17 May 2015

A Whole Lotta MAC Eyeshadow!

Hello.  My name is Lis and I can't stop buying things I don't really need! 

Ok, so that's perhaps a little bit harsh on myself, but after several months of refraining from buying eyeshadows I've certainly made up for it in the last two days by buying two eyeshadow palettes from MAC equating to 18 new colours!! (that isn't a typo by the way!!) 

I had been patiently waiting for these eyeshadows for some time, I spotted them online a couple of months ago and had been told by the girls at MAC in Cardiff they were going to be arriving in April.  They didn't.  They weren't even in-store when I went to check last week, but this weekend was a different story, the Eyes On MAC collection had landed! :) Exciting times. 

On Saturday I went to purchase 'Amber Times Nine' (do you see what they've done there?!) because I thought these would be great for Summer.  A good mix of both matte, satin and frost shades all condensed down into the side of a normal MAC Quad.  The Amber Times Nine palette consists of 'Cosy Grey', 'Kitties', 'Georgia Peach', 'Ricepaper', 'Creative Copper', 'Cork', 'Don't tell', 'Aromatic' and 'Pepper Please' and I think I'll get a lot of use out of this over the next few months.  They're also absolutely perfect for travelling, very compact and a multitude of different eyeshadow looks could be created from this palette. 

I then went home and couldn't stop thinking about the other palette I had been eyeing up in the shop when I bought this one...so on Sunday off I went to MAC again to buy 'Burgundy Times Nine'.  

There were a couple of duplicates in this palette for me so I'm going to be selling those on eBay shortly.  The palette consists of 'Honey Lust', 'Poppyseed', 'Quarry', 'Antiqued', 'Embark', '#Noir', 'Haux', 'Star Violet' and 'Sketch' 

If you don't own a lot of MAC shadows and want to try some at an affordable price, this is an excellent way of doing so.  At £30 for a palette (when a full size MAC shadow will set you back £13) this is a really good deal.  They do four sets in total, I chose the two that will compliment my blue eyes (in particular the Burgundy palette).  The Navy Times Nine also looked great but I just couldn't justify another one!

I can really recommend these, especially to those who don't want to fork out mega-bucks for the full size versions! 

And if I wasn't already on top of the world at these little purchases this weekend, MAC also threw in a free sample of their False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara. I'll be giving this a test run this week! 

Hope you're all having good weekends? Let me know if you purchase one of these palettes!



  1. Haha you went back....you kept that quiet ;-) Inlove Burgundy too but I own all but one of the shades in the palette so unless I wanted it for travel (my usual excuse) it would be a waste! Knew you would love this. And hell no, the Lis I know will never stop buying shit she don't need!!!

  2. Ohhh those both look dreamy. I had them both in my hand at Mac store but after my not so small haul at Sephora I decided to be good and get a grip. probably will have to go back to Mac before flying home haha.. Which one do you like better? x

  3. Burgundy Times Nine looks unreal! Hitlist.


  4. These are gorgeous shades!



  5. Love Mac so much and this palette looks so gorgeous! :)



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