6 December 2015

The Zara T-shirt Obsession

Just a quick little post for a Sunday evening, because after the fourth purchase of the aforementioned T-shirt we are now heading for obsession status!! 

Those who follow me on Snapchat and Instagram will have seen me sporting the burgundy version of this Zara T-shirt a couple of weeks ago teamed with a black blazer and jeans. 

The following day I went out and grabbed the off white version.  I was hoping to also get my hands on the black and grey one but alas, Zara in Cardiff failed me and I resorted to online ordering - it was Black Friday and I needed NO encouragement!! haha!

Now, some of you might think I'm borderline crazy (and in some instances I'm inclined to agree!!) but when I find an item of clothing I like, I always feel the need to stock pile it in a multitude of colours and sometimes even duplicate it.  Does anyone else do this?!

Anyway, I digress...

So this was the case with this little T-shirt that I picked up from the TRF Range in Zara.  You're probably thinking, it's just T-shirt...what's all the fuss about?! 

Now I'm very picky about T-shirts, mainly because I like them to not be too tight, feel comfortable and made out of a flattering fabric.  My arms are a bit on the chunky side at the tops and I need a T-shirt to disguise this fact.  I sold all my Alexander Wang T-shirts on eBay last month because I felt like they were unflattering in the arm area! 

I actually bought these T-shirts in a larger size than I normally would so that they would look 'just right'.  They are made of a comfortable 'slinky' fabric and tick all my essential 'T-shirt' boxes! If you're ordering online I'd strongly suggest going a size or two up or if you're going in-store to buy trying on a few different sizes to get your perfect fit. 

Still interested after all this waffling about T-shirts?! Here's the LINK ladies and at £5.99 you can't go wrong! 

In other news, I put my Christmas tree up this evening and everything is looking very festive! 

Hope you've all had a good weekend and have a great start to your week!

Lis x 


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  1. Nice! I am always on the hunt for perfect tees. I have quite a few Whistles round neck t-shirts and American Vintage v necks.


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