15 February 2016

Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil - Review!

There couldn't have been a more perfect time for the release of the Elizabeth Arden 'Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil' and I have to admit, when this arrived on my doorstep on Friday I did perhaps get a little more excited than I should have done! 

The reason for my over-reaction... 

Well...the cold wintry weather in the UK has finally kicked in and with that brings dry skin galore!  I've been slathering on moisturiser lately like it's going out of fashion but still those pesky dry patches on my face and scaly legs just kept re-appearing... 

..until this weekend that is, when they were banished by this marvellous stuff! 

Bit of background info...

So, who remembers their first tube of Eight Hour Cream? 

One of those 'cult' beauty products that is still as popular today as it was when it was first released.  Yes, the smell was a little 'strange' but it's still the only thing that gets rid of the dry skin on my elbows and I still always make sure I have a tube in my beauty stash. 

Sorry about all this talk of dry skin - but needs must and all that!

Anyway, the range has since developed over the years and the 'All Over Miracle Oil' is the latest offering from the Eight Hour 'squad' of products!

It markets itself as a luxurious, moisturising oil formulation that's multi-tasking, designed for all skin types and very convenient to use so I wanted to put all these claims to the test before giving you my thoughts on whether it's worth buying or not. 

The product...

I'm not going to lie, I've been pretty much dousing myself with this stuff all weekend! I'm surprised there's actually any left to be honest, but a little seems to go a long way - the first thumbs up for this product! :) 

First, I tried it instead of my regular body moisturiser after having a bath and the first thing I noticed was the smell.  It's a delicate floral citrus scent that oozes freshness and wouldn't overpower any perfume you pop on afterwards (this is important to me!)  The spray action is also something to note, it disperses the product evenly onto the skin in a fine mist and makes application quick and easy. I was pleasantly surprised at this, with it being an oil I thought it might just 'spatter' onto the skin in a feeble attempt at a spray like so many other spray oils do, but nope, this applies perfectly! Another tick in the box! 

The oil itself isn't overly greasy and sunk into my skin in a matter of seconds leaving super soft skin that looks 'replenished' and healthy. 

Next, I used it on my face instead of my usual night time moisturiser.  I have a few cystic spots at the moment on my chin and so a little bit dubious about testing it whilst my face resembles a pizza however I'm pleased to report that in the morning, not only was my skin more plump and smooth, the spots appeared to have shrunk in size too!  I wouldn't use this every night as I feel like it might be a bit 'much' but every other evening is a good compromise.   It's worth noting that it's non-comedogenic - ie. it won't clog your pores! 

One thing I would say, is they advise to spray it straight onto the face, but I prefer to spray a bit into my hand and then work it into my face, otherwise it ends up going into your hairline and nobody wants greasy roots to wake up to do they?!

Having said that, another of it's many uses is for the hair! Now, I have quite greasy hair and decided to use it only on the ends after drying and straightening, I smoothed it over all those horrible little fly away ends and it worked like a dream to eliminate these and add a subtle shine to the hair.  Another tick! 

Lastly, my poor little fingers have taken a battering recently in the cold weather and my cuticles have suffered as a result.  Massaging some of this oil into them has improved them drastically in the last few days and my hands now look a lot more presentable (an excuse to buy another Smith And Cult nail polish yes?!) 


Very impressed and yes, I will be purchasing this when the bottle runs out! 

Although it's a tad bit pricey at £29, as I mentioned previously, a little goes a long way and the bottle should last a while making it ultimately good value for money. 

It's perfect for this cold Winter weather, but equally, I think this would also be great to take away on holiday due to it's multi-tasking benefits and compact bottle design.  It would look great on tanned pins for an evening out after a day at the beach!... Ahhh holidays.....*opens up a new tab to search destinations for the Summer* :)

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil is now available at Elizabeth Arden Counters or you can get it HERE 

* This post contains a PR Sample - I have tried and tested this product and views, as usual, are my very own :) 


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