23 August 2015

A Nose Around My Dressing Room!

A much requested post, particularly when I was teasing everyone a few months back on Instagram by posting 'work in progress' shots of my dressing room whilst I was decorating it (which I mostly did by myself I hasten to add, I'm not bad with a paint brush!) 

We moved into our house around three years ago and for two years this room was not a nice place to be at all.  The 'dressing room' consisted of a grey carpeted floor, a large Ikea mirror leant against the wall, a small Ikea table with my make up on it and underneath a pile of hair appliances in a big tangled heap, a small chest of drawers with underwear and other clothing in it and then the piece de resistance... four (broken!) rails of clothing gathering dust.  I used to do my make up and hair in the mornings sat on the floor!! 

So, in the Spring this year I made a start on sorting this room out, we had a company come and fit wardrobes and storage into both this room and our bedroom (which, by the way, is still not finished!)  so I was lucky enough to be able to design where I wanted everything.  Our house is fairly old so has a lot of original features that I also wanted to keep. 

As you walk into the room to your left hand side are two wardrobes.  I'd really wanted the interiors of these to be white but apparently this wasn't possible, it's not so bad though. 

The first wardrobe has blazers, smart blouses, day dresses and work separates.  I also bought one of those hanging shelves from Ikea to pop little bits and bobs in such as hats, my hair dryer and straighteners etc. 

The next wardrobe along has a bunch of shoe boxes (also from ikea) with my more 'Wintery' shoes are kept in the Summer months.  I also have coats in here, work dresses and also all my going out and evening dresses.  The two Ikea storage boxes at the bottom are also additional 'seasonal' storage - Winter accessories in the one and bikinis, beach towels and hats in the other. 

The small full length mirror on the wall is from Ikea, I looked for ages for a nice mirror but really like the simple design of this Ikea one. 

Moving clockwise around the room....this is where all the magic happens! ha! :)

So the dressing table itself is the Beauty Bloggers favourite, the 'Malm' dressing table.  I really like the glass top because it makes it an absolute dream to clean make up off it.  My mirror is also from Ikea (ok, this isn't an Ikea sponsored post although it's beginning to sound like it!)  My stool I got from Amazon and the rug is, ahem, from Ikea too. 

Next up we have 'shoe corner' :)

I have to say that since I've had my shoes on shelves like this, I'm wearing them all a lot more regularly.  I think this is because I can see them all so I can't forget about them!  At the moment the shelves are in 'Summer mode' and of course as soon as the weather starts to get a bit cooler my boots will be replacing the flip flops and Birkenstocks!

Next we have my 'happy' wall consisting of some quotes and also pictures of all the people (and animals!) that are special to me.  If ever I'm having a bad day I look up at this wall and it always makes me smile :)

Bag storage is next (although some of the larger ones are on top of my chest of drawers further around the room! 

Another wardrobe.....this one is my 'casual' wardrobe and is the home to all the t-shirts, vests, casual tops, jeans, shorts, shirts and casual coats. 

This is an awesome chest of drawers because I can fit SO much into it and I've tried to keep it really organised by buying some drawer inserts.  I'm a Virgo...what can I say?!  I was going to include a picture of this but have decided that sharing my underwear with you probably is a bit TMI!!! So you can look at the sunglasses in the top drawer instead! :) (side note - my Miu Miu's are currently being repaired and I miss them a LOT!)

This is where Clicquot likes to sit while I'm doing my make up and hair,  it's one of my favourite parts of the room (it's also hers!) 

And lastly we have my chandelier from Next I thought it was going to take me forever and a day to find a light shade I liked and because of the intricate ceiling rose I didn't want anything too fancy.  This was absolutely perfect and looks even better in the evening! 

So I hope you've enjoyed having a little nose around my dressing room.  I couldn't list where I got all the bits and pieces from in the room but if you've spotted something you like just let me know and I'll tell you where I got it from! :)

Hope you all have a great start to your week! 



  1. oh i LOVE this room! you have inspired me to have a proper sort out x

  2. Where is the mirrored tray from (that your perfumes are sitting on)? Love the blog!!

    1. Hi there, apologies for the late response! It's from the White Company

      And thanks :) hope you're having a good day!

      Lis x

  3. Oh my goodness! You have made an amazing job of this and I'm incredibly jealous. We're currently house hunting and I'm hoping to finally have the room to do something similar when we eventually find a house. Will be saving your post for inspiration! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. It took me a lonnnnnngg time to get round to this but it's totally worth it! :)

      thanks Kate, hope you're well :) xx

  4. Hi are the draw inserts in your dressing table also from Ikea ?

    1. Hi Vicky, they are indeed, they were so cheap too! I got my fiance to tinker around with the drawer so it opens a bit wider than it should so I can reach to the back of it. There are a few youtube videos online of how to do this :)

      Lis x

  5. Hi Kirsty (I tried to email you back via your email address but it kept bouncing back! I hope that you get this)

    Firstly just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I'm so pleased you like my dressing room :)

    We used a company called Betta Living to help design the dressing room (they put the wardrobes, shelving and chest of drawers in) I'd recommend using their trade side of the business rather than the 'normal' service because they're a lot more professional and also cheaper (we had another rep come to visit us first hand who wasn't very good) You'll need to allow a good couple of hours when they come to visit because they go through the design in a lot of detail. It's good to have an idea of roughly how much storage space you're looking for.

    I've been searching for the guys number who came to see us but can't find it anywhere but I remember his name was Joe Arnold and he worked for their trade division so you should be able to get hold of him if you ring them?

    If you need to know anything else just let me know :)

    Lis x


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