2 April 2017

What I Got Up To And Wore In Dubai

".....a fleeting trip to Dubai"

Recently I made a fleeting trip to Dubai (umm, like I needed an excuse!) to spend a few days with the lovely Stacey (www.expatmakeupaddict.com) celebrating her Birthday....and celebrate we certainly did!

So many of you have asked for one of my usual 'holiday' blogposts about this trip but in all honesty it just basically involved a lot of dressing up, a lot of eating and many glasses of prosecco!  So this will be a kind of what I wore and where I went style mish-mash of a post (in other words all my random pictures with a bit of an explanation!!) I hope you enjoy!


I arrived in Dubai on Thursday evening at a ridiculous time of night (my plane was delayed!) however my mood was lifted when both Stacey and Kirsty (www.lifeinexcess.com) were there to meet me and drive me back to Stacey's pad!


After a good night's sleep we all got dressed up and went to the Brunch the following day at The Westin Hotel.

If you're not familiar with Dubai, their weekend falls on Friday and Saturday and on the Friday a lot of the restaurants and hotels will serve a 'Brunch' which is essentially a huge feast with lots of alcohol being served.  An all day eating and drinking fest - depending how much stamina you have!!!

"The Westin's 'Bubblicious' Brunch"

The Westin's 'Bubblicious' Brunch is no exception to this and actually one of the largest brunches I've ever been to in Dubai - I've never seen so much choice of food and the bubbly was flowing! It was also lovely to meet with Froozi at last! (www.a-zlifeandstyle.com)

Brunch Outfit 

Dress - Missguided - Get it HERE

Watch - Rolex Datejust 

Bag - Chanel Classic Flap 

Shoes - Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 in Nude

Sunglasses - Celine 'New Audrey' in Tortoiseshell

Necklace - Lucinda King Lock Necklace - get it HERE 


After brunch, we took a few photos then went back to Stacey's to relax for a bit before heading out.  Relaxing consisted of sitting in our pyjamas and chatting whilst watching 'Sex In The City' and drinking copious amounts of Veuve Clicquot Champagne! 

A quick outfit change and we headed back out for the evening! 

First port of call was 'La Cantine Du Faubourg'...an uber cool bar at the Emirates Towers Hotel.  This is a place that oozes class, had great cocktails and played my kind of music.  Okay, a little borderline pretentious but I'm not someone who has a problem with that, in fact, I'm not ashamed to say I enjoy it! I'm all about a good balance of class and fun! Start off in a few classy places and end somewhere fun is always my mantra for a good night out! 

Which brings me to our next venue of the evening..... Societe - this was such a good club and great for letting your hair down and having a good dance!! Cheesy pop, 80's, 90's every time the DJ played a new track it was a trip down memory lane!  I loved it here! So much so that I think we stayed until around 3am and then went and got chips before heading home! Classy ladies! 


"Stacey's Birthday Afternoon Tea..."

With surprisingly clear heads we managed to get up the following day and get dolled up for Stacey's Birthday Afternoon Tea at The Palace 

I'd only been here for drinks before in the past and consequently very excited at the prospect of being able to stuff my (hungover) face at a buffet-style afternoon tea in a fabulous hotel!! 

....and my word it did not disappoint!

Afternoon Tea Outfit

Dress - Closet London - get it HERE

Bag - borrowed from Stacey - but it's Valentino!

Shoes - Valentino Rockstud heels 

Sunglasses - Celine 'New Audrey' in Tortoiseshell


After going back to Stacey's and chilling out for a bit we headed to Dubai Mall for a quick look around and then for a 'casual' (ahem!) dinner at Robertos in DIFC (Similar to London's Canary Wharf) 

"Exquisite food and views of the Burj Khalifa..."

I didn't take any photos here because it was quite dark but let's just say there was nothing 'casual' about this restaurant with it's exquisite food and views of the Burj Khalifa!!!  I can highly recommend it and I know it's one of Stacey's favourites too! 


On Sunday Stacey had to go back to work and consquently I had the day to myself.  In the morning I did a spot of sunbathing by the pool and then headed across to Mall Of The Emirates and returned with.....nothing!!  However, I did have a fantastic lunch at Common Grounds.  I've been a few times now and it never fails to disappoint, great coffee too! :)


Which brings me to my last night! :(  

"Marina Social is a firm favourite of mine..."

So being the last evening, it required a special restaurant.  Marina Social is a firm favourite of mine having visited when it first opened a while back.  Stacey and I both agreed prior to me even getting on a plane that this is where we were going to go for dinner! 

The food is to die for and the views over the Marina are sensational.  If you are ever visiting Dubai this place is a MUST. It's located in the Intercontinental Hotel (also very good, I've stayed here previously).


So that's it, another trip to Dubai over! It already seems like months ago and it was only a couple of weeks, but as usual, I'm already planning my return visit! The question is....can I handle the Summer heat???!!! 

As always, thank you for reading and feel free to ask me any questions! 

Lis x 


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  1. I love the fact you make that Missguided dress look designer - absolutely stunning! This post has really made me miss Dubai, and my friends there, I'm also considering trying to see if I can face the summer heat to get in another visit ASAP!


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