21 June 2016

Bedroom Wishlist

So, after completing my dressing room last year (link for the blogpost here if you're interested!) I've now begun to tackle my bedroom (a year later...yes, I'm well aware that 'slow' could be my middle name!!)

It's quite a large room and unlike other areas of the house that I prefer to feel be 'airy' and 'spacious' I really like my bedroom to feel 'cosy', so the whole room has been painted a gorgeous dark blue with a grey high-headboard upholstered bed and some dark blue beside tables as well as a few other bits of furniture.  

The darker colours make it feel like a place to relax and retreat to, especially on cold Winter nights! I will do a full blogpost on the room when I've completed it but for now I thought I'd share with you a few 'bits' that I'm looking to get for the room to complete the look!

1. Navy Chunky Knit Throw - I've pictured this folded in half at the foot of the bed on top of some crisp white sheets.  It's from good old M&S!

2. Patterned Rug - oh you know how I love a patterned rug! this is similar to the one I got for my dressing room but darker.  Mayfair is a great place to get furniture and rugs for your home.

3. Star Print Mug - If it's star print, then usually I'm buying it! The obsession has moved on from pyjama bottoms onto mugs! Esprit are a new discovery for me for home stuff and this mug would look great filled with coffee on my bedside table on a Sunday morning!

4. White Company Bedding - I've just ordered this actually in their sale! I only ever buy White Company bedding when it's on offer and it's definitely worth every penny. Get yours here

5. Alarm Clock - I'll let you into a little secret, I'm the worst person in the world at getting up in the morning so sometimes I need a little extra help! This alarm clock from the White Company will be perfect!

6. Star Print Cushion - more stars (and more to come!) This gorgeous cushion is also from Esprit 

7. Sheepskin Rugs - I love these sheepskin rugs from Ikea, they just look so chic!

8. Star Print Throw - I can just picture throwing this over myself whilst cuddled up on the bed watching Netflix.  It's from Esprit

9. Stripy Cushion - I saw a gorgeous bedroom on Pinterest and this is the inspiration behind this! You can get in from The Conran Shop online.

Thanks for reading! x


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