9 March 2017

Mexico....Not What I Was Expecting!

"I thought it was going to be all Tequila, Tacos and Sombreros!..." 

What do you think about when you think of Mexico?! To be brutally honest with you my expectations were not high and I wasn't too sure what to expect at all.  In fact, I was a little worried and I thought it was going to be all tequila, tacos and sombreros and also envisaged it to be quite a lively and dirty place, not really my 'thang' at all! 

What I was not expecting was the ultimate in luxury.... Beautiful coastal views and lush greenery,  relaxation, tranquility,  fantastic food and the people of Mexico to be so kind, welcoming and friendly :)

Now I think it's important to mention here that I stayed in Puerto Vallarta, a resort town on Mexico's Pacific coast.  This is the opposite side of the country to the more popular 'Cancun' and less commercialised.  It took about an hour from the airport to get to our destination but even at night I found it fascinating, travelling to new areas of the world is something I will never get bored of! 

I stayed at Hotel Mousai , an adult-only resort where most people choose to stay on an all-inclusive basis.  Now the snob in me immediately hated the sounded of that! 'All-inclusive' always conjures up the idea of poor food, cheap sub-standard alcohol and crap service but I needn't have been worried! 

"Hotel Mousai was the ultimate in luxury..."

Hotel Mousai was the ultimate in luxury, a large spacious suite overlooking the sea with the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in! The package even included your own butler but I drew the line at someone unpacking my case for me! 

I meant to take some photos of the hotel room when I arrived however I was so excited when I saw the sheer size of the room (and the balcony with the huge jacuzzi and hammock!) that I completely forgot! But if you're interesting in having a nose at the hotel itself click HERE

Having spent over 20 hours travelling to get to Mexico I slept a lot of the following day and because it was very overcast (the only day thank goodness!) I ordered a huge room service breakfast (from the room's own iPad!) and spent the day just relaxing and exploring, then had a jacuzzi whilst watching the sun go down. 

On day two I got up early and made my way up to the rooftop pool area to spend the day basking in the sun!

A tranquil setting (until about 2pm when it gets a bit more lively!) but for the first few hours they play relaxing chillout music and you can hear the sea rolling in below the hotel.  When I wasn't catching up with my Vogue subscription or reading my book I spent most of my time staring out at the ocean, completely mesmerised by the view.

"They were beyond good..."

The sun beds are plush and comfortable (an important factor to me!) and the staff can't do enough to keep the cold drinks, cocktails and food flowing! If you do happen to visit this hotel I can recommend ordering guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips (not on the menu!) or the Shrimp Tacos.  They were beyond good and if you think they're going to taste anything like you get out of El Paso packet....think again, real Mexican food is wonderful, flavoursome and fresh!

I did manage to tear myself away from the pool and the sea to visit the town of Puerto Vallarta one morning and to experience a little bit of the local culture and attractions.

"...visit the town of Puerto Vallarta..."

The coastal road down to the town was a real treat (I spotted some beautiful houses on the way - there's obviously a bit of money in this area!) with endless views of the sea.

The town itself was a little busy and is obviously more 'geared' up for tourists.  To be honest I was more interested in walking around with a coffee and soaking it all in than going into some of the shops and being bullied into buying something.  The shop workers can be a little on the annoying side - just a word of warning!  

One of the highlights for me though was the promenade where they showcase a lot of artwork and statues.  Here's me with my 'E' haha! 

"Here comes the Tequila!.."

Another part of the trip I found really interesting (sidenote - here comes the Tequila - you didn't think I'd leave it out did you? ha!) was a short trip to a local Tequila Distillery.   A family owned business, they explained the full process of how Tequila is made - did you know it was actually made from Agave Plant?! Neither did I! Now I'm not a huge fan of Tequila but coffee chocolate flavoured Tequila - well that's something I can get on board with!! 

The food in the hotel was nothing short of exquisite.  Whether you're a fan of the basics or prefer something a little more fancy.  There are a choice of restaurants (also included are restaurants located in the 'Garza Blanca Preserve' that Hotel Mousai is part of).  The steak restaurant, Bocados STK served the best fillet steak I have ever tasted and oh my goodness, the side dishes....well I could have easily ordered just those and been quite happy! 

"I could have eaten here every night.."

My favourite restaurant being a big sushi lover was Hiroshi, you get all your 'normal' sushi favourites here with the addition of some pieces with a twist.  I could have eaten here every night! My favourites were the lobster rolls and the Mexican Rolls.  So soooo good!

Interesting fact...I loathe going down to breakfast at hotels.  I much prefer it being brought to my room where I can trickle personality into my body at my own leisure (coffee!) and scoff to my hearts content without anyone judging me! All-inclusive and an iPad to select as many items as you want for breakfast is a dangerous thing, let me tell you! My favourite menu items were the salmon and cream cheese bagel, the french toast and the almond croissants to dip into my coffee. Piggy? Me?? ;) 

"The sound of the waves rolling in soothes my soul..."

I wandered down to the beach (a short walk) on a few occasions to be closer to the sea.  The sound of the waves rolling in soothes my soul and I sat their for ages watching pelicans fly above the sea and use their beaks as a spear to catch fish.  Such a simple thing to watch but so captivating!

At the back of the hotel the views were just as sensational as the ocean.  Jungle and greenery making you feel like you are in a real retreat.  The hotel organises hikes through the jungle for those who are more energetic.  Needless to say, I didn't go! But actually, I'm regretting it a bit now. 

This trip was extremely relaxing and exactly what I needed (she says, second week back and drowning in a sea of work!!!) and I'd really recommend this hotel to those of you thinking about this area of Mexico and wanting somewhere plush, tranquil with a bit of culture thrown in when you want it.  

Foodwise, there is something for everyone here too (if sushi isn't your thing - which I know for a lot of people it's not, there are lots of other cuisines and restaurants to choose from)

I haven't taken a lot of pictures of the inside of the hotel to be honest I spent a lot of time outside but you can check this out on the hotel website if you want to have nose!

The flights back were long (I flew via American Airlines to Phoenix and then British Airways to Heathrow - however I've since learnt that Thomson actually do a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta!)

I'm really interested in going to Thailand next so if any of you have any recommendations for hotels then please do let me know.  I'm after something not too over-commercialised but very plush in a beautiful setting and the chance to try some local Thai cuisine!

Stay tuned for my trip to Dubai next week! I'm pretty sure it will be featuring heavily on my Instagram and I'm staying with and meeting up with some of my fave blogging ladies!

Thank you for reading x


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