24 January 2016

Bagsy....A New Discovery!

I have to admit, I stumbled across this new beauty brand by pure chance on a visit to Debenhams recently and I'm incredibly glad that I did! 

'bagsy' - I just love the name! 

Initially, I was drawn in to the counter by the packaging.  I mean come on, could it be any more beautiful?! 

Each item is exquisitely packaged in an intricately designed box and before you even get to the contents you get the feeling that a lot of thought has gone into these products. I like that :)

I needed to get a new bronzer (the sole purpose for going into Debenhams in the first place!) and immediately homed in on the 'Ray of Sunshine' bronzing powder.  This is available in two colour options and I chose the lightest one to swatch on my hand. It took all of about 30 seconds to make the decision to buy this! It's a high quality, finely milled bronzer in a very natural sun kissed colour (not too muddy, not too orange) and has the added benefit of being matte. I actually prefer it to the ridiculously expensive Tom Ford bronzer I've just finished. Sorry Tom! 

So, bronzer...tick!

Besotted with the bagsy counter, I wanted to try something else and spent about ten minutes playing around with all the different products and having a chat with the lady on the counter (her name escapes me but she was in the Cardiff branch of Debenhams and she was really helpful!) It's not a huge range at the moment but I get the feeling that they'll be adding to it.  I kind of like the fact it's a small though, it's not overwhelming!

It was a hard decision because I actually wanted to buy one of everything! Eventually I settled on one of their dinky Lip Velvets in 'Spinning Plates' though.

This is a matte lip cream in a mauvey-pink offering and I'm really impressed with it.  It's not like anything else I have in my collection texture-wise, it feels very lightweight and isn't drying like most matte lip creams. It's quite sheer but buildable and I like the way it wears. 

bagsy 'Ray of Sunshine' Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder in Light / Medium
bagsy 'Lip Velvet' Softe Matte Lip Colour in Spinning Plates

One of the other things I really like about the brand are the slogans that are placed on the products and packaging, a charming little touch and one I won't spoil for you! (although the bronzer one I may have given away in the photograph!) 

So, who are 'bagsy' with their easy-on-the-eye packaging and impressive products?...

'bagsy' (www.bagsybeauty.com) are a relatively new brand and have just launched at Debenhams in the UK (you can also buy their products at Feelunique.com).  It's a British brand with plenty of experience behind it (years of working for global beauty brands and have now launched their own!)

I'm excited about this brand and keen to try more of their products based on the two I purchased recently.  Has anybody else tried anything from the range? What are your thoughts? What have you 'Bagsy-ed' (sorry, couldn't resist!) 

My terrible sense of humour and I are pretty much done here, but I urge you (if you're in the UK) to pop into your local Debenhams or go online to Feelunique here  and have a nose at the Bagsy makeup.  They're also doing an offer at the moment on Feelunique - not that I'm trying to enable you or anything! haha! 

Have a great start to your week!

Lis x 



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