5 March 2016

The Sophie Hulme Tote

I have a new bag and I'm kind of obsessed with it.  

I could just finish the post right there and leave you with a plethora of pictures to browse through but a) this would be terribly boring and b) the main reason for this post is not only to share with you my latest bag purchase / obsession but to also to talk about my experience with the luxury pre-owned online fashion store 'Vestiaire Collective', where I purchased this beauty from!

I first laid eyes on this handbag over a year ago on a trip to London in Liberty, but alas, after ten minutes of basically falling in love with it we parted company and I left her on the shelf.  

Goodbye Sophie.

Then, just before Christmas last year, I spotted the exact same bag on eBay but didn't quite have enough funds at the time to take the plunge and buy it.  I expect you can guess the next part of the story... sadly it wasn't meant to be :(

I should also probably mention that by this time the bag was discontinued so my only hope was to try and buy a pre-loved version. 

So, when the bag made another appearance on Vestiaire Collective a few weeks back and I had cash to burn from selling one of my other handbags on eBay, it took all of a few minutes to rationalise the purchase in my head and press 'make an offer'! 

Three weeks later she arrived :)

The seller had described the bag as being 'lightly used' but I have to say that this bag appeared to be new on closer inspection. Result! 

Now I'm not precious about buying bags brand new.  As long as they are in a good condition I'm very open to looking at pre-loved versions of the bag I'm looking to buy.  Admittedly, you do have to be careful to ensure you are not buying a counterfeit item and I am extra vigilant when it comes to this. 

This was my second time using Vestiaire Collective as a buyer and I can honestly say both experiences have been excellent.  They keep you regularly updated on the progress of your purchase and often have special offers on (I had 10% off this bag!).  

There is the option to put offers in on a lot of the items on sale (usually after about a week or so of them being entered onto the site) so you can negotiate on price.  So for those who enjoy a haggle, this is for you! 

The only real critiscm I have is the length of time it takes to receive the item.  I'm an impatient person at the best of times, what can I say?! But this really is only a small complaint and the reason it takes a while is due to their authenticity checks etc. so for the peace of mind I'm willing to wait a bit longer!

That said, I've not ever sold anything on Vestiaire Collective so can't comment on the experience as a seller.  Has anybody else done this and if so, how did it go? 

Ok, enough of the waffle, let's discuss the main event!

I love the size of this bag, it's not too big visibly from the outside but is deceptively roomy on the inside and for a person who likes to cart around a lot of crap it's a dream come true! I can fit everything and a bit more in here! I also think the internal strap to stabilise the bag is a really good idea. 

It can be carried with the handles but also has a detachable strap so can be worn over the shoulder too, another plus point. 

I know there has been some bad press with regards to Vestiaire Collective, however I disagree with this.  I think it's a great site for finding authentic designer goods and I'm really pleased with my new bag, it's fast becoming my favourite!  If you follow my Instagram you've probably already seen it popping up on my outfit posts over the last couple of weeks! 

If anyone has any more questions in relation to Vestiaire Collective please don't hesitate to drop me a line! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Lis x 

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