1 October 2017

Getting Cosy....

"My obsession for cosy knits..."

Autumn.  Falling leaves, crisp air and longer nights.  It's a time to get cosy and cuddle up in big chunky knits with mugs of hot chocolate and your favourite tv programme snuggled up under a big blanket.  I love this time of year but then again I'm one of those people that's always ready for the change of season and I'm sure in a few months time I'll be hankering for Summer again!

Anyway, I digress, let's get to the point here shall we?! 

Is it possible to fall in love with a jumper because I think I have!

My obsession for cosy knits has been fuelled recently by Shein's gorgeous and extremely affordable online selection and every day I find myself adding several more items to my already over-subscribed wishlist!!!  I recently got this gorgeous pale grey one and I can't tell you how comforting it is to wear, I feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket! 

So ok, the price point at Shein is thrifty so you know you're not going to be getting cashmere and wool here. let's just get that straight!  That said, the items are well made and are going to be a lot easier to stick in the wash than your £150 cashmere jumper!!! 

"...love the boxy, relaxed fit of this jumper...."

I particularly love the boxy, relaxed fit of this jumper and it pairs perfectly with jeans for these cooler Autumn months and then when the weather gets colder again would look great under a coat. 

Shein Cosy Wishlist

Ok, so I'm going to share with you what's next on my Shein wishlist....here's a sneak peak at what you'll probably see gracing my Instagram pages soon! 

For those of you in doubt about ordering from this website because it's coming from overseas....fear not.  It takes about 4-6 days to arrive and I've ordered several items now with not a customs charge in sight. So no need to worry. 

 Let me know if you decide to get anything and as always, thank you for reading! xx 


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