5 June 2016

Denim Shorts - My Way!

How many times have you walked into the likes of Topshop and Zara and fallen in love with the most perfect pair of denim shorts, trotted off to the dressing room to try them on (already planning in your head outfits with said shorts!) only to find that they barely cover half of your arse!! Sound familiar?!!

Now I must admit, my bum is not the smallest and is a little on the curvy side so finding shorts that fit 'well' can sometimes be a challenge.  Since posting a few pics of myself in my new 'invention' on Instagram recently, it seems that a lot of you also have this same problem!

And now I'm going to share my little secret with you to get the 'perfect' shorts! :)

A couple of years ago I bought a pair of turn-up light denim shorts from Gap and decided that I didn't like the turn-ups, they felt too tight and constricting on my thighs and I wanted a frayed pair instead.  As an 'experiment I got my scissors out and 'undid' the turn up (I unravelled it down - if that makes sense?!) then hacked off the bottom with the scissors to a length that suited me.  After washing them, the frayed edged looked just how I wanted it and I had a pair of shorts that covered my bum, felt comfortable and I didn't feel like a prat wearing in public! :)

Before I went away on holiday this year I wanted to get another pair of denim shorts in a slightly darker denim and found myself in H&M trying on every single style of darker denim shorts available! Yes, you've guessed it, many of them were of the 'obscene arse-skimming' variety but I found a lovely soft pair with turn ups that I promptly purchased, took home and then butchered like I did with the Gap ones! Now they are perfect!  You can get the same shorts HERE and get your scissors out! I also found that wearing them turned up a little at the front with frayed bits looks good!

One thing I will recommend you do though, is go one size up from your usual jeans size.  I just think that when denim shorts are a little 'loose' they look so much better.

And then....I also got a white pair at a bargainous £7.99 .....also from H&M, get them HERE 

Let me know if you get a pair too!

Thanks for reading x


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