22 March 2015

Dubai Antics

A lot of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will have probably been incredibly bored of my constant posting of pictures in Dubai recently, I'm sorry about this, I tend to get a little snap-happy when I'm away and enjoying myself!  

I had a great time whilst I was there and this post will be useful for those of you thinking about visiting  or wanting some recommendations of great things to do and see whilst you're there.   

I love Dubai and this was my second time visiting, it never fails to disappoint in my opinion.  The people are lovely, the weather is fantastic, there's an abundance of excellent hotels and restaurants, it's clean and you're never short of things to do...oh and the shopping! (we'll get onto that in a bit!)

I stayed near the Financial District, taxi's are really reasonable in Dubai meaning getting from one place to another is affordable.  Our hotel was functional and the pool very quiet, result! I spent most mornings lounging around the pool drinking fresh juices and listening to music with my huge headphones in the sun.  Yes, I looked stupid...

On the first afternon, we headed to Dubai Mall in desperate need of a coffee and stumbled across a place called  Social House where I had quite possibly one of the best cups of coffee and pieces of carrot cake I've ever tasted! I really recommend this place if you're shopping in Dubai Mall and in need of a break! (when you see the size of this Mall you'll know why!!) 

For those of  you who spotted the Christian Louboutin bag in some of my Instagram pics, this is what happened next.  More details on those in future posts though! Dubai Mall has a fantastic designer section and the butterflies that suspend from the ceiling never fail to amaze me, they look so pretty!

After dragging the other half around the mall for a couple of hours (much to his annoyance!) we then headed over to the Marina to Pier 7 to try out 'The Scene', the TV chef Simon Rimmer's latest offering. 

I reserved a great table on the terrace and wasn't disappointed.  The atmosphere was great, the food was great, the view was great (overlooking Dubai Marina)  I can see why the Dubai bloggers are always raving about this place! It's not pretentious at all but you do feel a little bit smug when eating here, if that makes sense! Great Gin cocktails too! 

The following day was a good one... I finally got to meet Stacey from Expat Make-Up Addict for coffee and cake at Madeleine's and of course, because this happened to be in Dubai Mall, we found ourselves shopping - in particular at Sephora! I was fairly tame and only bought a couple of little bits. Well done me! (or not?!) We then cruised around Fashion Avenue lusting at bags and shoes! Stacey is every bit as lovely in real life as I imagined and we had such a good laugh!

That evening I wanted to try the Mercury Lounge at the Four Seasons Jumeriah Beach (side note - fabulous looking hotel with fabulous toilets - probably has fabulous prices to go with it!) I had seen Simone visit this bar recently on her vlog and it looked stunning with sensational views.  On arriving it was stunning and certainly didn't disappoint! It was however, very windy that evening and it was quite amusing to watch the waiters chasing cushions and glasses around the bar as they flew off the tables!  Very pricey here but worth popping in for a drink...my cocktail came with an actual Barbie doll!

The following day we spent being tourists.  Let's just say I didn't particularly enjoy this experience and will not be going anywhere on a tour bus again any time soon! The day involved firstly going to the Atlantis for afternoon tea.  From this experience I concluded two things - I hated Atlantis and their afternoon tea was pretty mediocre.  I did enjoy the aquarium though, that was pretty impressive! 

We then made a quick stop on the bus to look at the Burj al Arab....I stayed on the bus because it was too windy and passed the time by taking selfies, true story! ha!

Last part of the tour was a trip up to the Burj Khalifa to the observation deck (which they've called at 'At the Top' -although it isn't?!)  Now I'm not normally someone who get's 'wowed' by things like this.  I wish I was, but in all honesty it takes a lot to impress me! But, this seriously impressed me!  This building is spectacular to look at whether you go up it or not, however to be so high up and to look out on Dubai was just something else - the views were breathtaking and I really recommend you go up here if you're visiting Dubai if only for the photo opportunity! 

At this point we escaped the tour early, I'd had enough and didn't fancy going to watch the fountains with a tonne of other people! So we found a nice little spot at 'Joe's CafĂ©' in Dubai mall on the terrace,  grabbed a Cappuccino and waited for the fountains to begin at 8pm.  I have a nice little 15 second condensed video of the fountain show on my Instagram if you'd like to take a look!

Friday in Dubai is the equivalent of our Saturday in the UK, and Brunch is very popular over there. If you're in Dubai on a Friday I'd highly recommend going for one of their famous 'brunches'.   

Now Friday 13th is always a really good day for me and today was no exception.  After much debating and research I decided that the Vida Urban Picnic Brunch would be the best option for us.  Nice laid back vibe, great food, music and I really like the concept of the 'picnic' idea.  We decided to go for the Champagne brunch and boy was it good!!! 

I wore my (creasy!) Zara dress and Valentino flats, something a 'little' bit special and dressy but still comfy and not too over the top :)

Afterwards (and several glasses of champagne later!) we took a cab to the Marina to go to the famous 'Shades' at The Address.  I'd never been here before but heard a lot about it and I absolutely loved it here.  Great views, drinks and shisha! what's not to love! :) 

Then, something totally off the cuff happened,  Laura (buynow/bloglater) and Laura (Laura etc...) (it would be so much easier if you two didn't have the same name!ha!) recommended popping across to the Taste of Dubai Festival to meet them, so I dragged the other half along with me and got to meet two of my other favourite Dubai bloggers.  It was fantastic to finally have a chat with them both face to face and we had such a great evening! :)  

The part that made me laugh the most was when my fella asked 'what are you talking about?! Mouldy Fruit??! What?!'- those of you 'in the know' will of course know that this another fab blogger, who was incidentally arriving in Dubai the following day! The look of confusion on his face was priceless though! 

And here is a pic of us all where the girls look great and where I'm sporting some very odd hair, a lazy eye and the shadow of my phone is in my face - but hey ho! 

This was unfortunately also my last night in Dubai :( I had such a fantastic time, so much so I'm already planning another trip very soon! June perhaps?! 

If you haven't been to Dubai and you're thinking about going, just do it, I promise you that you won't be disappointed! 

Anyway thanks for sticking with me in this very rambly and photo-heavy post, we're finally at the end!

Lis x 



  1. It sounds like you had a fab time and your white Zara dress looks amazing on you! I have hair envy too.

    Luxx mint

  2. God I feel like I have so much to say about this post lol!! First of all it was brilliant meeting you finally, it didn't feel like our 'first time' lol! Wish you lived here and we could drink/shop/talk about Chuck Bass! Loving the Valentino RockStuds, so much that I am currently browsing Mytheresa.com lol! Glad you went to Joe's-that was a good spot by me ;-) Also, I love those birds in the Fashion Avenue but they look a bit creepy in your picture lol! Glad you had a great time!! See you soon!! Xxxxx

  3. Gorgeous photographs! The little art on your coffee is insane! It looks like you had a wonderful time x

    Miss Imogen Smith


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