7 December 2017

Thailand - My Way!

I was completely undecided whether to put up a holiday related post of my recent trip to Thailand, however I received so many questions and requests for a blogpost (and had taken so many photos that would otherwise just be using up memory on my iPhone!) I thought it might be useful for those of you that are contemplating a visit to this beautiful country.  I would have liked something like this to read prior to planning my trip since there is so much choice in terms of places to stay.

Thailand is somewhere I've had on my bucket list for quite some time now, definitely sparked by watching 'The Beach' in the year 2000 with Leonardo DiCaprio (didn't we all love that film and the Allsaints soundtrack?!) and it didn't disappoint.

I visited 3 different parts of Thailand during my eight day trip and in hindsight this probably wasn't long enough, especially for Bangkok, you definitely need more than two nights there, but more about that later.

I flew with British Airways but there are plenty of airlines who fly into Bangkok so shop around for the best prices.  From Bangkok Airport I'd highly recommend Thai Smile Airways for any internal flights you need to take. The planes were clean, modern and the service was fantastic (better than British Airways...ahem!)

Racha Yai

The first two nights were spent on the stunning Andaman Island of 'Racha Yai' at 'The Racha'.  The island is 12 miles South of Phuket and was one hell of a trek to get to (1 hour in the car from the airport and a 45 minute bumpy speed boat ride!!) but was definitely worth it.

This is quite an isolated island but the The Racha Resort offers plenty of choice in terms of restaurants and things to do and such a beautiful tranquil setting.   If there's one thing the Thai do very well it's attention to detail.  Prior to checking into the room they even ask you to choose what 'scent' you would like for your toiletries in the room, a nice touch.

I'd recommend this resort if you're looking for somewhere peaceful to relax, sadly I didn't get chance to use the spa here but it did look incredible!

I had my first 'Pad Thai' here too and it knocked spots off any of the ones I've tasted in the UK!


After travelling back on the boat (the return journey was a lot less bumpy!) and then an hour in the car we arrived at the next destination - SALA Phuket.  

A stylish and 'uber cool' (for want of a better word!) hotel that had a very different vibe to the first destination.  Everything had a very 'effortless' elegance to it.  Muted colours and a 'not to trying to hard' exterior as if it was just trying to 'blend' in to it's green and tropical surroundings.  The rooms were gorgeous and a great place to relax. 

The food throughout the whole resort was also to a very high standard, from breakfast to room service (they do amazing pizzas!) and I'd recommend trying one of the Thai Curries off the restaurant menu!

Sadly though, this is where my holiday took a little bit of a turn for the worse for a few days, caused by the combination of not so great weather (stormy and overcast - check out the moody skies above!) and me being a veritable feast for the mosquito population of Phuket!  For some people this wouldn't be such a problem, the hotel has an enviable spa and plenty of things to do but for a self-confessed sun worshipper this was a personal tragedy!!  And if you are reading this and considering Thailand, for the love of god pack a high deet insect repellent!

However, needing to get some special bite cream (from good old 'Boots' would you believe?! and thank you to all of you who sent me recommendations for remedies!) was a good excuse to go and explore Phuket Town on one of the cloudy days. 

This is where I encountered some real Thai Street Food and absorbed a little of the Thai way of life and culture.  A highlight was a small little coffee shop in Old Phuket called Rose Espresso where I had one of the best iced coffees I've ever tasted and a green tea croissant. 


Quick mention for the sensational King Prawn Burger in a Squid Ink Burger Bun I had on the way back to Bangkok on Thai Smile Airways (can you read that and not smile?!), probably the prettiest plate of airline food I've ever eaten! I was beyond impressed! (it doesn't take a lot!) 

Now I didn't know quite what I was going to make of Bangkok and I was a bit unsure at first.  Having visited, let's just say I would love to go back there and two days in the city just wasn't long enough to explore and do everything. 

The moment you step out of the airport it feels busy, it feels 'alive' and has 'New York - city that never sleeps' feels to it.  I loved it. 

Our hotel, The 'Oriental Residence Bangkok' was based on Wireless Road (a great location) and conveniently close to the main shopping area of Bangkok.  Also,  I'd be lying if I said I didn't choose the hotel purely based on it's aesthetics and how it would look in photos! think white, classic and very chic!

It's a shame that the pound is so poor against most currencies at the moment because the shopping in Bangkok was nothing short of sensational.  A short walk down the road from the hotel was a fantastic mall called 'Central Embassy' full of mid to high end retailers (including the likes of Chanel and Prada) and an abundance of restaurants and coffeeshops.  This is where I enjoyed my first truffle pizza and it would be worth going back to Bangkok just for that alone!!!

There are numerous malls and shopping options in this area and each mall seemed to almost link up to the next one! I spent a long time eyeing up another Celine Trio Bag at the Siam Paragon Mall but the bad exchange rate would have made it a ridiculous purchase. 

Bit of advice, Bangkok traffic is insane, so if you're planning on going somewhere by taxi ensure you leave plenty of time to get there. I noticed that there are so many mopeds here and this probably due the traffic problem in the city.  

You'll be absolutely spoilt for choice for places to eat and for the less adventurous of you just like home there is a Starbucks and McDonalds on every corner!

I'd also highly recommend checking out hidden treasure, Issaya  that offers an authentic Thai Cuisine experience (but the portions are huge!!) 

I did manage to squeeze in a bit of sunbathing whilst I was in Bangkok to make up for lost time in Phuket (I was not going to be the person who came back from holiday without a tan!!) but as previously mentioned, it's definitely a city I'd like to go back to and there was certainly plenty more to do in Bangkok that sadly I had to leave behind.  Until next time! 

So there it is, a very photo heavy round up of my trip to to Thailand, if you have any questions or advice if you're thinking of going there please just drop me an email.  I hope this has been of some use though!

Thank you for reading. 

Lis x 


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  1. Fab post lovely! I’d love to go to Thailand! I’m exactly the same with tanning - it’s got to be done!!! X


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