it as soon as possible! haha! Thank you Joe such a wonderful Birthday prezzie :)

2. Bubbles with my Faves - on the Friday before my Birthday we went out to a few local bars for some drinks to celebrate, including this yummy bottle of Bolly, well if can't have champagne on your Birthday, when can you have it? :)

3. Vintage Lissy - such a fantastic Birthday present, my Uncle managed to get an old long lost VHS video of my sister burnt onto a DVD.  I watched this in bed in the morning whilst eating my Birthday breakfast.  Various little clips of me aged 1, 2 and a very bossy 3 (my poor little sister!) - very nostalgic and a great gift!

4. Birthday Cards - I'm one of those people who loves cards on their Birthday, of course I love presents too, who doesn't? But I love cards and the thought that goes into them. Probably why I love sending cards too and spend hours traipsing around several card shops every time it's someone's birthday to find the right one!

5. Retro Cake! - My Mum never fails to make me smile - and this cake was no exception! at lunchtime on my Birthday we went over to my parents for a special Birthday lunch.  Bucks fizz and lots of yummy food followed by this lovely cake.  So great to see my parents on my Birthday. 

6. Spoilt - I honestly was not expecting such a lovely array of gifts on my Birthday.  Anya Hindmarch and Zara featured heavily as well as some lovely personalised coasters from my best friend Sian and some fantastic NYX beauty bits that I'll be blogging about soon!

7. Birthday OOTD - I wanted something relaxed and comfortable for going out for some dinner (and since we were walking to the restaurant flats were essential!) I opted for Zara black blouse / Zara beige trousers / Valentino Rockstud flats and Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette on the eyes! 

8. Arbennig Restaurant - this is one of our favourite little restaurants in Pontcanna.  The food is always fantastic and really reasonably priced.  I had smoked beef salad to start followed by duck breast with a blackberry sauce and leek & potato crumble (photographed) highly recommend to those of you visiting Cardiff!

Promise to be back with you soon! 

Lis x 



  1. I always think you live in London! Sounds like you had an amazing birthday, I love nice things happening to nice people. You'll have to fill me in on the new job xxx

    1. Ahh I wish I did Stace! Although I would definitely be completely broke if I lived in London!! :)
      I will catch up with you this week lovely and tell you all about it :) first day tomorrow....eeek! Seriously contemplating Dubai for New Year...is it any good?! xxx

  2. Ahhh Happy happy belated bday!! Sounds like you had a lovely one. Cant wait to read about the presents :) also looking forward to the next life lately post to find out more about the new job! x

    1. Hey Laura! oh I did, it was so chilled out but spent doing all the things I love so it was perfect! I'm gonna try and get a few posts in this week.....watch this space! hope you're good, I've been loving your OOTD instagram posts lately (still have serious bag envy! lol)

      Lis xx

  3. Happy belated birthday Lis!
    I love your Mini!!! Coolest gift ever for sure!
    Take care!

  4. Happy birthday Elisabeth, looks as though you've has a wonderful week celebrating!


  5. Happy birthday! I love these kinds of posts! I'm the same with keeping cards; I know I'll look back at them in years to come and be glad I kept them though. And the present from your uncle is such a lovely idea! :) Danielle x

    frontière girl

  6. Happy belated birthday!

    Ah, sounds like you had an amazing day. Your family sounds awesome :)


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