6 September 2015

A Great, Effective Eye Cream

Just a little snippet of a post for you today.  I've not had a great deal to blog about recently, since I'm saving all my pennies this month for my trip to Dubai towards the end of September and haven't been buying a lot consequently. (Now that's dedication... I'm excited....can you tell?!) 

Having said that, some things I absolutely cannot live without and although the product I'm about to tell you about is a bit on the pricey side, in my opinion, it's absolutely worth it.  It's a necessity and hence the reason I have lifted my September spending ban to purchase another! 

This is my fifth tube of this stuff so that should give you some indication of how good I think it is!  It's something I've been buying since I started to notice a few little fine lines around my eyes a few years ago and I've not tried anything as effective since.  

I use a little of this every morning after cleansing my face and also in the evening and find it really helps with fine lines and dryness under the eyes as well as targeting puffiness and dark circles.  I've tried other eye creams but always end up coming back to this because it does such a fantastic job.  

I'm in my mid thirties but I'd recommend this to anyone over the age of 25. It really is amazing stuff! 

You can get Strivectin SD Eye Concentrate HERE (they've just renewed the packaging) What I would say is that you could shop around for this because I have seen it on other websites quite significantly cheaper. 

That's all for now.  Hope you have a great start to your week!


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