7 February 2016

Winter Nail Picks

Does anybody else match their manicure to the seasons?! No? Just me?!

Thought so... 

Anyway, right now I'm having a moody, cold, sludgy grey nail polish 'phase' to match the dreadful weather we seem to be having in the UK presently.  I know, I know... here's the typical Brit moaning about the weather but seriously, I've had enough now and would very much like it to be Spring already!

I'm wearing a lot of grey and black currently (how unusual! ha!) so these sludgy tones pair perfectly with this 'colour palette' :)

A quick rundown for you

Essie 'Chinchilly'

Aka the one with the best brush! I just love Essie nail polishes, the formula is always spot on. They apply like a dream and last a long time.  This is a gorgeous grey with just a hint of purple.  Very 'urban chic'! Get it HERE

Chanel 'Vertigo'

The one I love to hate! Colourwise, this is a perfect, almost black mixture of grey, brown and purple and when the sunlight catches you can see the very slight glimmer in it.  I like it for about twenty four hours, admire how beautiful it looks and then vow never to use it again when it chips (a lot!).  It's lovely for an evening out though.  Get it HERE

Smith & Cult 'Stockholm Syndrome'

The newest member of the Winter nail polish 'squad'! I got this a couple of weeks ago because I was completely sucked in by the bottle design! It's oh so Instagramworthy! (and if you head over to my Insta you will find it beautifully styled on my dressing table! haha) The formula is good, it lasts a long time and doesn't chip. I love the colour, it's a slightly more purple version of Essie 'Chinchilly' My only niggle with it is the brush. Too small and thin for my liking! Get it HERE

Barry M 'Almond'

Cheap as chips and actually my favourite of the bunch! The colour is a light grey / lilac and looks great on.  The longevity of these nail polishes are also outstandingly good. Love love love!  Pop one in your next ASOS order HERE , it's less than a price of a coffee! 

Formula X 'Extraordinary'

I picked this up a while ago from Sephora in New York and it hasn't had a lot of wear to be honest, it's a shame because it's a lovely colour, a very pale grey. Sounds awful I know, but trust me, looks so chic when it's on and paired with a black outfit.  Formula X polishes are great and this is no exception! Get it HERE (for those of you with access to a Sephora - I'm not jealous - promise!!)

Let me know if you have any of these colours or might consider a new purchase? Or do you have any other 'must-have' Winter colours? I'm all ears! 

Have a great start to your week! 

Lis x 


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