9 January 2016


Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you all! I have been absent from these parts for a few weeks because quite frankly, I've been too busy enjoying myself! 

After a stressful period at work before Christmas I wanted to take some time out over the holidays for family, friends and to really relax and refresh myself in the sun for a bit.  I feel so much better for it and already this month has been a successful one for me, both from a personal and work perspective! :) 


Let's get back to the blog subject!

My FiancĂ© and I wanted to get away for a bit over the Christmas period and after debating destinations we decided upon Dubai again. Not that I'm complaining though, this was my third visit in 2015 and every time I go I enjoy it so much that I'm planning my next trip back on the plane! 

There's something about Dubai that I just connect with.  I feel comfortable there and enjoy the multicultural 'vibe' it has.   I like that I can spend a few hours by the pool with a good book and zone out but also do a bit of shopping, go to some fantastic restaurants and coffee shops and then if I'm not feeling like a Granny - a few drinks in the evening! I'm also lucky that through blogging I've met some lovely ladies over there who I meet up with when I can whenever I'm visiting! 

We touched down in Dubai at about 7.30pm on Boxing Day night and headed over to our hotel in JBR.  After dumping our luggage we resisted the temptation to go to sleep in an effort to adjust to the time difference and headed out to grab some food.  I say 'food' we actually plumped for Shake Shack in the end! (aka burgers and chips!) 

After a good night's sleep,  we walked across to Eggspectation for breakfast and let's just say I wasn't disappointed! After the previous night's burger I was craving something healthy and this ticked every box! Yum! 

After picking up our New Year's Eve tickets from Mina A'Salam Hotel (whilst taking a picture!!) and much exploring / sauntering around I wanted to pay a visit to the much talked about Friends Avenue (if you follow any Dubai based bloggers you will definitely have heard of this great little place!)

I loved it here and wanted to go back and try some of their food during our stay but sadly didn't get time (I'll be back though!) 

In the evening we went for a little stroll around the Marina and then went for dinner at P F Changs in JBR (if you love Chinese food, you will love it here!!) 

I put in some sunbathing time in the morning of day 2.  Now, let's be clear, I'm not a huge sun worshipper by any means.  I get bored relatively quickly lying in the sun but my pasty legs were in desperate need of some rays! Throughout the holiday I spent a couple of hours most mornings devouring my book by the pool and listening to Justin Bieber! 

In the afternoon that day we paid a visit to Mall of the Emirates and stumbled across Common Grounds for a late lunch.   I really enjoyed it here and will definitely be returning next time I'm in Dubai.  The food was superb! 

That evening because we were really tired and worn out we opted to stay in the hotel for dinner, let's just say it wasn't 'blogworthy' material! haha 

On Tuesday afternoon we went to Dubai Mall for a mooch around and a coffee, this time in Social House.  I did make a joke on my Instagram that this trip to Dubai was becoming a 'coffee shop' sampling holiday!! What can I say? I love coffee! 

Well, it wouldn't be a trip to Dubai without a quick snap of the Burj Khalifa would it?!  You can't help but be totally mesmerised by this building!! The sheer size of it is breathtaking!

That evening we headed out to JBR for some food at 'Eat Greek' and I had a Greek salad (because I'm imaginative like that!!) then afterwards we made a quick stop at Magnolia Bakery to feed our new obsession..... Banana Pudding! If you haven't tried this amazing, addictive dessert I urge you to do so! It will leave you wanting more though, you have been warned!

On Wednesday evening I met Laura (buynow/bloglater) , Stacey (Expat Make Up Addict) and Laura (Laura etc...) for drinks and all important shisha at one of our favourite places, Shades at The Address 

It was a fun evening but you could definitely spot the non-expat sat in a vest top whilst everyone else was freezing! haha! 

New Years Eve during the day, was spent mainly relaxing.  We didn't stray too far from our hotel and walked across to the Marina mall, had Five Guys for lunch and then I spent a couple of hours leisurely getting ready for the evening.

I opted for a similar 'get-up' to my work Christmas Party attire but wore my hair down this time.  A 'tried and tested' look! ha!  

I'd booked to go to Bahri Bar for our New Years Eve celebrations because it has a fantastic view of the fireworks by the Burj Al Arab at midnight.  Although the tickets were expensive, the food and cocktails were fantastic and it definitely surpassed my expectations!  Here are a few snaps from the evening...

The picture quality of me in a mask isn't the greatest admittedly, but I couldn't not include it! I'm thinking that I might wear it more often! haha! 

On New Years Day I woke up feeling surprisingly fresh (albeit quite late!). Craving something stodgy to eat we walked over to Cheesecake Factory and pigged out on what can only be described as 'all the food'! We always seem to have a habit of over-ordering in restaurants! 

I met Laura again in the afternoon for coffee and shisha on the terrace at Shakespeare and Co  We chatted and watched the sun go down (so romantic! haha!) then managed to also squeeze in a quick trip to Sephora to check out (and buy!) some new perfume under Laura's recommendation! (it was a good one, I'm obsessed with it!) 

After moseying back to my hotel we spent our last evening having a stroll by the beach and grabbing some Italian food, sometimes you just want a bit of pasta and nothing else will do! 

The last day involved getting up at 4.30am (ouch!) for an early flight back to the UK. 


Another fabulous break in Dubai over (and as I type this, the rain is lashing against the window in my living room - Spring please hurry up!!) 

After a couple of weeks away from blogging I have quite a few posts planned for the next few weeks.  If there is anything you'd like to see this year though, please let me know! I'm all ears!

Hope you're all having an enjoyable weekend!

Lis x 


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  1. Photos are amazing, sounds like the perfect winter break!



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