21 October 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - Is It Really Magic?!

....in short, no, not really, but it's pretty good! 

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat will have seen me giving my 'enthusiastic' first impressions of this new foundation purchase a few weeks ago   I wanted to wear it a bit and trial it during different situations before I wrote a full review on it. 

And I'm glad I did! So here goes...

I suddenly felt the urge to buy some new make up and since discovering Estee Lauder Doublewear in the Summer I haven't really strayed at all.  I fancied a new foundation and had heard very little about the Charlotte Tilbury new 'Magic' foundation

So I gambled! With confidence I might add, because I haven't been disappointed with anything I've tried from Charlotte Tilbury so far and her Magic Cream (sadly all used up now!) was just FAB.  This foundation sounded very promising! 

At £29.50 it's reasonably priced, but being in Cardiff though with no access to a Charlotte Tilbury Make Up counter meant I had to guess my shade and buy online.  I chose 5, which to be honest is a fairly good match for me, albeit perhaps a tad too orange.  I may have been better off with number 4. 

The USP's of this foundation according to Charlotte are as follows... 

  • It's for all ages, skin tones and skin types (a bold statement!)
  • It's full coverage but weightless and promises to cover skin issues such as acne, scarring, redness, rosacea, lines, wrinkles, age-spots, thread veins 
  • It has anti-ageing and protective benefits (contains mushroom extracts, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and SPF 15)

And after wearing this foundation non-stop for two weeks, I have the following points to make:

  • It's quite thick in consistency and needs a good 'buff' into the skin with a dense foundation brush (I use a Sigma F80 brush) for it to apply evenly
  • You do need to use a good moisturiser before application for it to look it's best (Charlotte suggests her Magic Cream but if you haven't got a small fortune lying around your usual moisturiser will do!) 
  • Initially it does look quite 'matte' and 'flat' but like Estee Lauder Doublewear, as it wears a bit it looks more luminous throughout the day.  I do tend to need to touch mine up though with a bit of powder around lunchtime, it doesn't have quite the lasting power of the Doublewear but it does give it a good run for it's money!
  • It smells a bit 'odd' - I keep thinking this is the mushroom extract - I hate mushrooms!!
  • It definitely feels 'weightless' on the skin as she describes - I don't feel as though I'm wearing foundation even though it's a very full coverage foundation and does cover a multitude of sins!
  • Although it does last all day it does look a little bit ropey after about 8 hours and requires a bit of attention to look good again (but not a lot)
  • I really liked how this foundation photographed when I wore it on a night out in Cardiff (see picture below) and this is surprising since it has SPF in it which usually links to a lot of flashback in photos. 
  • Since using this foundation I have broken out a little, now I don't know if this is due to the 'time of month' or the foundation?! I'm hoping it's not the latter because I do really like this stuff! 

So in conclusion, I do really really like this foundation.  It's flattering, long-wearing, weightless and the hidden benefits make it feel as though I'm doing 'good things' for my skin and that's always good right?!

When stacked up against Estee Lauder Doublewear, it's still going to be second best though I'm afraid! and this is it's only downside! I'd totally recommend buying it though. 

Hope you're all well and having a good week! What's your favourite foundation at the moment?



  1. I'm still going to try it even though Double Wear reigns supreme!!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

    1. You definitely should, although it's not quite as good it's still lovely and I think you'd really like it Stace :) x

  2. Hmmm.... double wear is my favourite foundation, and this sounds like it's similar but not quite as good! That should rule it out for me but I'm still curious to try it for some reason! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. You look like Millie Macintosh in that photo!


    I must pick this foundation, I'm having no look at the mo with bases...

    Does it stand the ultimate test - As in would you repurchase it? Xo


    1. Awww thanks! You made my day when I read that!

      Hmm, yes, I would however I would definitely go a shade down and one thing I would say after writing this in comparison to the Doublewear it's difficult to blend, once blended it creates gorgeous looking skin but does require a bit of 'effort' X


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