23 May 2016

Mykonos Outfit Of The Day / Customised Phone Case

Hello from beautiful Mykonos! :) If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen some of the pictures and I can assure you there will be lots more to come!

More about that in a future blogpost though (and this place is oh so picturesque so be prepared for lots of pictures!) but for now I'm quickly going to share with you a dress I'm adoring and a new phone case I designed with this holiday in mind! (very sad that I've just admitted that, but it's true!)

Recently I was approached by 'Go Customized' to design my own phone case via their website.  Now let's just say 'clumsy' could be my middle name and dropping my poor iPhone on the floor is a weekly occurrence so a phone case to protect it is a not just a 'nice to have' for me....it's an absolute necessity!

Go Customised do a whole range of cases, not only for iPhones, but a range of different electronic devices and you are able to select the type of cover you want and then customise it with your own design.   I chose one of their Personalised Tough Cases because they also protect the screen if it happens to land 'screen down' (and invariable it does!)

It was easy to upload the design and you're also able to add text if you fancy it.  The case arrived very quickly and I was really pleased with how it turned out :)  If you fancy checking them out, there's a link to their website HERE

Now let's talk Zara...

I picked this gorgeous little dress recently whilst doing a bit of 'holiday shopping'.  So ok yes, it can look a little bit 'shapeless' at certain angles but you know what? I don't mind this at all because oh my god....so so so comfortable!

I'm really feeling this 'off the shoulder' trend at the moment.  Firstly, because I quite like my shoulders! and secondly (and more importantly!) because it hides the part of my arms I dislike the most!

Outfit Details

  • Zara Dress - get it HERE
  • Sophie Hulme Bag
  • Valentino Rockstud Flats
  • Chloe Myrte Sunglasses

This dress just feels so pretty and comfortable and I highly recommend if you want something that's cool and light to wear in hot weather.

Sidetone - yes, it's a little bit creased in this photo - please forgive me!

Some might be worried about it falling down? good news, it doesn't. The elastic around the neckline is pretty good and I didn't find it shifted around on me at all.

Let me know if you pick up phone case or buy the dress!

Thanks for reading x


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