19 July 2015

#OOTD, Hat Loving and Glowing!

The hat is back. 

I've always enjoyed wearing hats, even when I was about 10 and those really floppy velvet hats where fashionable and I remember dragging my poor Mum around 'Tammy Girl' to purchase said floppy hat! (I think mine was burgundy - delightful!) 

I just love how a hat can totally change an outfit.  Take this outfit for example, it was unusually hot today in the UK and I wanted something cool and comfortable to wear, without the hat this outfit looked a bit, well, frumpy for want of a better word.....add the hat though and suddenly it looks a lot cooler and 'put together'.  

I'm all for hats! this particular one I actually picked up whilst in France but it's just a basic Panama which is replicated in many high street stores around the world, in fact I'm pretty sure I've seen a similar one in H&M recently. 

Outfit details

Hat - from France - replicated in lots of major retailers, similar one HERE

Navy Vest Top - Alexander Wang - I bought this from the Outnet but can't find it in navy anymore, get similar ones HERE though 

White Denim Skirt - Topshop - years old, I think I bought this when I was about 25....I probably shouldn't be wearing it anymore!!! 

White Birkenstock Arizonas - every so comfortable, little bit ugly but I love them anyway! Get them HERE

Bag - Mulberry 

In other news, I have been really loving the Maybelline Dream Bronze BB Cream that I bought last week.  I've been using it every morning under my make up instead of a moisturiser (it hydrates and contains SPF) and I'm really loving the effect it gives when worn under a foundation like Estee Lauder Double Wear (my other favourite at the moment!).  

It just makes everything just a little more radiant and dewy without compromising on the staying power of the foundation and I think it may also be improving the condition of my skin a tad too. Winner.  

So that's it for another weekend! Hope you all have a great start to your week :) I'm aiming to eat healthy breakfasts this week, so I'll be reporting back on how that goes soon!  



  1. I love a hat! This one works beautifully with your outfit. And you've got me curious to try the BB cream under foundation trick - dewiness and longevity in one - now that really would be the "holy grail"! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. Oh my gosh I remember Tammy Girl!

    I agree about a hat elevating an outfit, navy and white is such a sophisticated colour combinations :) you can still rock a mini skirt! Btw where are your sunnies and watch from, I didn't see you mention it?

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  3. I really think we need to wear hats more often, I know it takes some courage and the right attitude, but this is a really great accessory, right? You can wrote a short essay on hats, check it out if interested :)


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