3 July 2016

Little-Known Box Launch Review

Picture this...driving back from Heathrow Airport after enjoying a wonderful week away on holiday with not a lot to look forward to....

And then, discovering when you walk through the door that this little package of goodies had been delivered whilst you were away! It definitely acted as an antidote to those holiday blues!

Little-Known Box kindly sent me their introductory box last month to review and for the last couple of weeks I've been trialling the products. (They've just launched their June box and that looks equally as fantastic by the way!)

So first impressions - how gorgeous is that box?! A classy gold and black affair that looks and feels expensive, of course I love this!

Little-Known Box are one of the UK's newest luxurious beauty subscription boxes.  They aim to feature and introduce breakthrough products from upcoming, niche and independent brands.  They feel that emerging and small luxury brands are often under-represented in typical beauty subscription boxes and want to show beauty fans something different, changing how you discover new brands.

So as I mentioned previously, I've been trialling the products in the box over the last box and thought I'd do a very quick run down of each one.

Medusa's Make Up - Lip Gloss in 'Bite Me' 

A US cruelty-free brand and I have to say that this lip gloss is gorgeous, good colour pay off and feels really comfortable on the lips and surprisingly doesn't smudge.  I was a little scared of the colour when I first saw it but it translates well on the lips and looks perfect paired with a simple eye look.  I've worn it both on it's own (where it's a little more sheer) and also paired with a red lipstick.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Eyelash Curler

An incredibly useful product to include in a beauty subscription box don't you think? :) I for one couldn't live without an eyelash curler and this one has a spring mechanism on it making it really effective.  Oh and it's rose gold! Swoon.

Flint & Flint Moisturiser 3x 

This is in fact a full size sample and actually costs £42 to buy! I've been using this on my skin before bed for the last couple of weeks and I've really noticed improvement in my skin texture.  It's a fantastic product branding itself as a 'rich repair cream' and has a whole host of active ingredients.  The packaging looks a little 'men's skincare' but I can let that one go because it's a fab product! A great find and this is where this type of box comes into it's own - I'd never have heard of this brand otherwise.

Dirtea Exfoliating Charcoal Scrub

Does what it says on the tin! :) Feels nice and gentle and my skin definitely felt soft afterwards.  Another great cruelty free brand, something I'm very aware of these days.

Thumbs Up Designer Nail Wraps

Ok, so confessions.  I have tried ad failed many a time to put on nail wraps.  I just can't get them on properly and I think it's due to the fact that my nails are an odd shape. But, I did give these to a friend and they looked absolutely gorgeous on her!

So if you fancy checking out Little-Known Box take a look at their website HERE.  They do a couple of different options in terms of subscriptions and you can order just one to trial out if you wish.  They also have a really good Instagram page I'd recommend checking out HERE.

Thanks for reading x


  1. Oh I love this box! I would use everything in it. Xxx


  2. It's good to see something different. I dropped out of Birchbox/Glossybox as they always seemed to feature the same few brands, so this box looks like a great idea! Xx

    Sarah | sarahdeluxe.com


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