16 April 2017

The Secret Is Out....Niod Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8%

"....I can credit my 'glowy' skin to this entirely!"

So many of you have asked in the last few weeks what I'm doing different with my skin and why it all of a sudden looks so 'glowy' and radiant? Now I have been exercising a lot more, limiting the alcohol and upping my water intake however I don't think this has effected the skin on my face a great deal (put it this way, it still looks perpetually grey and dull when I wake up in the morning!!). 

But..... there has been a new product I've been testing over the last few weeks and I can credit my glowy skin to this entirely!

It's the Niod Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8%  and I'm about to make a bold statement here (and also save you about £40!!) Its better than the By Terry CC Serum that the whole world is raving about.  There, I've said it and now let me tell you why it's better.....

Well putting the very blatant money saving aspect aside I actually prefer this product for a number of reasons, despite the fact that the dropper is a tad annoying! I can live with that though! :)

"Adds a subtle tan and glow to the face and doesn't look at all orange..."

It's a serum textured product that works in very much the same way as the original Photography Fluid (so that's blurring out imperfections, balancing light absorption effects, gives you radiance in real life and in photos....you know, that sort of shiz!)

This new 'tan' version also contains a naturally based caramel tone that adds a subtle tan and glow to the face and doesn't look at all orange (unlike the ByTerry that does have a tendency to leave a bit of an orange hue sometimes if you're a bit pale) 

Due to the consistency and the colour, I would imagine that this would work well for all skin tones and it contains a hue corrector that gets rid of any yellow or redness. 

"...gets rid of any yellow or redness"

A few other things worth mentioning are that it's oil free for those of you worried about it causing an oil slick on your face! Fear not! and something I'm becoming more increasingly conscious of is the fact it's also vegan and cruelty free :)

Another major plus point it has over the ByTerry CC Serum is that it's scent-free..... the ByTerry one smells dis-gust-ing!!!!!!!

How do I use it?

I pop a drop on my forehead, each cheek and chin and then use a dense brush to buff it into my skin.  If I'm just popping to the gym or going out to walk the dog, I'll just leave it at that or if I'm doing a full face of make up I'll then go in with concealer under my eyes perhaps a little around my t-zone and set with a bit of bareMinerals barePro powder foundation.  I then go in with bronzer, blush and the rest of my make up.   This gives a nice natural radiant look and I'm really enjoying letting my skin breathe at the moment.  The Niod Photography Fluid Tan really helps to even out skin tone without the need for a heavy liquid foundation. 

You could also mix it with the original Photography Fluid, something I've not tried yet but definitely will when we get to those hot Summer days where I just want to  G L O W!!

Or it can be mixed into a liquid foundation if you're still looking for that gorgeous glow with a bit more of your usual coverage.  I think this would work really well and I'm definitely going to try this on a bad skin day (and I've probably cursed myself into one of those by writing this!!!) 

So there we have it, the secret's out! Let me know if you purchase a bottle and what you think!

Thank you for reading x

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  1. FINALLLYYYYYY !!! You've been holding out on us �� Xx

  2. Yep. Definitely need this in my life! X


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