4 August 2015

For All You Nosy People!

So I ummed and ahhh'd about doing this post.   Would people be interested in knowing the contents of my everyday handbag or would any of you actually even care?!!!

Then I thought, no matter how many times I watch a 'Whats in my Bag' YouTube video, I'm always intrigued about what crap other people cart around with them! 

The decision was made :)

Now, I'm not the type of person who travels light...in any situation! (holidays, weekends away...you get the picture!) And my every day bag is no exception!

So here goes....

Just a brief bag introduction for you.  

This is the Smythson East West Panama Tote and I have to say it is fast becoming one of my favourite bags.  I love that it works so well for work, I can pile all the essentials into it  (those are coming up!) plus my breakfast, a pair of flat shoes, my folder if I'm going on a meeting etc but it also serves me well for shopping and travelling (especially for flying!)  It has been a great addition to my bag collection and one I'm using a lot. 

To begin things, let's start with a fairly new addition to the handbag squad.  

I originally bought this to pop into my clutch bag for a night out so I wouldn't have to take my purse with me but I got tired of hunting around for the cards I use the most in my small purse and decided to use this in my everyday handbag.  Since I pay for most things with my debit card, I find it a lot easier to grab.  It's from Anya Hindmarch and you get something similar HERE

I've had my Louis Vuitton purse for a long time and although I often see larger wallets that would probably be more practical for me, I'm not a big fan of larger wallets.  I love this little Louis Vuitton purse because it's the perfect size to keep my change in and those cards that I don't use on such a regular basis and even though I've had it for over 5 years, it still looks as good as it did the day I got it! 

Another newish addition to the gang.  I used to carry around a large hairbrush, but got so fed up of the long stray hairs that kept collecting in my bag and how cumbersome it was.  I wanted something small and compact to carry around and I have to say, I'm really pleased with this.  I have very long and very thick hair and this little gem makes easy work of taming my mane! You can get one HERE

Now not many of you probably know this, but I'm supposed to wear glasses for reading, watching tv and driving.  The truth is, I'm not really a big fan of wearing them so they tend to only make an appearance when I have a bad headache or the words are all merging into one on my computer screen at work! These are from Gucci and I got them back in 2009.....I could really do with an update!!! 

The good....and the very bad!!!

First the good.  We have my beloved iPhone 6, (housed in a Louis Vuitton imitation print case I got on eBay for £3.99!!) I have nothing but good things to say about my iPhone and I love it, perhaps a little too much sometimes!

And then we have the bad, and not to mention ugly!!  I was given this Blackberry at work and to say I hate everything about it would be an understatement.  The functionality, the usability....I just loathe it.    I'd replace it with another iPhone in a flash if it were up to me.  But beggars can't be choosers and all that - at least it works...just! 

I cart around way too much make up with me.  Always have, always will.  My reasoning behind this is you just never know when you might need it!  I carry more in this make up bag than some may have in their whole make up collection! and let's get this straight, I'm not proud of that! It's just the way I am!  The make up bag is by Anya Hindmarch and also has a little pouch for brushes on the side.  You can get it HERE

I live in the UK and you can never predict the weather here so it's always good to cover all eventualities!

Hence the reason I am never without an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses.  At the moment I've been gravitating towards these Celine New Audreys.  I love the shape of them and as most of you probably realise by now, I'm a huge (no pun intended!) fan of over-sized sunglasses!

Last but not least, we have my Saint Laurent Pouch.  I got this in Bicester Shopping Village in the UK so can't find the exact same one online anymore but many brands and high street shops do cute little pouches and I find this really useful to put all my smaller items in.  It also makes swapping bags an absolute cinch because the changeover is really quick and seamless 

I pop in here painkillers, tampons, a small sewing kit, toothpicks, iPhone charger, a pack of tissues, plasters, a plastic bag (because you have to pay for a bag when shopping in Wales!!) a pen and a small notebook.  

This pouch also doubles up as a great clutch bag when I go out in the evening.  I love a multipurpose purchase! :)

So now you all know what's inside my bag you nosy lot! 

Hope you're all having a great week so far :D


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  1. Lis I just wrote a WIMH post today, I love having a good old nose! Love the idea of the pouch, I have a small Mulberry one I keep my ipod and headphones in plus charging cables but it's in my travel bag at the moment from my trip to Cairo. I also have an LV purse and wait til you see what I carry in my handbag make up pouch lolz xxxxx


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