18 October 2017

All Those Questions About My Hair.....Answered!

"What do you do to your hair to keep it looking so good?"

Well.....the truth is, I didn't really have a lot of appreciation for my hair until I started blogging when so many of you lovely people started pointed it out to me and asking questions about how I look after my hair and keep it looking so healthy!

Since I can remember I've nearly always had long hair (there are two occasions where I cut it short but I prefer not to remember those hideous times and put it down to peer pressure on the first occasion and put total blame on Jennifer Aniston the second time around when she cut her hair super short and I followed suit!)  Let's just say I'm definitely a long locks kinda gal and this won't be changing! 

I get asked this question over and over on my Instagram so I thought it was about time I reveal to you just exactly what I do to keep my hair looking good. 

" I have washed my hair pretty much every day since I was 12..."

Now for the surprising bit.  I have washed my hair pretty much every day since I was 12! Now I know that you're not supposed to but I just have this weird 'thing' where I can't stand the feeling of unclean hair and I love that freshly washed feeling every day.  Yes, I'm weird. Don't judge me! 

So.... with the washing, comes a vast amount of heat styling, particularly because I have fine hair and a LOT of it...my hair takes a long time to dry so I invested in a Parlux professional hair dryer a few years ago that halves my drying time and then I batter my hair daily with straighteners or curling irons.  Sorry hair, I love you really!

I discovered Aveda as a brand some time ago when a concession popped up in my local House Of Fraser and I fell in love with their Shampure range in my early twenties.  I've now got my whole family hooked on the brand, including my Dad who loves their shampoos! (he doesn't have enough hair now for conditioner bless him!)

Last year I was absolutely delighted when Aveda invited me to partner with them, as a brand that I was already an avid user of it was a no-brainer for me and being able to trial their newest products and let you know about the ones I really rate is a real privilege for me. 

What I do daily.... 

As previously mentioned, I do wash my hair every day.  Shampoo and Conditioner-wise I always have an Aveda duo on the go and then another less expensive brand (usually something that is on offer at Boots!) and I alternate between the two.  My favourite Aveda duo is the Damage Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner and that's what I'm using currently.  Once a week I also use the Aveda Purifying Scalp Cleanser prior to washing to keep my scalp in check and to give it a proper cleanse of any product build up. 

After towel drying, I pop some Damage Remedy Daily Hair repair through the lengths of my hair followed by some Thickening Tonic just into the roots because my hair has a tendency to fall a little flat and then if I'm going to be waving my hair I'll mist some of the new Texture Tonic into my hair before drying too.  

I use a high heat setting (because I'm usually in a rush / impatient!) and then chuck the straighteners through my hair (or tongs). 

If things are looking like they need a bit more 'help' I'll also run a little bit of Damage Remedy Split End Repair through the very ends of my hair - just a tiny bit. 

....and Refresh!

If you're not a crazy person like myself and need a bit of pick me up for 'day two' hair or hair that just needs a bit of a refresh then the Shampure Dry Shampoo and Thermal Dry Conditioner are your new best friends! I use these if I need to perk my hair up before going out in the evening and I love love love the scent! 

Maintaining My Colour and Style

So I'll let you into a little secret.  My hair is naturally such a boring mousey colour and for a long long time when I was younger I had it quite blonde, having a full head of highlights over and over and over until my hair was practically screaming for help!!

"adding warmer tones to my hair and cutting down on the blonde highlights..."

Over the past 5 years I've darkened the colour significantly adding warmer tones to my hair and cutting down on the blonde highlights to only certain areas.  It brought back a lot of the 'health' to my hair that was lacking when it was so blonde.

In the last year I've been incredibly lucky to have had the wonderful, Jack Cunningham-Rose let loose on my hair (follow his Instagram HERE where you'll see some of his amazing work, he's Aveda's UK Colour Specialist and you can see why!!)

A couple of weeks ago I headed down to London (any excuse!) and paid a visit to Aveda's London HQ and to meet with Jack again for my Autumnal hair transformation!

He dry cut my hair initially, taking off the absolute minimum, this was music to my ears because so many hair salons want to hack long hair off claiming it's great for keeping the condition which admittedly it probably is, but is this always necessary when a client does look after their hair and perhaps all is needed is a tidy up!

Later, when my hair was wet we also added a bit of shape to the front of my hair, giving it a bit more of a 'style' rather than my usual 'hair all over face' scenario!!!

"the AVEDA Eclipting technique..."

For colour he used the AVEDA Eclipting technique.  This works by contouring the face by playing with light and dark.  He applied a shade to lighten the hair on different sections and twisted them together so the colours melt creating a more seamless effect.

At the front of my hair he added bay lights to give a thicker and fuller appearance and added darker panels through the underneath to add depth.

Finally, to style my hair he used Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair (as I do at home!) to keep my hair protected and it great condition then applied Texture Tonic at the roots for body and grip.  When dry he sprayed 'Control Force' through my hair before he waved it with a curling tong.

And here...is the finished result!

Keeping the Colour

As with all freshly applied colour, it needs to be looked after properly in order to maintain the colour for as long as possible. Of course there is a chance that darker, richer shades are going to fade slightly but using products that can slow this down are key.   

Since getting back to Cardiff with my new 'do' I've been using the Color Conserve Strengthing Treatment and the Daily Color Protect and finding that it's really helping.  My hair still looks incredible and I'm so so pleased with the colour! 

If you're interested in getting your hair done at an Aveda Salon using this unique technique,  you can search your nearest one HERE - just ensure you tick the 'Exclusive Aveda Hair Colour' Box! 

If  you have any further questions about my hair please feel free to fire them this way, I don't claim to be a hair 'expert' but if you're looking for recommendations for products or what I do to my hair please feel free to drop me a line! 

In the meantime, I've put together a shoppable list of all the products I've mentioned and Aveda are doing 15% off your first order at the moment too! Just saying! :) 


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