22 November 2015

The Zara Faux Leather Jeans

Faux leather jeans.  Yes, I finally went there!!

An item I've been toying with the idea of buying for a stupidly pro-longed period of time and bit the bullet and purchased a few weeks ago in Zara.  

I procrastinated about buying these for so long for a number of reasons.  Would they suit me? Am I 'Kendall Jenner' enough to get away with them?! How much use would I actually get out of them or would I chicken out wearing them at every opportunity?!

After seeing numerous outfit posts on Instagram of gorgeous Winter outfits with big cuddly jumpers and leather jeans I decided that I definitely needed a pair.  

I wanted to wear them a few times before putting together a blogpost about them and this is what I've concluded.  A test run so to speak! 

1. They are not that comfortable - now this might be due to my bigger than average arse! When you first put them on they feel great, they're never going to be as snug as your favourite pair of jeans and of course they're going to naturally wrinkle a little but what I wasn't prepared for was the fact that they slide half way down your backside when you sit down and constantly need pulling up regularly.  Annoying. 

2. They are warm - great for this weather if you're outdoors.  Not great for walking around heated shops...one word - sweaty! You get the idea!

3. They look best with a big jumper - preferably one that covers your backside and hits mid thigh.  Or failing that a top and a long coat. I love the mix of wool and leather together.

4. Casual works best with them - I think dressing them up with high heels and a slinky top would just be overkill (for me anyway!!) Faux leather jeans look their best worn casually.  I'm thinking trainers or boots and everything listed in point 3! If you jump across to my Instagram account (elisabethrilatt) you can see me wearing them with a few different outfits. 

5. I do really like them  - despite the drawbacks, I'd definitely recommend getting a pair if you don't already own some.  These Zara ones were reasonably priced at £29.99 and I've linked them below.  Like I said, they're probably not going to be your favourite pair of jeans but they do add something a little different to an outfit but for goodness sake...do NOT pair with a leather jacket! 

Outfit Details

Hat - Rag and Bone - Floppy Fedora (it's not very floppy though!) get it HERE

Jumper - Allsaints - Able Roll Neck Jumper - get it HERE

Faux Leather Jeans - Zara - get them HERE

Vans - get them HERE

Bag- Sophie Hulme - Gibson Bucket Bag - get it HERE

In other news, I discovered a great lip stick / liner combination this weekend.  MAC 'Half Red' Liner with Clinique 'Black Honey' lipstick.  

And finally....I've set up a Facebook page for this blog because I've realised that not everyone is using Bloglovin to keep up to date with my ramblings so please please (please!) could you pop over and give it a 'Like' when you get a moment HERE  Thank you :) 

Hope you all have a great start to your week!

Lis x 


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