29 August 2016

Perricone MD OVM

Hello everyone, well it's been a while hasn't it?! No excuses though, other than the fact I've been really busy lately and I've been trying a lot of new products out before giving you my honest views on them, so expect a few more 'review' type posts over the next few weeks!

I don't know about you, but I'm always really skeptical of bloggers who get sent a skincare product to trial and then post about it straight away.  Skincare is generally something (in my humble opinion!) that needs to be tried over a period of time before giving it a 'yay or nay' decision. If you've used it for only a couple of days you're not going to see the full potential of the product (particularly if it's anti-ageing) and in addition to this, you may not experience any of the side effects of a product after a couple of days of use.  I prefer to really trial something like this properly before sharing my views.

Ok...I'll stop waffling now.  Let's get to the point here shall we?!

A couple of months ago I was sent the Perricone MD OVM to trial.  At first I thought it was a moisturiser but on closer inspection (reading the blurb!)  it's actually a cream that you pop on in the morning after you've cleansed and before you put on a moisturiser.   I hadn't come across anything like this before so was quite excited about the prospect of using it!

The Science Bit

You know what I like about Perricone MD? they explain things in a simple way so everyone understands and they don't try and bamboozle you with loads of jargon.  I'm easily confused at the best of times so I really like this about them as a brand!

The cream is based on the same 'power' of an Eggshell membrane, it provides the same nutrient-rich, nurturing benefits to your skin as eggs do to your body. It's enriched with Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin E and contains Retinol also - basically a load of good stuff that is going to do wonders to your skin!


- Increased appearance of volume and cushion to the skin
- Increased appearance of firmness and minimised wrinkles
- Long lasting moisture for a radiant looking skin.

First impressions on my first application....

1. It's so yellow - it reminds me of egg yolk or melted butter!
2. The smell is 'interesting' (a polite way of saying odd!)- it smells 'natural' if that makes any sense?! It's not a nasty smell though and I didn't find it off-putting, it also disappears so doesn't linger.
3. When massaging it into the skin initially it feels as though it's just 'sitting' on the skin and won't absorb.  Fear not, give it a minute or so as suggested and it completely sinks into the skin.

I popped on my usual moisturiser afterwards and then proceeded in slapping my make up on as usual!

Thoughts after 8 weeks of use....

1. This stuff is as good as it says it is!
2. I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin.  It definitely feels a lot more firm, plump and radiant - so much so I've been able to go without foundation on days where hormonal spots aren't plaguing my face!
3. In addition to all the benefits it claims to provide,  I've also found that using it has increased the longevity of my make up, I think it's because it improves the skin texture and leaves a smooth even canvas for make up to cling to.

So to conclude.

This has become an every day staple in my morning skincare routine and the only downside is that I'm getting slightly worried about the day it runs out.  Mainly because I'm addicted to it and (wait for it) it costs £135!!!!


Okay, so let's break it down though.  I've been using this every day religiously for 2 months and I've probably used about a quarter of it.  So a pot is going to last you 8 months approximately.  That's about £17 a month and I'm betting most of you spend twice that amount on coffee over the same period of time!

So, I'm going to be drinking less coffee in future and have beautiful skin! Who's with me? ha! You can get it HERE

Thank you for reading x


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