30 June 2017

Why I'm Adoring Bio-Extracts Home Skincare Lab

If you're a regular stalker of my Instagram you'll have noticed me mention a couple of weeks ago that I've been trialling the Bio-Extracts Home Skincare Lab system to test it's effectivity.

Now, when you mention Vegan face creams to most people the general consensus is that they are not going to be as effective as their non-vegan counterparts.  Um....think again! But more about that in a bit.

"Mums know best...."

Do you ever find yourself doing something because your Mum has always done it that way? I know I do and this is the story behind how Bio-Extracts came to be!

Marina, the founder of Nubo cosmetics would educate her daughter, Irina, about cosmetics whilst she was studying a biosciences degree at the University College London.

The family had a definite love for nature and as a result would often go on trips to faraway places to experience very different cultures.  One trip saw them fascinated with a tribe who used natural sources to create treatments and medicinal treatments.

They used this inspiration to research into plant based skincare from a very scientific perspective, using highly purified ingredients to create something that is very effective.

"...changes from day to day.."

What they also realised is that when it comes to skincare, one size cannot fit all, not only due to skin type but also due to the fact that our skin, as a living tissue, changes from day to day.

They created Bio-Extracts home skincare lab for the person who cares about their skin, nature and animals but doesn't want to compromise on performance and likes the idea of 'custom skincare' well.....that's me!

The 'Sciencey' Bit....

So what is this 'sorcery' I hear you all ask?! 

Bio-Extracts uses cutting edge science in all of it's products meaning you get something that is going to deliver maximum results.  

The system is made up of a Bio-Extracts Lamellar System Cream appropriate for your skin type mixed with one of the nine Bio-Extracts Boosts. 

The Lamellar System uses natural 'liquid crystals' formulated to imitate the structure of our own skin and is included in all the Bio-Extracts moisturisers.  On application they 'lock in' hydration and act as a 'second skin' leaving it instantly refreshed and rehydrated. 

"...imitate the structure of our own skin..."

I chose the 'Normal' Bio-Extracts Moisturiser which is suitable for both day and night and is ultra mild.  It contains Argan Oil and is non-greasy with rapid absorption.  The other moisturiser types are Light and Rich each tailored for different skin types. 

The Bio-Extracts Boosters are super-charged serums that deliver active plant derived molecules at exceptionally high concentrations.  The high-tech delivery system ensures it penetrates deep into the skin's layers. (It's phospholipids-based for the techy among you!) 

It's also worth knowing that the products are all vegan, not tested on animals, paraben free, non GMO, natural and British made! 

My experience... 

Ok, so I've been using the system now for two weeks and I've gotta say it, I'm extremely impressed. 

Our skin is ever changing and some days I'll look in the mirror and think 'my face look's so dry and haggard' or some days my skin will look congested and spotty.   Our skin has different needs so a system that allows you to tailor your moisturiser is such a great idea. 

As I mentioned previously, I chose the 'Normal' Bio-Extracts Moisturiser for my skin type and chose the following boosters to mix with it. 

  • Clean to Clear
  • Pore Minimising
  • Firming
  • Anti-Wrinkle
Each morning and night I take a look at my skin in the mirror and decide which boost to mix with the moisturiser.  I have to admit, I find this little ritual rather satisfying and a lot of fun, so much so I actually look forward to my skincare routine a whole lot more! 

This unique line of personal skincare takes a very clean approach and the same approach applies to the packaging.  Both the jar and the syringes are airless meaning they are very hygienic to use. 

I pump a little of the moisturiser from the jar and mix it with the serum on the back of my hand then apply it to my face (it says to do it on the lid of the jar but I prefer doing it this way!) 

The first thing I noticed was the smell, it's so wonderfully fresh and clean smelling and lingers on the face afterwards.  It also seems to have a cooling effect.  I don't know how they do it but it leaves the skin so beautifully hydrated but without that awful 'oiliness' that you sometimes get with a rich cream.  

True to their word, the hydrating skin boosters do exactly what they say they do too! I could not believe my skin the following morning after using the pore minimising one. Such a difference! 

I never thought this kind of effectiveness was possible from a Vegan moisturiser and an organic face serum!

Suitably impressed. 

Try it for yourself... 

Ok so price point wise this isn't the cheapest skincare out there, however, it is by no means the most expensive.  I'd say it's 'mid range' price point.  The pot of cream is £27.00 but will go a long way due to the controlled way it's distributed and the boosters are £19.50 each.  

You can check out the products and work out which ones will be best for you on their website HERE and it will help you to distinguish which creams and boosters are going to be right for you. 

I love the story behind the brand and the fact that it's taken natural, organic skincare to a high-tech level.  I'd recommend you having a look and checking them out if you struggle to find skincare to suit your ever-changing skin type! 

*Disclaimer - this is a sponsored post and the products were gifted to me.  I have genuinely tried these products and have really enjoyed using them so my views are all honest. 


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