3 May 2016

TAG: My Fiancé Explains the Purpose of Makeup!

Picture credit: Styled In Print 

After reading Kirsty's original version of this post (Life in Excess) and finding it absolutely hilarious and then reading Laura's version a few days later (Buynow/Bloglater) I was curious to find out exactly how much 'make up knowledge' my Fiancé has taken in after years of listening to me waffle on about it!

You'd think that someone who has spent an ample amount of time being dragged around the make up aisles of various department stores, Boots and Sephora (in a plethora of different countries!) would have picked up at least some information right?!

The 'test' involved me quizzing him about a series of different make up items and asking them what the purpose of each is.

'Decorating' seemed to be an common 'theme' through-out!

So here goes.....

Picture Credit : Styled in Print


Primer...well..that's a type of 'paint' you put on before the colour you're going to paint something.  Like a 'base coat'?!  Yes, you use it at the beginning because that's what you do with paint, so you put it on first, before anything else.

Ok, so we got off to a good start! 


It's like the stuff you 'shove' over your face

Interesting application technique! 

It covers your face, it gives you a 'new' face!


Pauses for a long period of time

Like 'Talcum Powder'?? To take moisture out?! To dry your foundation?! (I'm laughing my head off at this point!) 

Ok, maybe to take shine off?

We got there in the end darling!


You use this to hide things! That's obvious! It's for dishonest people! ha

Finds himself very amusing at this point, I think he knew the real purpose of this. 


I know this one! To make you look brown, to turn you a different shade.  It makes you sun-tanned.  I don't need this because I'm always tanned, not like you! haha!

He's Maltese so has lovely Mediterranean skin.  I'm jealous of this of course! 


It gives you rosy cheeks!


We begin with a few analogies to a highlighter pen of the fluorescent kind.  The look on my face tells him this is not correct!

It 'highlights' things on your face. Your cheeks?! I'm not sure.


It gives you eyelashes, if you're not blessed with lovely long thick eyelashes like me!  It makes them longer and thicker and you really like the Marc Jacobs one you were sent!

He does listen after all! :) So proud!


Used for colouring in your eyelids.  Sometimes they come in weird colours.

Eye Kohl

He had no idea what this was until I said it was like an eyeliner - cue a light bulb moment...

Ah yes! it's a pencil that you draw around your eyes with!

Brow Pencil

Easy, that's for colouring in your eyebrows and drawing them on if you don't have them.

nb. a few months ago he shaved his eyebrow with his electric shaver by accident and I had to fill it in every day for him with my eyebrow pencil - this is probably the only reason he's aware of how this works!!


After being ridiculous and talking about male dog body parts (let's not go there!!) he decides to be sensible and gets the right answer to this! 

You colour your lips with it!

Setting Spray

Thought that was for your hair?
Helps you set your makeup?
Makes makeup last longer?

Ahh, he's not just a pretty face! haha! 

BB Cream

Well that doesn't really give it away does it?!

Silence for a few seconds

Some sort of face cream? Moisturiser?

Not a bad guess! 

If you're a blogger and you're reading this I urge you to try this with your significant other! The responses and analogies are so funny, it's amazing how the male mind works!

If you do a post tweet the link and let me know,  I'd love to read some more!

Thanks for reading x


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