14 June 2015

Life Lately #16

Let's have a bit of a catch up shall we? :)  It's been a little while since I did one of these posts and since I love reading other blogger's blogposts of this kind, mainly because I'm incredibly nosy and love getting new ideas for things to do / see / buy / wear, I thought I'd do an up to date one for you.  So grab a cup of tea or coffee and let's get on with things!


Now those of you who know me, will have probably noticed that I've been on a bit of spending spree lately.  This isn't due to a recent lottery win or a huge increase in my salary (I wish!) but because I've had a MAHOOSIVE clear out over the past couple of months with regards to clothes, shoes, bags and make up.  I have been pretty ruthless when it comes to making decisions about what stays and what goes and pictured above are just a tiny sample of the things that have gone onto trusty eBay! with the cash I've made I've invested in a few new staple items (the Chanel bag that you will have seen superglued to my side being one!). 


The British Summer doesn't seem to be arriving any time soon :( *sobs*

Whilst I'm typing this I'm sat in my lounge with a blanket over me - it's JUNE!!!! Anyway, enough of my moaning... As a spur of the moment decision last weekend, the OH and I decided we should book a short break in the South of France. Within the space of 20 minutes flights were booked and a few days later (once I'd had chance to do my thorough research on hotels - a holiday MUST!!) the hotel was all booked too! I'm very excited!  It's only for a few days but it will be nice to get away for a bit! :)


Ok, so I'm incredibly late to the party on this one.  I thought this Snapchat malarky was only for kids (probably because when I downloaded the app over a year ago I had absolutely NO idea how to work it!) It has however crept into my social media 'addictions' now and I have three people to thank for this - Lowri, the adorable and hilarious 19 year old who sits opposite me at work and makes me feel 21 again!, Stacey from Expat Make-Up Addict  and Zara from Mouldyfruit .  I'm also loving the fact that some of my favourite bloggers are also joining in on the fun now too (Laura, Laura and Simone I'm looking at you!) 


Yes I know I may have been having a little dig at the British weather previously, but there have been a few days where the weather has made it into the twenties and that has made me very excited to get the garden furniture and cushions out again from storage over the Winter months and go and relax in the garden.  

My favourite thing to do in the Summer is eat breakfast outside, there's nothing better! :)


So after a year of refraining from going to the gym, firstly due to a back problem and then afterwards using the back problem as an excuse because, well, I just couldn't be bothered really! I've now decided it's time to go back and get myself a little bit more toned and just generally to feel a bit healthier in general.  

And I have to say, after my first week back I'm actually enjoying it (although I can't tell you how much pain I'm in after 'legs' day!)

The experience is also significantly better due to the monochrome gym theme I've got going on.  Easily pleased some might say! hehe

Oh and on a side note, I promise not to be one of 'those' gym bores!!!


Oh hello lovely white bikini that I can't really afford (but will probably find some way of purchasing before aforementioned holiday next month!!)  I know that Kiini do this type of bikini in lots of different styles but it's the plain white one I'm lusting after the most (just look at it!) *sigh* 


Now to some, this will just be a 'oh whatever - who cares!' but for me, this is a big thing.   

Cardiff, although a wonderful city with lots to offer really lacks on the retail front in terms of being able to buy certain brands of makeup (No Space NK - how is this even fair?!).  I often see Burberry being talked about on make up blogs and of course I can buy online, but sometimes you want to go and test things out, feel the products etc.  After making a quick visit to the Urban Decay counter this weekend (mini haul coming up) I stumbled across this....

Cardiff....you're getting there....slowly!!!

Now I need some Burberry recommendations please! 


Look. At. Those. *drools*

And yes, they were every bit as good as they look! GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) have just launched a new menu and for lunch today the OH was fancying a really good burger.  I'd heard about these truffle cheese fries online and wanted to give them a go.  I'm obsessed with truffle anything at the moment, it's such a unique flavour.  I've recently bought some truffle oil and made a simple pasta dish with it the other night.  Yummy. 

Hope you've all had a great weekends :)



  1. We've been life twinning by the looks of it!! Ebaying, spending, and even monochrome 'gyming' now I just need to book a holiday... and eat truffle cheese chips!

    Gorgeous garden set up, so chic.


  2. Loved this post Lis :)
    how super exciting for the mini break cant wait to see all the fab photos from south of france! And yes I am soo late to the Snapchat party I wasnt sure I'm gonna be allowed in even but now its becoming to favorite place to dump as many Yalla, Zulu and Mate photos I possibly can ha ha ha


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