24 March 2016

Converse Dainty - The Obsession!

A couple of years ago I bought a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classics in a pale beige colour and don't get me wrong, I loved them, but they always felt a bit 'chunky' on the feet and since I'm already on the 'larger' (ahem!) size when it comes to shoes, I was always very conscious that they made my feet look a bit 'boat-like'!  And to be fair, they probably did!

Enter the Converse Dainty (aka. my new addiction!)

Now, I have to credit this latest crazed footwear shopping spree to the lovely Dubai ladies Laura , Laura  and Simone  who have long raved about the pro's of the Converse Dainty and now I have to say, I'm fully converted!

So much so, I bought three pairs in the space of four weeks.... ooops! 

In my defence though, since then, I've rarely worn anything else - except for rainy days, I'll cover that in a moment though.

(Outfit details - Chloe Sunglasses / Zara V-neck Tee / Zara Blazer / J Brand Jeans / Lilac Dainty Converse) 

If you're considering a purchase here's some useful nuggets of information you might want to consider. 


1. They are relatively inexpensive in comparison to some of their more 'designer' counterparts.  In fact, if you shop around a bit online and take advantage of any sales, you can probably grab a pair at a knock-down price.  I've popped a few links for them at the end of this post if you're interested in grabbing a pair!

2. Versatility - I have worn mine with very casual outfits but also smarter outfits (blazer, jeans etc).  It's not warm yet in the UK (Spring - where are you?!), however they could also be paired with skirts / shorts and the like.  Oh, the combinations are indeed endless! The perfect dress up / dress down footwear.  I like footwear that falls into this category! 

3. Plenty of colour options available - personally my favourite are my grey ones but they also do navy and black if you prefer a darker option.  Having said that, the pale lilac / pink ones I have are also a Spring favourite. 

4.  They are very flattering, particularly if you have larger feet.  They aren't so 'clumpy' looking and I personally think they 'slim' the leg.  Winner! 

5. Comfortable - an important factor for the 'grannies' amongst us! I can walk around in these all day and they don't rub or hurt my feet.  

Con's (pun not intended!) 

1.  You can't wear them in the rain (unless you want to wreck them!) - for folks living in the UK like myself this is an annoying factor (unless of course you buy a pair in a darker colour!) 

2. If you wear them a lot they will start to look 'worn' quite quickly and dirty.  I haven't attempted to wash mine yet, we haven't got to that stage yet! If anyone else has though, let me know how they fare! I'm scared!

(Outfit Details - Acne Cardigan/ Whistles Vest / Zara Jeans / Sophie Hulme Bag / Converse Dainty in Dolphin Grey)

(Outfit Details - Zara T-shirt / Helmut Lang Jersey Jacket / Zara Jeans / All White Leather Converse Dainty)

So to conclude, if you're looking for some Spring footwear that won't break the bank, feels comfortable, versatile to wear with lots of different outfits and available in lots of Spring-esque pastel hues you need some Converse Dainty in your life!  Let me know if you get some! :)

Have a good weekend!

Lis x


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