2 July 2017

Taking Time Out with St David's Hotel & Spa Cardiff

"St David's Hotel & Spa is always one of the places I recommend to people..."

Although I'm not from Cardiff, I've lived here for a long period of time now and often get asked by people who are visiting Cardiff where they should stay and the best places to go.

St David's Hotel & Spa is always one of the places I recommend to people.  It's based in Cardiff Bay and is a short ride from the city centre (about five minutes in a taxi).  Cardiff Bay is a lovely spot, very easy on the eye and lots on offer in terms of places to eat and things to do (it's also where my office is so I'm biased....obviously! haha)

"....it's easy to forget to take time out for yourself when you're busy."

Now even with all of these amazing places on my doorstep it's easy to forget to take time out for yourself when you're busy.  Would you believe that after 17 years of living in Cardiff I've never even been to the Marine Spa at the St David's Hotel?

So.... a few weeks ago when they invited me in for a treatment I literally jumped at the chance! I'd been in London the previous day on meetings so it was exactly what I needed.

"The moment you step into the Marine Spa you feel relaxed and at ease."

The moment you step into the Marine Spa you feel relaxed and at ease.  Rachel was introduced to me as my therapist for the afternoon and then went through my treatment with me and what she was going to do.   I'd opted for the Decleor Grapefruit and Pepper Body Wrap and the Decleor Aurabsolu Facial and couldn't wait!

The little treatment room was so wonderfully tranquil and smelt divine.  Rachel was so lovely and really made me feel at ease.  One thing a lot of people say to me that puts them off having a facial is that feel a but intimidated by it.  The staff at the Marine Spa are so friendly and courteous though, you needn't be worried.

Decleor Grapefruit and Pepper Body Wrap

The first part of my treatment was the body wrap.  Having never had one of these I was intrigued! The wrap is supposed to slim (decrease bloating and water retention), detoxify, stimulate circulation, improve cellulite and also be an uplifting experience.

This part of the treatment lasted about an hour and begins with some deep exfoliation all over the body concentrating on the thighs, bum and stomach area using the 1000 Grain Exfoliator.   Slim Cream Contouring was then applied all over my body and I was wrapped up in a sheet for ten minutes. After the ten minutes I had a quick shower and then she applied Satin Body Oil all over me. It was the most amazing experience and afterwards I genuinely did notice the difference in my skin.  Not only did it feel soft but it looked smoother and a lot more firm.  I wasn't expecting to enjoy this experience quite as much as I did and I would definitely have another one of these wraps in the future!

Decleor Aurabsolu Facial 

My skin was quite dull the day I visited the Marine Spa and because of this Rachel chose the Decleor Aurabsolu treatment for me because it's supposed to revive tired skin and be hydrating, brightening and revitalising.

Now I haven't had lots of facial's in the past and those I've had I've enjoyed but oh my goodness....this facial was the ultimate in facials!!!!  Let's just say I was so relaxed I fell asleep numerous times! (pretty sure I woke myself up snoring too! oh dear, poor Rachel!)

"...the ultimate in facials!..."

The facial incorporated several steps and lasted about an hour, it left me feeling unbelievably chilled out and my skin looked incredible, with a glow I haven't seen for quite some time! (without the aid of highlighter!)

The Aurabsolu sheet mask was a highlight and felt so soothing on my face, plus it smelt of Jasmine, one of my favourite scents.

Before I left I picked up a couple of the Decleor products to take home with me, the Satin Softening Dry Oil that I've been using on my body daily after showering and it leaves a gorgeous sheen on the body and also the Aromessence Neroli Amara, a hydrating oil serum that I've been popping on under my moisturiser in the morning to up my hydration and it smells ah-mazing!!!! I'd forgotten just how much I absolutely adore Decleor products.

"...like I was floating on air..."

Sadly the experience had to end and I left the Marine Spa feeling like I was floating on air, so much so that I sat in my car for ten minutes before driving off because I felt too relaxed to drive! (note to self - next time arrange for someone to pick me up!!)

It was such a enjoyable and stress-relieving experience and I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to take some time out for themselves and wanting a bit of a pick-me-up! Or if you happen to be staying in Cardiff perhaps try out the hotel and book yourself in for a spa day too?  Links for both are below





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