2 September 2017

A Change in Seasons - A Must-Have Item For Your Wardrobe

"September is my favourite time of year...."

September is my favourite time of year, not only because it's my Birthday month but also because I just love this change of Season.

Don't get me wrong, I do love the Summer....the warm nights, summer dressing, a crisp glass of Prosecco at dusk with friends.... but sometimes I feel it can leave us all feeling a little bit 'lazy' and perhaps not as productive as we are the rest of the year and I welcome everything going back to the 'norm' in September!  In fact, I was one of those sad people who actually used to get excited about going back to school! (who didn't love getting a new pencil case and bag!! ha!)

"I love switching up my wardrobe and make up accordingly..."

The weather in September in the UK is still fairly warm but a little more crisp and I love switching up my wardrobe and make up accordingly! This year I'm going to be channelling a lot of cosy knits, dresses coupled with a warm coat, skirts and sheepskin will feature highly.....and of course ankle boots....the 1st of September arrived and I popped on my tan Isobel Marant Dicker boots in celebration!

The Denim Jacket

One thing I knew I wanted to get as part of my transitional wardrobe was a great denim jacket.

Something I could sling over a vest, t-shirt, sweater or hoodie for the colder Autumn nights but equally something that would look good with a thick chunky winter knit underneath and a scarf.

"Denim jackets are so versatile...."

Denim jackets are so versatile and after a lot of hunting for that 'perfect' hue of blue I came across this little and very inexpensive gem on the site 'Shein'.  It's the perfect length, not too long and also a relaxed fit so you can fit thick items of clothing under it.  I did order the 'medium' though because I wanted mine to be roomy.

Ordering from 'Shein'

I did a couple of 'Shein' orders over the Summer and many of you asked me if I had any problems with shipping and customs.  I did 4 orders and experienced zero problems at all.  I had no customs fees to pay and my packages arrived in around 4-7 days.  I was very very pleased with everything I ordered and I love the fact that on the site a lot of people review the clothing and post pictures so you can see what everything looks like on before you commit to buying.  I have my eye on a lot of the chunky knits now.

If you're keen on this jacket (and ladies, it's just £22!!!!) then I've popped a link for you below here to go and grab one! (but I guarantee you won't just stop at this jacket!!)

"This was a great purchase..."

This was a great purchase and one I know I'll get a lot of use out of.  It's also a fraction of the price of some of the more expensive jackets I was lusting after and if I'm 100% honest I think it's a lot better quality!  I even tempted a bit of double denim to photograph it! Very unlike me indeed!

What do you have on your list for your Autumn / Winter purchases?  I'm currently compiling my list at the moment and I need some ideas!

And let me know if you pick anything up from SHEIN - including THIS jacket!

As always thank you for reading.

Lis xxx


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